10 Best Yoga Poses For Glowing Skin and Healthy Complexion

10 Best Yoga Poses For Glowing Skin

Yoga is very essential in today’s era as people have very hectic schedules now days. Yoga relives you from mental and physical stress and helps to rejuvenate your body. Girls always look for natural ways to look beautiful and younger and yoga can fulfill your desire, there are certain yoga poses which can help you attain glowing skin.

10 yoga poses for glowing skin

Yoga beautifies you both internally and externally. The check list goes this way.

10 Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin and Benefits


This is best way to look beautiful. It is a breathing exercise and 15-20 minutes everyday can help you attain young, beautiful and glowing skin. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev have popularized pranayam. You can do this to regularly to attain glowing skin.


This pose involves bending forward and holding legs. This pose rushes blood to face providing heavy oxygen supply to face and this further helps in fighting wrinkles, lines and marks, energize cells and treat dead and dull cells. This promotes glow to skin and face naturally but be sure to be regular.

Tadasana or mountain pose

This is another breathing exercise and involves deep breathing. This detoxifies skin and provides you with healthy and shiny skin. It not only beautifies the skin but also makes skin healthy.

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand

This asana is also called as queen asana. You have to pose upside down keeping your head down and with held your body on the base of shoulder. The blood flows upside down then increasing the flow towards face. This makes skin clear, brightens complexion, clear acne and wrinkles. This hydrates and nourishes the upper body.

Fish pose or Matsyasana

This pose helps blood to flow towards head and leads to healthy and beautiful skin. Be regular to attain maximum benefits.

Halasana or plough pose

When you do this pose it looks like a plough and so this it named so. This involves upside down posture. Your head comes down and with the shoulders as base you have to bend legs back wards from above head. This pose increases blood flow towards face and head.


This pose looks as if you are sitting on chair. It resembles a squat or chair sitting position. Doing this exercise makes your heart beat fast and increase blood flow and circulation making the blood pure, removing toxin and pumping more oxygen. All this factors enhance beauty and provide you glowing skin.

Bharadvaja’s asana

This is a twisting position. This position promotes healthy and easy digestion making it easy for the system. When the digestion is good the sin naturally is relaxed and throws out impurities regularly making the skin healthy and beautiful. This is a twisting position so be careful while doing it.

Brahmi Pranayama

This Yoga poses for glowing skin is also a breathing exercise which relieves stress and anxiety which further helps you to create beauty aura.


This is good for the women who have acne problem. This brings coolness to body and gives you natural glow.

Look for the poses and ways to do in you tube so that you can do it easily at home.

Things to remember

When you are starting yoga for the first time do it under some guidance so that if you stuck in some problem you may have a helping hand.

Always warm up before doing yoga if you are a fresher.

Do it regularly for the best results.

You might have muscle and joint problem after starting yoga but do not panic and never pressurize your body. Do it according to your stamina.

Eat and drink healthy so that these Yoga poses for glowing skin gives best results.

Article by: Khyati Mahajan

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