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10 Best Wings On Chest Tattoo Ideas

Wings on chest tattoo designs are very popular among men. There are a lot of different designs that you can choose from. You can have a small tattoo or a large one. You can also have it in black and white or in color. Wings on chest tattoos look great on men because they highlight the muscles in the chest. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, then you should definitely consider getting wings on your chest.

Wings on chest tattoos are not only stylish but they are also very symbolic. Wings represent freedom and the ability to fly. When you get a wings on chest tattoo, it shows that you are free and that you can go anywhere you want to go. Wings on chest tattoos are also a symbol of power and strength. When you have wings on your chest, it shows that you are strong and that you can protect yourself.

Wings on chest tattoos are also very sexy and attractive. If you want to attract attention from the opposite sex, then you should definitely get a wings on chest tattoo. Wings on chest tattoos are definitely a great choice for men who want to make a statement with their body art.

Wings On Chest Tattoo Ideas

Wings On Chest Tattoo
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One of the innate fantasies of man has always been to own a pair of wings and soar in the sky.

Protection, liberation, and emancipation have always been the very struggle of mankind in every age. The wings are symbolically a harbinger of all these aspirations.

Wings are an epitome of something that human beings are incapable of doing- flight. It empowers one to break out of any form of shackle restricting their growth. Wings, therefore, become an image of hope, reminding us of the endless possibility that life offers. Wings, therefore, become a symbol of hope for something larger than life. People who always carry about the symbol of wings with them, in any form, are believed to be incredibly ambitious and carriers of good ideas.

This bird wing small tattoo is a minimal yet powerful work of art. Wing chest tattoos are greatly on the trend. Be it an angel wing, a demon wing, or a bird wind, every wing can make a mark. Given below are some exclusive wing chest tattoo ideas that you can choose to ink and rule the world!

Fallen Angel Tattoo with Wings on Chest

Fallen Angel Tattoo with Wings on Chest
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One of the finest creations of God is the angels residing in heaven who bring good luck, symbolizing purity, and faith promise protection and love and harmony. We believe in guardian angels who are protect warriors and Shield us with their wings. According to the Christian faith, angels and their wings go hand in hand, and angels with their wings are a recurrent subject of tattoos. On the contrary, black wings represent fallen angels who are the epitome of negative qualities like the evil that leads to grief, thus representing mourning.

This fallen angel tattoo with its black wings portrays a great piece of art, a product of great endurance. The wavy hair and the crossed legs of the angel along with the manner of its resting with a hand on the cheek, make this angel wing piece one of the best-fallen angel wings tattoo as well as one among the perfect chest tattoos for women.

Lucifer Tattoo On Chest

Lucifer Tattoo On Chest
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Tattoo designs representing Satan are in rage in the 21st century. Lucifer, the powerful satanic spirit is not always the epitome of evil and destruction. It is also the sacred symbol of creation, power and existence in many popular traditions. This demon tattoo depicts Lucifer all in rage and determined to conquer the world.

This tattoo is not very big in size yet this small wings tattoo for the chest is powerful enough to create a mark. The chest area is probably the most preferred spot for getting this tattoo inked. This angel wing tattoo on the chest with its distinct style is one of the best demon wings tattoo as well as a great choice among chest tattoos for men.

Winged Tattoo In Black for Chest

Winged Tattoo In Black for Chest
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This tattoo is prone to more personal interpretation than going by any convention. The wings chosen here are significant. They are fully outstretched here probably standing for faith as well as freedom, or of man’s infinite potential or maybe the wings are outstretched- all ready to take anything into their protective cover. The figure in between the wings reminds us of Christ’s crucifixion as well as his resurrection at the same time. The rising sun behind him stands for hope and positivity.

If you think you have great enduring power and you need a detailed and vigorous piece of art to decorate your anatomy then this is a brilliant chest tattoo design to opt for.

Angel Wings Baby Tattoo

Angel Wings Baby Tattoos
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Baby angels are associated with many meanings. They are an image of birth, religious freedom, innocence, affection, and purity. Most importantly, they stand as a powerful image of fertility connecting the process of reproduction all the way to heaven. They are known as cherubims ( small heavenly beings with golden wings) who are always in a playful mood.

This baby tattoo half-dressed in blue apparel, with its curly hair, olive skin, and a pair of little wings looks carries a bunch of colorful flowers and looks super cute.

This is one of the best angel wing tattoos with a very significant design, just what your innocent heart would crave!

Crown With Wings Chest Tattoo

Crown With Wings Chest Tattoo
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What does the tattoo of a heart lock and wings mean on the chest of girls? The crown has a significant meaning. It is the seat of power that represents the richness of the heart, which is pure gold. The crown is also the symbol of authority.

This tattoo is a very meaningful design- a crown bearing two wings fully stretched, probably standing for the courage, determination and leadership quality ingrained in the heart of the wearer of this tattoo. There are no colors employed here, yet this sketch in black is one of the most meaningful wing tattoos. If you think you are a proud possessor of all these qualities, then this chest tattoo is just your thing! Pair it with an off-shoulder dress and all are all set to rule.

Wings With Name On Chest Tattoo

Wings With Name On Chest Tattoos
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Be it in tattoos or pendents or bracelets or henna, one would always love to carry one’s name with oneself always and if the name is accompanied by a pair of wings, then it’s always a big yes!

This name tattoo is a relatively smaller tattoo but often small things are one of the most beautiful ones. With its unique design, this piece of unisex body art becomes a very appealing tattoo design.

Cross On Wings Tattoo For Chest

Cross On Wings Tattoo For Chest
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This tattoo in jet black takes up the entirety of the chest area which makes it a product of great patience and endurance. A very meaningful quote adorns the pair of wings” The Lord is my Shepherd” indicating the significance of Christ as the guide of mankind who shows them the right path. This immediately reminds us of archangel Gabriel – an angel of a very high rank who regards God as his hero. He is the messenger of God and leader of visions. He is responsible for conveying God’s message to people and assists them in accepting it with a purity of heart.

The cross once again reminds us of his crucifixion. A single shade- black has created all the magic! This is undoubtedly one of the finest cross tattoos one can opt for!

Simple Angel Wings Tattoo On Chest

Simple Angel Wings Tattoo On Chest
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Since time immemorial, simplicity has always been the true essence of life. Simplicity carries within it a different charm that no extravaganza can ever account for her.

This particular tattoo is nothing but only a pair of wings inked on the right chest in plain black. As the popular maxim goes, simple is always elegant. The wings have pointed leaf-like structures. They are completely outstretched and relatively smaller. This abstract tattoo does not occupy the entirety of the chest area but only a small portion of it.

Ideal for a woman, this could be one of your first wings on chest tattoos as well. Pair with an off-shoulder dress and a short neck piece and you are all set to cast a spell!

Raven Tattoo With Wings Stretched On Chest

Raven Tattoo With Wings Stretched On Chest
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For its jet black color and its rash croaking call, a raven is more often associated with evil, ill omen, death, and loss. Yet, it has its positive connotations as well. A raven is also symbolic of rebirth, wisdom, prophecy, intellect, good fortune, and foresight.

This Neo-traditional raven tattoo is incredibly powerful and carries a lot of vitality and vigor with itself. The heart with the devil in between is greatly significant. Also, there is a good play of colors here, the hues of red, yellow, orange, and green have been craftily employed to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

If you have a fetish for dark things and you want a gigantic piece of art that represents your inner vigor to adorn your anatomy, then this chest tattoo would be the right choice!

Abstract Winged Tattoo On Chest

Abstract Winged Tattoo On Chest
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This is a kind of tattoo that will speak a hundred words through very minimal use of strokes. This tattoo will be best suited for men.

Here we see only one wing inked rather than a pair. The wing has been very beautifully carved out with the shade of blue doing its magic here. Prussian blue has always been a powerful color, perfect for representing the abstract. Also, the shape of this wing is artistically brilliant.

If you are also a lover of abstract ideas, get this chest tattoo inked on your right chest and show off your body art like a king!

Wings as a subject of tattoo have been popular and relevant for decades, for the different meanings that they carry with them. It provides power to the wearer and keeps them always going with a positive approach to life. Given below are some more wings tattoo ideas that you can definitely think of inking on your anatomy:

  • Angel wings wrist tattoo.
  • Abstract Angel wings arm tattoo.
  • Angel wings forearm tattoo.
  • Devil wings on the back tattoo.
  • Lucifer small wings tattoo on chest tattoo.

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