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Are you looking for wrist heart tattoo ideas to adorn your dainty joint? Keep reading to discover some of the best heart tattoos on wrist ideas.

wrist heart tattoo
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Heart tattoos are a favorite for every tattoo connoisseur.

The best part of heart tattoos is that they look delicate and gorgeous. There is always a special meaning attached to the heart tattoo designs.

Heart tattoos symbolize love, passion, affection, and attachment. There are many placements for heart tattoos, but a heart tattoo on the wrist looks elegant. Your tattoo of a heart is going to be the symbol for someone very important in your life. A heart tattoo will look absolutely beautiful with all aesthetics. If you are searching for heart tattoo ideas on the wrist, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of heart tattoos for you to choose from for your upcoming tattoo session.

Continuous Line Outline Wrist Heart Tattoo

continuous line outline wrist heart tattoo
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Are you looking for heart tattoos on the wrist? How about this outline heart tattoo. These small tattoos look very subtle and aesthetic. This tattoo has been given the look of a continuous line, starting from one end and finishing at the end. This wrist small heart tattoo looks adorable against the skin. Make sure the tattoo artist uses a fine needle to achieve the flawless look of the tattoo. The continuous line through which the tattoo has been made makes the tattoo look awesome.

The tattoo has been done using black ink. Many people believe that black ink symbolizes sadness. If that is so, you can always change the color of the tattoo. Change it to red ink or orange ink to add a pop of color. This will also look exquisite on your skin. This tiny heart tattoo will look elegant with all aesthetics.

Broken Heart Wrist Tattoo

broken heart wrist tattoo
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Are you looking for broken heart tattoos? Check out this black heart tattoo. This tattoo is for those who want a heart symbol tattoo to represent the pain that love has caused them. The broken heart tattoo will look great if you want your tattoo to represent lost loved ones. The tattoo has been made using black ink with not much detailing. There is also a crack in the heart for the pain of intense love. A broken heart tattoo often also represents death and is made in the memory of a lost close one.

This tattoo has been made using black ink since the black heart represents sorrow. This tattoo is a sign to remember that you could overcome the tough times and the close friend or personal loss. Usually, people prefer heart tattoos to be small, and this one is perfect. You can also add many variations to this tattoo to give a simple yet powerful expression.

Fingerprint Classy Heart Tattoo On Wrist

fingerprint classy heart tattoo on wrist
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A fingerprint heart tattoo design is very popular among people. It is a personalized tattoo which makes the design heart tattoo very special. This tattoo has been broken into two halves, almost like two hearts are coming together. The tattoo idea is unique, and you can get this small heart tattoo on your wrist to show your love for your close ones.

The tattoo has been divided into two hemispheres, the right, and the left. Each hemisphere is the fingerprint of an individual. These two fingerprints could be of you, your significant other, your friend, or a close one. The tattoo also has the initial of the two individuals on the bottom. This tattoo is an excellent idea to showcase an individual’s dedication to the other person. Make sure the tattoo is made with thin needles to achieve the perfect look. The session time of this tattoo might be a bit longer than usual, but it is only to achieve the intricate detailing.

Wrist Heart With A Message Tattoo

wrist heart with a message tattoo
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Are you a dog lover and are looking for a sacred heart tattoo idea to showcase your love for your pet? Check out this beauty. This is a beautiful tribute to your love for your pet. Dogs are known as people’s best friends. Many people consider their dog as a member of their family. If you wonder what a heart tattoo on your wrist means? The answer is a way to showcase your love and appreciation for the pet.

The small outline heart tattoo has a small heart tattoo that has been done using small dots. The dots form a heart symbol. A line from the heart is continued, leading to a pair of paws. The paws have been created using bold black ink. You can always customize this tattoo, but this beautiful tattoo’s essence makes it adorable. You can get this wrist small heart tattoo to celebrate friendship between you and your pet.

Heart Smile Plane Tattoo On Wrist

heart smile plane tattoo on wrist
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People are fond of traveling. Take a look at this tiny heart tattoo. This heart tattoo on the wrist looks adorable and describes who you are on the inside. Tiny tattoos have exquisite characteristics, and this one fulfills that perfectly. The tattoo has been made with as much commitment as the passion you have for traveling.

The tiny heart tattoo starts with a heart, and the line has been extended to the artwork of a plane. The extension has been made curved so it can be a part of the smiley. Two small dots have been added to the curved structure to complete the smiley. Apart from these common elements, you can also use some elements of your choice to personalize the tattoo.

Multicolor Small Hearts Tattoos On Wrist

multicolor small hearts tattoos on wrist
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When we talk about heart tattoos, the first thing that comes to our minds is a red heart tattoo. But how about some small heart multicolor tattoos? This heart tattoo on the wrist looks adorable. The heart tattoo has three small hearts with outlines made in the colors green, orange, and purple. The combination of these colors makes the heart tattoo wrist look super cool.

This tiny heart tattoo has been made using a fine needle to achieve the proper outline of each small heart. You can always change the colors of the hearts to any color of your choice. This sacred heart symbol will look perfect with any outfit you choose due to its subtle nature. The tiny hearts can also be arranged in a row to suit your preference.

Matching Wrist And Feet Tattoo

matching wrist and feet tattoo
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How do you feel about trying a matching ink? However, this matching heart tattoo design is different from the usual matching tattoos we see. This tattoo is simple, with one heart on the wrist and the other on the feet. Small heart tattoos look adorable, and there are two in this one, so double the cuteness. This tattoo is a symbol of self-love and appreciation.

The tattoo has been created with a fine needle with black ink. The tattoo has the outline of a heart. It is a fantastic way of showing self-appreciation. You can always add elements of your choice to the tattoo. You could get it as a red heart tattoo or a multicolor one.

Mini Hearts Wrist Small Tattoos

mini hearts wrist small tattoos
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There are many heart tattoo designs, but this one is a tribute to your loved ones. This heart tattoo on the wrist has three hearts. You can get this tattoo to showcase your love for your family or close friends. Each heart tattoo has been double-lined. Two lines give a rugged look to the tattoo. This imperfection adds to the beauty of the heart tattoo.

Each heart has a letter, which is the initial of the loved one you are getting the tattoo for. This makes these heart tattoos on the wrist so special. You get to keep your loved ones close to you through the tattoo. You can increase the number of hearts to fit all your favorite people.

Heart x Infinity Wrist Heart Tattoo

heart x infinity wrist heart tattoo
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This infinity heart tattoo is a unique and subtle one. If you are looking for something simple yet beautiful, this is the one for you. The tattoo has been made using black ink. It has the outline of a heart. On the border itself, there is an infinity. The tattoo also has two very small seats made with bold black ink.

This tattoo symbolizes that love lasts forever. Even though there might be some bumps on the way and some loved ones might come and go, love continues to flow in different forms. This small heart tattoo will look perfect with any aesthetic that you prefer.

Multicolor Small Heart Tattoo Design

multicolor small heart tattoo design
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Here is another unique one. This wrist tattoo has six tiny hearts. Each small heart tattoo has been attributed to a different color and mood. There is a red heart, an orange one, a yellow one, a blue heart, a green heart, and a purple heart. The mood attributed to the hearts makes the tattoo look extremely adorable and is a striking feature.

If you notice carefully, the colors of the tattoo have not been filled. The imperfect look of the hearts makes the tattoo look adorable. This multicolor heart tattoo design is a funky one. If you as an individual are an extrovert, fun-loving person, this tattoo is perfect for you. You can always change the colors according to your choice.

Heart tattoos look very beautiful. They hold a special meaning, making heart tattoos a top choice among tattoo lovers. There are many places on the body where you can get a heart tattoo, but a small heart tattoo on the wrist has a unique subtleness to it. Heart tattoos are so pretty that we couldn’t help ourselves and add a few more on the list for you to choose for your upcoming tattoo session.

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