10 Best Under Breast Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! |

Have you lately been thinking of getting an under breast tattoo? Then, here is a stunning list of under breast tattoo designs that we handpicked for you.

under breast tattoo
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The under boob tattoos have surged in popularity in the last few years or so.

The high demand has gone through the roof and continues to increase. Let’s start by defining an under-breast tattoo.

As the name suggests, the tattoo is etched under the boobs. This can include ribs, the side of the boob, as well as sternum. All of the areas under and near your boobs is the spot where you can get under breast tattoo. People do ask, “how painful the process of getting an under boob tattoo is”? The process is quite painful and fairly expensive. However, in the end, you will see, that it’s worth it! The under breast tattoo is remarkable as it can be tucked away completely, and furthermore, it is close to one’s heart. This placement is great for women who wish to accentuate their curves and enhance their femininity or create a powerful statement. The under boob tattoo especially rose into popularity when Rihanna and Miley Cyrus flaunted theirs. Under breast tattoos, either on the side of the breast, on a part of the sternum, or directly under cleavage are some of the best spots where females can get inked. Underboob tattoo cost is incumbent upon several factors. For instance, if you want it in the sternum part, you must be ready to pay big bucks, as it is tricky for a tattoo artist to etch the design here.

Here are some of the top under breast tattoo designs for you. Explore and inspire yourself to get the tattoo on this stunning spot. Read on!

Adorable Mountains Under Breast Tattoo

adorable mountains under breast tattoo
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You cannot deny the fact that mountains are surrounded by an ethereal kind of beauty and majesty. Standing still in all their grandeur, the mountains inspire adoration and a lot of awe if nothing else. If you are scrounging for a marvelous mountain tattoo in a secret place, rush and get this one under your breast. Mountains in breast tattoo designs typically symbolize the concept of tackling challenges successfully. This small tattoo design looks extremely adorable and beautifully accentuates your curves. Since the tattoo is drawn using black ink, it would be easily visible on your skin. Inspire yourself with the determination and grit of these beautiful mountains. Explore more under breast tattoo options and choose the one that fits your taste the most. Dig in! Make sure you go to a deft tattoo artist to get that precise and clean look in your tattoos. This is important as tattoos stay on your body for a lifetime.

Rose Life Sternum Tattoo

rose life sternum tattoo
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Rose’s life cycle tattoo design represents transformation, turning over a new page in life, and growth. This dainty under breast tattoo shows a rose progressing through different phases of life starting from the bud stage to a mature rose. The sternum tattoo design not only looks impressive but inspires the person as well. It reminds one to overcome challenges and move ahead in life. The tattoo etched using black ink is immensely beautiful and thus, would be visible on your skin. You can easily hide the sternum tattoos if flaunting them openly to the world isn’t your thing. So, are you getting this mesmerizing and delicate rose life tattoo that adorns your sternum part? It won’t be a regretful decision at all. Meanwhile, explore other cool under breast tattoo options and find out which one works best for you. Read on and find more cool under boob tattoo designs!

Fierce Dragon Under Breast Tattoo

fierce dragon under breast tattoo
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A dragon tattoo can symbolize different things such as protection, good luck, peace, wisdom, strength, and might. Dragon tattoos have surged into popularity and now have become one of the most favored imageries in the world of tattoos today. In European civilizations, the dragon tattoo can symbolize bravery