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Melbourne is a busy city full of vibes and colors. It is known for various cultural aspects, from theaters to art, graffiti to literature. Melbourne attracts art enthusiasts to a great extent. But the city never disappoints adventure seekers and nature lovers. Water sports and activities such as hiking and Camp near melbourne There are quite a lot of exciting and fun activities. The camp sites are scenic and offer amazing views and considerable thrill. Here’s a look at the top camp sites in Melbourne.

Best time to visit Melbourne

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The best time to visit Melbourne is March to May and September to November. During this time, the weather is pleasant and suitable for all types of outdoor activities. The perfect time to go trekking, hiking and camping near Melbourne

10 Best Places to Camp near Melbourne

Listed below are some great camping sites near Melbourne that can be visited here. have a look.

1. Cumberland River Holiday Park

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Situated by the Cumberland River amid lush green forests; Cumberland River Holiday Park near Melbourne is one of the favorite camping spots. This campsite surrounded by Craggy Cliffs allows visitors to enjoy the real beauty. Units from camps, caravans to river sightings; This place offers all types of accommodation at affordable rates and the facilities offered here are equal. Enjoy trekking on the nearby cliffs, hiking in the forests and there are rock pools where one can go swimming.

place: 2680 Great Ocean Road, Cumberland River, Melbourne, VIC 3232, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 149 km
things to do: Castle Rock, Cumberland Falls, Kalimana Falls, Erskine Falls, and trekking up to the Shok River, beach fishing, surfing and swimming.
Starting Tariff: INR 2200 / night

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2. Tidal River Campground

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Located in Wilson Promontory National Park, Tidal River Campground is a popular option for those looking for a camping ground near Melbourne Australia. People can choose from a variety of camping accommodations, and near the beach, within the park, or from places such as forests.

place: Wilson Promontory, Melbourne, VIC 3960, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 224km
things to do: Normans go swimming, swimming and surfing on the beach.
Starting tariff: INR 2245 / night

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3. The Grampian

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With 30 well-equipped camps, picnic areas, barbecue pits and bush showers; Plantation Grampians is another camp site in Melbourne. Surrounded by sandstone rocks, this place is a scenic natural site. It is the largest camping ground in the Grampians National Park and is camping free. You need to bring your camping gear.

place: Mount Zero Rd, Halls Gap, Melbourne, VIC 3381, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 258 km
things to do: Walking to the balconies, McKenzie Falls and Mount William.
Starting tariff: free

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4. Otway Forest Park

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Along the Great Ocean Road; Stevens Falls Otway Forest Park is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is situated on the banks of the Gelibrand River, overlooking the grand Stevenson Falls. The camping ground can hold up to 50 tents and has facilities such as a wooden barbecue station and picnic tables.

place: Upper Gelibrand Road, Baramunga. Melbourne, VIC 3249, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 172 km
things to do: Fishing and swimming in the Gelibrand River
Starting Tariff: INR 1765 / night

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5. Anderson Gardens

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Planning to camp near Melbourne? Look no further and come to the Andersen Gardens, located between the Mount Disappearance State Forest. It is a huge campground on the banks of Sunday Creek and provides all the facilities needed for a complete camping camping adventure. One can enjoy all kinds of adventure by hiking, taking a walk in the hills or relaxing and rejuvenating along the swimming hole of Sunday Creek.

place: Clonibenon, Melbourne, VIC 3658, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 85 km
things to do: Trekking to the summit of Mount Disappointment, Strath Creek Falls and Sunday Creek Reservoir. If you love driving, then enjoy a scenic drive on Mount Disappointment Forest Drive.
Starting Tariff: Free: Camp sites are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

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6. Catani Lake

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Lake Catani is another place to enjoy camping near Melbourne. The camp is open from November to April. Autumn is the best season to visit this real camping site and the soothing weather and cool breeze make the place more attractive. Situated on the Mount Buffalo Plateau in the center of the national park by the same name, the place is surrounded by snow gum forests and alpine ash which adds to the charm of the place. The locals come for this day trip and many people like to set up a tent and enjoy a night camp on the banks of this emerald lake.

place: Mount Buffalo National Park, Melbourne, VIC
Distance to Melbourne: 343 km
things to do: Fishing and swimming
Starting tariff: INR 1950 / night

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7. Furrow Kiln

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Kurtha Kiln is the best option for those looking for pocket-friendly options for camping near Melbourne. Moved away to Kurth Kiln Regional Park; This camping ground has space for 40 tents. Although there are basic facilities, it is recommended to carry your firewood and other camping gear to the kurth kiln. It is one of the few pet-friendly camping sites near Melbourne. The place is known for its beautiful species of birds and a person may be lucky to receive a yellow-tailed black cockato, eikidnas and swamp wall and womb.

place: Hoddles Creek, Melbourne, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 77 km
things to do: Hiking through Heathlands and Bird Watching.
Starting Tariff: INR 850 / night

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8. Mount Franklin Reserve

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Surrounded by magnificent deciduous trees, the campground at Mount Franklin Reserve is located near a volcanic crater. The scenery is spectacular, but Melbourne has a special on its list of best camping spots which is its extreme peace. Spend a peaceful weekend here, and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature as you join the Vacation One walk. To make the weekend more enjoyable and exciting, there are picnic tables and wood-operated bars.

place: 4 Powells Ln, Mount Franklin, Melbourne, VIC 3461, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 120 km
things to do: Canoeing and trekking
Starting Tariff: free

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9. Gunbower National Park

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Are you looking for a relaxed weekend away from the city crowds? Visit Gunbower National Park to rejuvenate your mind and soul. Nestled on the banks of the Murai River, in flood plains, the place is surrounded by state forest – river red gum, black box forest, grass, billabong, creaks and swamps. It is a basic camp and it is advisable to carry all types of camping gear with you.

place: Leachville, Melbourne, VIC 3567, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 260 km
things to do: Creek fishing, bird watching and hiking in Condrock.
Starting Tariff: free

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10. Margengo Holiday Park

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Located near Melbourne, Marengo Holiday Park is a beautiful beachside camping facility. The magnificent sea views and white sand beaches sparkle, which thrills every tourist and the experience of camping by the beach is one of a kind. There are grass-roots sites that are both powered and powerless and some of them offer great ocean views that will make your jaw drop. It is a fully equipped camp with a spacious camp kitchen, adventure playground, barbecue area and wifi for cabin guests. One can walk to Apollo Bay to pick up all the essentials needed for fun-filled camping.

place: Coast Rd, French Island, Melbourne, VIC 3921, Australia
Distance to Melbourne: 200 km
things to do: Surfing on beach and sea kayaking, yoga
Starting Tariff: INR 8025 / night

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Excited to go to camp near Melbourne? These places listed above provide the ultimate thrill and are beautiful places with beautiful attractions. Next time, when you plan a trip to Melbourne, keep these on the list and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

Frequently asked questions about camping near Melbourne

Q. Where can one go for trekking in Melbourne?

a. Some popular places for trekking in Melbourne are Mount Oberon Summit, Mount Dispointment, Mount Buffalo, Warburton Redwood Forest Walk, Bushersgars Bay Walking, and Tengue Point Walking Trail.

Q. What are the best places to catch fish in Melbourne?

a. The best places to enjoy fishing in Melbourne are the Yarra River, Patterson River, Weribee River and Jail Park.

Q. Which is the best time to visit Melbourne?

a. The best time to visit Melbourne is March to May and September to November.

Q. Name the popular beaches in Melbourne?

a. Popular beaches in Melbourne are: Mother’s Beach, Brighton Beach, St Kilda Beach, Half Moon Bay Beach and Elwood Beach.