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If you are interested in getting a tattoo, check out these traditional female head tattoo ideas. Here, female head tattoos are suitable for both men and women.

Best Traditional Female Head Tattoo
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Tattooing is a form of body art that dates back to the 5th century BCE.

It was first the Greeks and the Romans who introduced the art of tattooing into their culture. Gradually, people today are loving and investing in an art form that was once a cultural norm.

When you are determined to get a tattoo, the first thing you should look forward to is the design of the tattoo. It is really difficult to choose a tattoo design because there are several designs. However, when you are looking for a feminine tattoo or something sweet, what better than female head tattoos!

A girl’s head tattoo is one of the classic images in the tattoo industry. Not because of the beauty of the female face, but also because of the grace that is portrayed through this classic imagery. Also, there are different meanings that can be attached to female head tattoos. According to the recommendations of the tattoo artist, it is best to get a head tattoo in a spacious place on your body. That’s because there are subtle nuances in these iconic head tattoos. To represent these shades representing various meanings, a larger space is needed. Suitable places in a human body for a head tattoo are the back, chest, arms, stomach, above the navel, thighs, calves, etc.

Of all the tattoo designs, artists prefer to work on female head tattoos for obvious reasons. These traditional head tattoos are also a great crowd-builder. Female head tattoos are not just traditional works of art that one can take inspiration from enough. But, they are also beauty pieces that have a certain charm that is especially suitable for girls and women. With the evolution of tattoos, the designs of these head tattoos have also undergone a big change.

When it comes to female head tattoos for girls, you will get a wide collection of them. From neo-traditional to traditional head tattoo ideas, tattoos belonging to the dar art genre and new school genre are also rich in symbolism. Before you dive into a list of the top ten female face tattoos, here is an interesting story about them. During World War II, men used to tattoo a woman’s face on their body as a sign of remembrance and love to their beloved ones.

American traditional female head tattoo

American traditional female head tattoo
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If you are looking for an exotic American traditional tattoo, your search ends here. Like all other traditional tattoos, this female head tattoo gives a sense of security and poise. The way the tattoo is inked clearly denotes the beauty and culture of Americans. Such tattoo styles are suitable for women, especially for whom tattoos are like a source of inspiration.

The symbolism of this traditional female head tattoo is that of independence, luck, desire, good fortune and life. If you resonate with these ideas, then this piece of beauty is for you. To ink the female face, the tattoo artist used bright colors. As a result, the tattoo is sure to stand out.

Neo-Traditional One Word Female Head Tattoo

Neo-Traditional One Word Female Head Tattoo
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A tattoo with the right design and inked in the perfect place can enhance her femininity. The next tattoo is another female face tattoo inspired by traditional American body art designs. To create this tattoo in a much better way, the artist used a specific word which is inked on top of the female face.

The word “happiness” in this tattoo is enough to describe its meanings. If you believe in freedom and need that kind of freedom to live your life to the fullest, this traditional tattoo is for you. Be sure to choose the perfect site for this tattoo.

Classic traditional lady head tattoo flash

Classic traditional lady head tattoo flash
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The next tattoo is a traditional American tattoo that represents femininity and independence. If you look closely at the female face, you will notice that it is heavily inspired by old American culture. The artists suggest being careful when choosing where to place these tattoos.

According to tattoo artists, tattooing such exotic tattoos has grandeur and style. Therefore, one must be very careful in choosing the colors with which one intends to ink the tattoo. To add a bold element to these heroine tattoos, use bright colors.

Simple Badass Black and Gray Face Tattoo

Simple Badass Black and Gray Face Tattoo
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When considering face tattoos, there are some factors you need to pay attention to. First, the design of the tattoo. Not everyone prefers colorful tattoos. If you belong to this category, here is a traditional black female head tattoo to satisfy your hunger. The tattooed girl looks like an African gypsy.

The second point to note while getting such face tattoos is the quality of the tattoo. The better the quality of the tattoo, the more exotic it looks. These gypsy tattoos represent femininity, desire, romance, and independence.

Funky new school head tattoo

Awesome New School Head Tattoos
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When you get an exotic female head tattoo, the way you can wear it is important. Often people want to get a head tattoo as a sign of respect and gratitude to their muse. Although there are millions of similar designs, the one size fits all policy does not work here.

One thing to pay attention to in these awesome tattoos is finding out the meaning of the tattoo. In this tattoo, as pictured here, it can be clearly understood from the girl’s face that she is in love with her free and independent life.

Vintage female head tattoo with rose patterns

Vintage female head tattoo with rose patterns
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No one wants their tattoo to be boring. Instead, people ask the tattoo artist to add interesting elements to the chosen tattoo design to stand out from the crowd. Likewise, here is a muse head tattoo in black and gray ink that is accompanied by a rose tattoo.

The combination of the rose tattoo and the head tattoo gives the design a compact look. Secondly, the meaning that the rose tattoo represents is that of love and desire. Therefore, both tattoos as a whole represent admiration, compassion and true love for the muse.

Skull and snake face tattoo

Skull and snake face tattoo
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Having a face tattoo doesn’t always mean it has to be a blood and flesh human face. If you want to think of a ready made tattoo design, this skull and snake tattoo is for you. This may not be a typical traditional face or head tattoo. But, under the human face or head, is this crude skull.

Since it is a skull tattoo, it represents the ideologies of truth and shameless honesty. Along with the skull tattoo there is the image of a snake. This snake tattoo represents the principles of transformation or reincarnation. If you have undergone such a major change in your life, this skull and snake tattoo is right for you.

Colorful gypsy girl head tattoo

Colorful gypsy girl head tattoo
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Even since the beginning of head tattoos, there has been a strong trend of gypsy face tattoos all over the country. Although this tattoo is of a gypsy, you can put your favorite heroine’s face here. In this tattoo, pay attention to the colors used. Also, the way the artist used a combination of tattoo needles to bring out the necessary shading is worth appreciating.

The style of this tattoo does not look very traditional. However, the tattoo site should be carefully chosen. This gypsy head tattoo can be a great design for the back, waist or forearms.

Traditional Lady Devil Face Tattoo

Traditional Lady Devil Face Tattoo
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Not everyone has a sweet and rosy life. Life has its own ups and downs and we all have the right to go through them. If you have been through a tough time and have completely moved on since those dark days, this devil face tattoo is perfect for you.

The tattoo is a clear depiction of two distinct and possible meanings – first, the transformation of a person from evil to good, and second, the existence of a good and a bad side in every human soul. The bright colors of the tattoo make it more attractive. A suitable place for such an intriguing tattoo would be the calf muscles.

Broken face girl head tattoo

Broken face girl head tattoo
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There are people who go through different phases of their lives, both good and bad. Likewise, this shattered face girl head tattoo is for women who have been completely shattered by an outside force and have taken a long time to come together. Such a tattoo is sure to imbue the inner strength of a woman.

The style of this tattoo is not only unique but also a great idea to capture people’s attention. The precision of the tattoo is provided by the finesse of the lines and patterns. Sticking only to black and gray to create this tattoo has enhanced its beauty.

Indeed, traditional female head tattoos are great works of art. Artists suggest first getting the design you want to ink, then finding a suitable parlor or tattoo shop. The beauty and quality of the tattoo will depend on the skill and experience of the artists. Therefore, be sure to choose the best artist. If you want the best tattoo, you better not compromise with money.

Now that you’ve already gone through the list of exotic tattoos, it’s time to check out a few more.

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