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If you believe in dream catchers and consider them important in your life, check out these thigh unique thigh dream catcher tattoo designs now.

thigh unique dream catcher tattoo
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The dream catchers are handmade hoops made from willows that are woven with particular nets and webs and accommodated with holy items like beads or feathers.

Today, the dream catchers have become a popular tattoo design idea. Now, besides hanging them on the wall as a showpiece, people have started getting dreamcatcher tattoos.

According to the culture of the Native Americans, dream catchers symbolize protectivity. For them, having a dream catcher was to protect oneself spiritually from all the negative vibes. Generally, these dream catchers are hung in the sleeping place or bedrooms, especially of children, and are said to get hold of the negative spirits before they get into a child’s sleep and bother him.

The concept of a dream catcher originated from the Anishinabe. Their belief that dream catchers have amazing mystic power gave rise to the popular tattoo dreamcatcher tattoo design. Back then, the Anishinabe tribe, who lived in Canada and America believed that the cradles of the newborn babies would be visited by Spider Woman who would then weave her magical web all across the baby to protect him from all kinds of evil. With the growth of the tribe, it became difficult for the Spider Woman to reach out to all. Hence, the women of that tribe created the dream catchers.

Each part of a dreamcatcher tattoo design has a special meaning. The hoop in a dream catcher tattoo has the symbolic meaning of the cycle of life. It also stands for the movement of the sun from one side of the sky to the other. Generally, these hoops in a dream catcher tattoo indicate reincarnation. The web in the dream catcher tattoo design is a symbol of protection and self-defense from all things evil. The reason to incorporate beads into a dream catcher is to make it look aesthetically pleasing. However, the color and design of the beads will vary, depending on the kind of dreamcatcher tattoo design that you are looking forward to. Finally, the feathers in a dream catcher tattoo design stand for freedom and strength.

Now that you are aware of the meanings associated with each part of a dream catcher, it is time to dive into the top ten dreamcatcher tattoos that are sure to allure you.

Colorful Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

colorful dream catcher tattoo design
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If you are looking for that perfect dream catcher tattoo design, here is one for you. Since the thigh has a larger space, this colorful dream catcher tattoo will add more beauty to your thighs. The pink and purple shades make it look like a watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo.

colorful dream catcher tattoo designs
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If you are looking for a symbolic dreamcatcher tattoo, this is the dream catcher tattoo design that you should go ahead with. The hoop of the dream catcher tattoo here is made with a crescent moon, thereby making the tattoo stand out from the crowd. The symbolic meaning of the crescent moon adds more mystery to the thigh tattoo.

Simple Dream Catcher Tattoo In Black Ink

simple dream catcher tattoo in black ink
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Are you looking for classy side thigh tattoo designs for women? Here is a gorgeous dream catcher tattoo design that is sure to grab the attention of many. To get this tattoo inked with precision and accuracy, the tattoo artist has used only black ink and a combination of a single needle and a rounded needle. If you want to keep yourself away from bad dreams, get such dream catcher tattoos soon.

simple dream catcher tattoo in black inks
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Of all dream catcher tattoos, when the tattoo artist designs a simple dream catcher tattoo in plain black ink, it is sure to stand out. Not many prefer a watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo. For them, this simple black dream catcher tattoo design is ap. To ensure that your dreamcatcher tattoo on the thigh is visible, wear shorts or anything that exposes your thighs.

Small Dream Catcher Tattoo

small dream catcher tattoo
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Not all people prefer gigantic dreamcatcher tattoos. For those who are looking for a simple and small dreamcatcher tattoo design, here is a suitable idea for you. If you notice this dream catcher tattoo design carefully, you will find the dream catcher hanging from an arrow. The arrow tattoo design here stands for directing you to the right path.

small dream catcher tattoo ideas
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Here is another tiny dream catcher tattoo inked using fine lines. The dream catcher tattoo design looks simple and that is where its beauty lies. When you are experiencing bad dreams and want to get rid of them, such dream catcher tattoo designs are apt for you.

Floral Dream Catcher Tattoos

floral dream catcher tattoos
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If you like fine line tattoo designs, here is a dream catcher tattoo inked in black with fine lines. The beauty of this dream catcher tattoo design likes in its simplicity. Once you get this tattoo inked, it is sure to keep you away from bad dreams.

floral dream catcher tattoos ideas
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Since dream catcher tattoo designs are popular these days, here is another floral dreamcatcher tattoo in bold black ink. With the addition of the flower tattoo in it, the whole design is given a softer look. To make it a watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo, you can add some pop colors to the dream catcher.

Dream Catcher Tattoo With Blue Butterfly

dream catcher tattoo with blue butterfly
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Does a butterfly in a tattoo fascinate you? If so, then how about adding a butterfly with a dream catcher tattoo? The color of the butterfly tattoo determines a specific meaning. Since this is a blue butterfly, it stands for a good luck charm. Besides the thigh, this can be a great ankle dream catcher tattoo.

dream catcher tattoo with blue butterfly ideas
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Here is another cute dream catcher tattoo with a blue butterfly. What makes the tattoo interesting are the sweet little children hanging from the feathers of the dream catcher tattoo. This can be a great thigh tattoo that represents eliminating the evil and accepting the good. Adding the children to the tattoo makes it gorgeous.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos with Birds

dreamcatcher tattoos with birds
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If you are looking for a dream catcher tattoo design that will indicate freedom and independence, this is it. The image of the two birds sitting on the hoop of the dreamcatcher tattoo design is enough to denote a free spirit. The birds combined with this dreamcatcher tattoo design depict a deeper meaning of reincarnation.

dreamcatcher tattoos with birds ideas
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Do love robin birds? How about combining a robin bird tattoo with that of a dreamcatcher tattoo design? Well, that’s a great idea! If look at the dream catcher tattoo design closely, you will notice that the bird is ready for its flight. This indicates that the bird is ready to embrace the freedom in its life.

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