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Are you looking for a tattoo that will inspire your soul to fly? Then you should definitely check out these amazing tattoo for freedom ideas!

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Freedom tattoos can be deeply personal for a lot of people as they try and make their own place in life, free from all external forces.

Most freedom tattoos have the motif of birds, cages, chains or shackles which have been broken. However, other people may also choose to modify the freedom tattoo according to their own personal life story and ideas.

Freedom tattoos are also the one of the most popular and well-liked tattoos that allow people to unleash their inner creativity. While some may stick to the popular and conventional tattoo ideas, others can also create a new and innovative tattoo design based on what freedom means to them personally. Depending on their size, freedom tattoos will also look great everywhere on your body – arm, chest, shoulder, or even below your ribs.

Thus, if you consider yourself to be a free spirit, then go ahead and find a lovely freedom tattoo that will suit you!

Minimal Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Freedom

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If your first tattoo is an act of rebellion and will represent how you have broken free from the restrictions placed by your family and society, then you should definitely look at a freedom tattoo! It can be just a small and simple tattoo with the word ‘freedom’ written in elegant, cursive strokes. In the picture above, the tattoo symbolizes freedom for the person which is why they have placed it on their arm.

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These freedom tattoos or a freedom inspired tattoo represent freedom and encourage us to be free in the best of ways. These tattoos show us that we do not need to be scared of going out into the world and having adventures. Thus, freedom symbol tattoos can express a huge part of your personality.

Patriotic Tattoos

Creative Tattoo Designs For Freedom

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The meaning of freedom can differ from person to person as the symbol for liberty or the desire for freedom will be different in all. Therefore, the tattoo ideas which represent freedom can also be unique to a person. Consequently, you can talk to your tattoo artist to draw up a new idea for you or to create one along with you which is new and fits you perfectly.

Bald Eagle Tattoo Design For True Patriots

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Out of all the birds, the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. These birds represent the national ethos and are a symbol of liberty and patriotism. If you are an American and are looking for a freedom bird tattoo or a bird wing tattoo, why not look at bald eagle birds which represent the ideals of freedom that your country stands for?

Awesome Flag And Eagle Tattoo Designs To Express Freedom

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Freedom or liberty is an important matter for a citizen of any country and sometimes, a symbol or a sign represents freedom to us. In the United States of America, the eagle and the flag symbolize freedom for its citizens. Consequently, if you are looking for a freedom tattoo with a nationalistic tinge, a flag and an eagle tattoo will be the perfect idea.

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There are plenty of ideas for freedom tattoo for men or freedom tattoo for women with flag of the United States of America. You can also search for pictures on the internet to look for inspiration and create one accordingly. You can also add a bald eagle tattoo which symbolizes freedom, peace, and liberty.

Beautiful Tattoo Designs That Symbolize Feedom

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If you are looking for a unique or unconventional freedom tattoo idea that represents what liberty or freedom means to you as a person, then you should check out some more beautiful freedom tattoo designs. The tattoo artist in the photo above has done a lovely work where the birds are flying away from the world itself.

Here are some amazing break free tattoo ideas if you want to enhance your freedom tattoo.

Colorful Tattoo Symbols For Freedom

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While some people like monochromatic black-colored tattoos, others prefer bright and colorful tattoos. The variety of colors represents the joy and fun in life to most people. Thus, if you are looking for a freedom tattoo that will have a deep, poignant meaning – why not get tattooed with colorful butterfly or bird wings? While tattoos made with colorful ink can cost more and take more time to complete, the ultimate result will cheer you up and fill your heart with joy.

Are you interested in the butterfly tattoo idea quite a bit? Then check out the best butterfly tattoo designs that will serve as inspiration.

Great Chest Tattoo Designs That Show Freedom

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One of the most popular freedom tattoo ideas are the tattoos with just the word ‘freedom’, with the word being placed on the chest. If you plan to get a small tattoo of the words, then a chest freedom tattoo should not hurt too much and it will heal pretty quickly as well. You can also add other freedom symbol tattoo like broken chain or open cage to the tattoo to add onto it. If you are looking to fill up the space a bit more, you can always add floral motifs or some beautiful flowers. Flowers like strelitzia, yellow roses, tulips and freesia are a symbol for freedom and can be tattooed alongside your freedom tattoo on the chest.

Ideas For Chain And Shackles Symbols For Freedom Tattoo

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Chains and shackles around the body probably represents the state of captivity the best. After all, from the French revolution to all other dark phases of history around the world, defeated and captured people were put in blood stained chains.

Consequently, you can also get these motifs to signify that you are no longer captured but free. A birdcage tattoo along with flying animal wings, bird or angel wings would be a great freedom symbol tattoo.

Poignant Tattoo Symbol For Freedom

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In classic literature across the world, people who have been captured or kept in metaphorical cages like a bird will always overcome hardships by stepping through an open door. An open cage has long represented freedom as it symbolizes new hope and the restoration of human rights.

A broken chain tattoo or an open cage has long symbolized freedom and represents that the person will now enjoy life. Thus, if you want a tattoo which will be symbolizing freedom, go ahead and get a beautiful tattoo of a bird flying out of its cage into the vast, blue sky.

Ideas For Cute Handpoked Freedom Tattoo For Girl

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You can experiment with any tattoo style you like to get tattooed with a picture that will represent freedom. For example, the person above has chosen to get a tattoo in the handpoked style that looks really cute. A handpoked tattoo style is one where the tattoo is made by poking the needle into the skin numerous times to draw the desired shape and figure.

Even though they haven’t added the open cage, they have tattooed a bird flying alongside a girl walking towards the sunset to represent her free spirit. You can also add a tattoo design of other images like butterfly or broken chains to show that someone can always break free if they are strong enough.

While some people like to get tattoos for fun, for some others this piece of body art can reveal a lot about their personality and who they really are. Consequently, if you are someone who has a fierce and free spirit, go ahead and get a beautiful freedom tattoo!

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