10 Best Ta Moko Tattoo Design Meaning

Are you looking for a bold and cool Ta Moko Tattoo design? Look no further. Here are some popular Ta Moko tattoo designs to help you find THE ONE! Read on!

The Ta Moko tattoo designs have gained a lot of popularity among tattoo enthusiasts in recent years.

The art and famous practice of Ta Moko evolved in Aotearoa New Zealand. Maori started the use of narrower and smaller UHI (a tattoo-making instrument) without teeth that made grooves in one’s skin.

The tattoo art process was embraced and followed by the application of tiny, toothed Uhi combs that helped in pigment application. This technique of Ta Moko practiced by indigenous folks of New Zealand is quite similar to wood carving and is identified by deep grooves stained with dark-colored pigments. The significance and meaning of these designs seem to be a complicated interaction between visual language and high aesthetic that highlights artistic excellence, role, and identity.

The majority of the design motifs used here are universal, particularly the spiral elements that are applied to the cheek, chin, and lower jaws. Other elements were carefully selected to enhance and accentuate the individual features. Ta Moko may also signify the role, social status, and identity expressions through genealogy, however, that still remains vague. You can get a Maori facial tattoo, Maori thigh tattooed heads, Maori tattoo art on the shoulder, Maori tattoo on the chin, nose area, cheek area, and other parts of the body.

Express your personality with Maori tattoo designs. Explore our stunning list of top Ta Moko tattoo designs, and Maori symbols, with their meanings, and get inspired. Let’s dig in, pronto!

Cuff Ta Moko Tattoo

This is one of the most fantastic ankle band Maori tattoo designs made using a rich series of patterns like whale teeth, spears, and so on. The symbols used in the design represent battlefield, protection, and courage. Ankle band and armband Maori tattoos are quite popular among tattoo lovers who like to wear these permanent accessories on their bodies.

If you are someone who likes to add details to the exposed parts of your body such as wrists, ankles, and arms, you can go for this amazing tattoo design. Etched using black ink, this tattoo would be easily visible on your skin. So, are young getting this marvelous Ta Moko tattoo design. Head on. Make sure you choose a tattoo artist who has expertise in Maori tattoo art, else you might end up regretting a bad design for life. Explore more such stupendous Maori people tattoo designs inspired by Ta Moko art.

Chest Ta Moko Tattoo

Maori tattoos are indeed smart looking, and when done on a part of the chest and shoulder, they look even smarter. This is one of the Ta Moko tattoos which is a blend of many Maori signs and symbols like Celtic knots and signs, parts of arrows, human symbols, and more that are done in a marvelous manner. The tattoo is best for those with warrior-like personalities and who aspire to fight their way out of different challenges to finally get on to the top.

The design is best suited for fair to wheat skin tone. Such tattoos are created using various small groups of patterns to form a big tattoo design. So, are you getting this lovely patterned Ta Moko chest tattoo design on your body? Do get it! But make sure you go to a tattoo artist that specializes in Maori tattoo art. Explore more Ta Moko tattoo designs done with the needle tattooing technique and choose the one that suits your unique personality!

Stunning Leg Ta Moko Tattoo

Do you want a tattoo on your leg inspired by Ta Moko art? This design is for you, then! The art makes great use of complex patterns that are used to fill in certain black areas of tattoos to add an extra layer of meaning. The majority of the patterns in the tattoo are drawn between two double parallel lines and various shapes used for filling also carry multiple connotations. This amazing Ta Moko design starts from above the knee and extends to the ankle.

The sharp edges of the design render the piece a bold and edgy look to the wearer’s personality. You can get this amazing tattoo design on your legs. Make sure you pick a deft tattoo artist to get this piece with the utmost precision. Explore more ta Moko tattoo designs with ta moko tattoo meaning and choose the one that speaks to your personality.

Beautiful Thigh Ta Moko Tattoo

Do you want a design that beautifully accentuates your curves? Nothing could beat this amazing thigh Maori tattoo design. The tattoo involves Celtic patterns and other symbols that render the design so attractive. If you are planning to try something attractive and new, start with this design. The design is good for those who crave happiness and health.

The patterns and designs used in the tattoo enhance femininity. The design goes well for medium to fair skin tones. Choose an expert tattoo artist to get a clean and precise Ta Moko tattoo design. You can get as creative as you want with these tattoo designs that primarily rely on patterns and symbols.

Bold Shoulder Ta Moko Tattoo

The tattoo design uses a famous Maori symbol, “koru” which happens to be of a spiral shape. The element’s shape is inspired by an unfurled leaf of a fern plant and thus, it means a new beginning, harmony, and growth. Depending upon the patterns used in the tattoo design, each koru or spiral can mean a loved one or a family member. Each detail in the design is accurately and carefully depicted using various symbols, which are associated with health, courage, and prosperity.

The tattoo is done using black ink and is preferred by those who see their bodies as an ideal canvas for drawing the Maori way of life. So, are you getting these Maori stories etched on your body? Apart from the shoulder, you can ink this incredible tattoo on the chest and arms for enhanced visibility and it also looks great on light to fair skin tones.

Marvelous Back Ta Moko Tattoo

The tattoo depicts an eagle in Maori design which is used to represent goals, valor, and focus. It can also symbolize beauty, force, and purity. This beautiful tattoo showing wings spread out is nicely aligned with the spine. The amazing use of Maori art which was practiced by indigenous people of New Zealand and the delicate design render the tattoo even more irresistible. Fall in love with Maori art and flaunt this unusually appealing design on your back.

The best thing about this tattoo is that you can hide it whenever you want and expose it whenever you please. So, it is going to remain a secret unless you decide to reveal it. Are you getting this amazing art piece that extends from the neck to a little portion of the back? Discover more such fantastic Ta Moko tattoo designs and find the one that works best for you.

Shoulder Piece Ta Moko Tattoo

Another amazing Maori art tattoo that can inspire you to get a tattoo for life. This design includes a turtle among typical Maori art elements that represent good health and immortality. This tattoo design is deemed as a symbol of peace, patience, knowledge, and grit in the Maori tribe. This beautiful design that amazingly features twin turtles will look gorgeous on your skin.

The use of detailed Maori art on the shells and other signs will definitely make heads turn. This piece runs from the neck and down to the shoulder. Remember you would be wearing the tattoo design for life, so make no compromise here.

Snazzy Shoulder N Back Ta Moko Tattoo

This Maori tattoo design enhances the back area. If you are someone who craves neat yet rich and grungy tattoo designs, then this tattoo will match your taste well. The design uses small patterns which are inked on the back and shoulder. They come to represent the rich heritage and culture of Maori tribes using minimal details and subtle designs.

The design is great for those who seek to accomplish more using less. They demonstrate the Maori way of life and also the pride they feel in carrying their unique heritage. You can also get this design on your chest as well and mainly it is suitable for light to fair type skin tones. Are you getting this amazing design? Go on! Make sure you choose an expert tattooist to get the precision and neatness in the design.

Full-back Ta Moko Tattoo

Ta Moko tattoos blended geometric designs and cultural art form. This unique and artistic piece on the back features amazing patterns with spikes. The design uses delicate elements which render the design even more attractive.

Getting a tattoo on the back is furthermore not very painful. So, are you ready to express your fascination and devotion to their unique culture? Get it and admire the creativity and beauty of the art and flaunt it with pride on your body. Explore more such amazing Maori tattooing designs and find out which works best for you.

Spiffing Full-sleeve Ta Moko Tattoo

Another badass full sleeve tattoo inspired by Maori art. When finished this tattoo design looks epic. Notice the intricacies and details included in the piece to render it irresistible.  The sharp spikes and lines used here generate continuity which is marvellously done. The design relies on a series of narrow, delicate, yet bold lines etched with one needle to craft beautiful patterns.

The charm of tattoo design is augmented by different motifs used with negative space in their shaping. So, are you getting this artistic piece on your arm? Make sure you choose a deft tattooist to enjoy precision in the design. Explore further Ta Moko tattoo art options and choose for yourself for different part of the body for men and women. Read on!

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