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Looking for popular traditional bird tattoo ideas to show your characteristics? Check out the bird tattoos for a metaphorical representation of your character.

traditional bird tattoo
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A traditional bird tattoo is often a symbol of peace, prosperity, and kindness, which help an ambitious person reach his goals.

These flying bird tattoos also signify the indigenous nature of a person he received from his culture. The various forms of bird tattoos symbolize various forms of human nature obtained by different persons belonging to different cultures.

There are innumerable forms of bird tattoos one can ink on his skin. These tattoos are often inked to show one’s usual habits, the culture he belongs from, dreams, and a lot of other character traits keeping parity with the nature of the birds. A geometric bird tattoo also means the always-flying-high mentality which can be seen in a person. For example, an owl tattoo means that the person is often metaphorically represented as a night-owl who most of the time does his work at night or remains awake at night.

Similarly, a swallow tattoo means the swallow-like psychology of a person who pretty much wants to remain an objective-oriented person in his entire life. An eagle tattoo signifies the hunting mentality of a person who never wants to stoop in front of anyone and always wants to keep his head high in both private and public fields. A dove tattoo often symbolizes the calm and serene personality of a person. Likewise, a person can also get a mythical bird tattoo on his skin, signifying a never-say-die attitude and staunchly facing life’s challenges.

Realistic Small Traditional Bird Tattoo Black And Grey Ideas

realistic small traditional bird tattoo black and grey ideas
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As shown in the picture, this traditional bird tattoo is flying with a tiny tree branch only to knit her home gradually. This realistic image has targeted the people of the unisex category. The forearm is a suitable option to flaunt these types of bird tattoos.

This bird tattoo shows a different level of determination and dedication to her work. If one reflects this bird-like dedication in his own life, then he can ink this tattoo from any tattoo shop he likes. The image also shows the bird’s happiness as she is slowly yet steadily creating her future. So, one can ink this tattoo on her any exposed body part if she is happily creating her future as well. Apart from the forearm, the neck and shoulder are also some viable options to get this bird tattooed.

Forearm Cute Red & Dark Traditional Sparrow Bird Tattoo Ideas

forearm cute red & dark traditional sparrow bird tattoo ideas
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This cute sparrow bird tattoo, as shown in the picture, is a sign of patience and calmness of mind as she is focusing on an object from above, sitting on a branch of a tree. A sparrow bird tattoo is also the most common tattoo in native American culture. The sparrow bird tattoo also represents freedom and American patriotism.

If one wants to get this determined sparrow tattooed on her skin, then one must be the holder of such patience and focus on a certain thing in her life. The blend of dark and red ink gives a true vibe to the representation of the sparrow. The bird tattoo has targeted the audience of the unisex category, but it is mostly seen among women. Except for the forearm, one can ink this bird tattoo on her upper elbow and biceps as well.

Black & White Tiny Floral Traditional Swallow Bird Tattoo Designs

black & white tiny floral traditional swallow bird tattoo designs
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This tiny swallow tattoo as shown in the picture is, representing peace, freedom, and sophisticatedness as she is taking a flower from one place to another, eventually spreading peace and freedom all around. The swallow tattoo is often targeted toward the unisex audience.

If one wants to be the creator and spreader of peace and freedom, just like this swallow tattoo, then he can wear it by asking a tattoo artist to do so. This tattoo also asks people to be responsible and keep an awareness of their surroundings. So, if one thinks she is responsible and aware enough to ink this tattoo, then she can do that. Apart from the right thigh, one can have these bird tattoos on any exposed body part.

Dark Ink Neck Large Traditional Eagle Bird Tattoo Designs

dark ink neck large traditional eagle bird tattoo designs
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This large eagle tattoo as shown in the picture, is a sign of performing an attacking move on its prey. As a vulture, an eagle is often the carrier of an inspiring nature for the other birds in the sky. Apart from the neck, the entire hand could be another suitable option to get this eagle tattoo done. The dark ink is actually showing the real might of the eagle.

This eagle tattoo is also a symbol of American pride. Apart from patriotism, the native Americans having an eagle-like mentality, know how to stand against their opposition. These traditional tattoos often signify power and prosperity in one’s life. So, if one is showing power and the courage to stand against his opposition, then he can get these traditional bird tattoos done on his skin. This tattoo is unisex in nature but is inked by men mostly.

Forearm Free Traditional Dove Bird Tattoo Designs

forearm free traditional dove bird tattoo designs
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This traditional bird tattoo as shown in the picture is signifying a stunning dove that is flying away from one place to another. These traditional bird tattoos also symbolize one’s mentality towards his life. The white color is adding an extra layer of mental meaning to the image.

This traditional style of tattoo often reminds the independence of America in 1776. The dove is the image of manifest destiny, the land of emancipation, and the promised land to the other people who have come from outside of America to make their dreams successful. So, if one has achieved his dreams by going out of his own land, he can surely ink these traditional tattoos on his body parts. This tattoo is unisex in nature. Apart from the forearm, the neck is the preferred option to get this tattoo done on.

Lower Arm Dark Neo-Traditional Blackbird Tattoos

lower arm dark neo-traditional blackbird tattoos
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This neo-traditional bird tattoo as shown in the picture is a symbol of love and pure skin art as she is looking at something with great eagerness. These traditional bird tattoos are of the unisex category. But it looks cute and cool on women’s skins.

These types of traditional bird tattoos are the products of nature as they are free. A birdcage tattoo represents the unnatural behavior of a natural product. So, if one is free from the societal shackles, or family shackles, then she can ink this neo-traditional tattoo to cherish freedom. Except for the lower arm, this traditional bird tattoo looks cool on the neck, wrists, and shoulders as well.

Right Thigh Dot Work Traditional Bird Owl Tattoo Designs

right thigh dot work traditional bird owl tattoo designs
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This traditional bird tattoo as shown in the picture is a sign of an owl that believes in the context of birds flying high to create their nests for future homes. This owl tattoo is unisex in nature.

These forms of traditional tattooing of owls show the people who, like an owl, work the entire night only to ensure the reduction of the work for the next day. So, if one matches the nocturnal nature of an owl, then he can ink this owl tattoo on his neck, preferably. Apart from the thigh, the neck is a suitable option for placing the tattoo.

Mythical Traditional Most Popular Bird Tattoos

mythical traditional most popular bird tattoos
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This traditional bird tattoo as shown in the picture is a symbol of the Pheonix bird who, having been resurrected after 1000 years, is looking angry and impactful on his surroundings. The tattoo is unique in nature and unisex in style.

These mythical tattoos are a symbol of one’s valor, comeback, and style. If one is the holder of any of these characters, then he can ink the Pheonix tattoo on his skin. One can also ink this tattoo if he woke up to come back in action after a long deep sleep. Generally, this Pheonix tattoo needs space to be fitted. So, except for the right biceps, one can ink it on an entire hand as well.

Three Little Birds Flying Traditional Bird Tattoo Designs

three little birds flying traditional bird tattoo designs
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This traditional bird tattoo as shown in the picture is a symbol of three little birds flying in cohesion. Most women get these traditional tattoos, but men can do so.

This flying birds tattoo is a symbol of togetherness and growth. If you and your friends are thinking of getting these togetherness tattoos done, then you must be working in cohesion and staying together even in the most challenging circumstances. The neck is the most suitable option to symbolize together but any exposed body part will do the same.

American Traditional Multicolored Bird Tattoo Ideas

american traditional multicolored bird tattoo ideas
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This image of a multicolored bird tattoo is a sign of colorfulness and dynamic nature. The sunset in the background is very symbolic as well. The tattoo is unisex in nature.

This traditional bird tattoo is directed to people with multiple colors in their lives, waiting for the right time to pounce upon a particular thing. Naturally, the native Americans believed that the exact time was yet to arrive to make crucial decisions against tough times. So, if one is like them, waiting for the right opportunity, then these tattoos are apt for him.

Apart from these tattoos, numerous forms of traditional bird tattoos can be customizable according to your preferences.

A traditional bird tattoo is often a sign of kindness, courage, and truthfulness. Here go some suggestions that might make you want to ink a traditional bird tattoo on your skin.

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