10 Best Spots For Shopaholics In 2020

With its sophistication and elegance, the grand city of Vienna is popular for three major things – art, shopping and culture. The grace and stylish glamor of the exclusive boutique between Tuchlauben, Kohlmarkt and Kärntner Strasse will leave you spellbound. Vienna is not only about music, but also has many excellent shopping venues. If you are an impulsive shopper Shopping in Vienna Will make you feel happy The glamorous Goldenes Quartier is considered the city’s longest street for trending fashion and is Vienna’s top shopping destination.

If you want the list of things to be included in your checklist Shopping in Vienna, You can include artisanal chocolate, Viennese porcelain, Austrian beer, Austrian dandel dress, bags and travel accessories, Viennese tea & coffee, Gustav Klimt art and jam of studs. All the credit goes to the variety of malls and streets. The shopping experience in Vienna is really fun with traditional Viennese ‘candy mosaic rock’, or some one-off art deco jewelery.

Shopping in Vienna: Best Places

Where to go for clothes shopping in Vienna? Don’t worry, we have a list of destinations listed below.

1. Ringstrasen Gallerian: For shopping for clothes in Vienna

Ringstrasen Gallerian

Connected by a glass bridge, the Viennese are two buildings located in the extreme south border of the old city. For all those who have a posh taste of lifestyle and fashion, Ringstrason Gallerian is the ultimate place to shop around. If you are looking for a shopping mall in Vienna, this is the best option to find out.

The Ringstrasen Gallerian is an ideal amalgamation of modern and serene design that provides an attractive and classical atmosphere. Housing 60 boutiques and fancy stores, a large supermarket and 6 restaurants, Ringstrasen Gallerian is the perfect place to shop from all around. Lip smacking foods like tapas bars and sushi are offered here.

place: Kortner Ring 5-7, 1010 Veen, Austria
Time: 10 AM – 7 PM

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2. We Might the Mall: Best Shopping Center

Veen Mite The Mall

If you are shopping in Vienna, Austria, then visit the Vienna Mite the Mall which is located in the center of Vienna. Spread over an area of ​​30,000 square meters, this mall is considered one of the largest and largest centers in the city. In addition, it was crowned as Austria’s best shopping center. Ornamented with modern architecture, this mall captivates all visitors and promises to provide a complete shopping experience. A wide range of products are available here at moderate prices.

place: Landstraber Hauptstraße 1b, 1030 Veen, Austria
Time: 9 AM – 8 PM

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3. The Golden’s Quartier: For premium luxury and flagship stores

The Golden's Quartier

For premium luxury fashion in Vienna, The Golden’s Quarter is set between the streets of Seijtagasse, Tuchlauben and Bogneraggse. In addition, it has glamorous flagship stores, including international brands and British brands such as Mulberry, Jimmy Choo Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Saint Laurent and Chanel are some of the Paris labels that can be found here. You will also find DSquared2 and Agent Provocator with Tuchlauben. It is a luxurious shopping area in the Old City of Vienna offering a fabulous flagship store and it promises luxurious shopping in its remarkable atmosphere.

place: Tuchlauben 3-7, 1010 Wien, Austria
Time: 9 am – 5 pm, Thur-Sat closed

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4. Kohlmark: For Glamorous Jewelery


Shopping in Vienna is not complete until you search for Kohlmark. If you are a fan of high-carat luxury, then you are definitely looking around Kohlmark. Home to many traditional butchers, Viennese Jewelers Wagner and Shulin and international luxury brands, Kohlmark is the most respected shopping area in the city of Vienna.
Once a home to many Imperial and Royal courts, Kohlmark is now home to many great brands that line the street. Located in the city center, Kohlmark is known as the ‘Golden U’ of Vienna. Kohlmark is a historical street of high fashion, rare gems and fine jewelery. Also, international jewelery houses Chopard, Tiffany, and Cartier. All shopping farewell, stop by Dior, Monsler, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry and Ermenegade Zegna. Apart from shopping, the place is a site with a cluster of grand historical buildings that are incredible with a modern art landscape.

place: Kohlmark, Vienna, Austria

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5. Graban: Modern Shopping Street in Vienna


Surrounded by the junction of Stock-im-Eisen-Platz and Tuchlauben and Kohlmark, Graben is known for its clothing shopping in Vienna. Great boutiques, beauty stores, watch brands and luxury brand footwear experts are available here. It is one of the most famous streets in the first district (city center) of Vienna. In the local language, Graben means trench and the name of the road goes back to the Roman Empire. One of the city’s most special addresses, the road extends from St. Stephens to Kohlmark.

place: Street in Vienna, Austria

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6. Mariahilferstrasse: Cool and High Fashion Street


Explore this Mariahilferstrasse located right in the center of the city, shoplifting. International chain stores are available here with both international and local fast-food outlets.
Along the way, there are several regular metro stations. Vienna’s longest and busiest shopping street, here you will find enough malls and department stores. For example Herzemski and Gerngross have a wide range of eateries for all budgets with some of them. Put your eyes on the latest footwear trends like Foot Locker to Acco and Puma to Vans. Diesel’s flagship store will definitely leave you behind with its wide collection.

place: Mariahilfer Str.Wien, Austria

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7. SCS Shopping Center Sue: Leisure and Shopping

SCS Shopping Center Sue:

The most prominent and holiday destination, SCS Shopping Center Sood has an area of ​​300,000 square meters that hosts a staggering 300 shops. Get everything from beauty and wellness to jewelery, watches and electronics and accessories.

Indulge in shopping at this exquisite SCS shopping center Sood which offers contemporary design using marble slabs and includes huge indoor trees.

place: Vossendorre Püding, 2334 Vosendorf, Austria
Time: 9:30 AM – 7 PM

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8. Donau Zentrum

A little different

Donna Zentrum prides itself on housing 50 restaurants and cafes, covering 260 top branded stores. It is the most popular shopping destination among locals and tourists. It has created a record of over 18 million visitors every year. Directly connected to the city center via the metro, Donau Zentrum is an excellent location to shop nearby. Renowned as a fashion destination in Vienna, Donau Zentrum has unique and international brands. In addition, it is the second largest shopping center in Austria, with an impressive air-cushion façade. The LED lights are held in a polygon manner while the outer foil is printed using screen printing.

place: Wagner Str. 94, 1220 Veen, Austria
Time: 9 AM – 8 PM

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9. Neshmark: Head to this most comprehensive multicultural market


If you want to go for the best cheap shopping in Vienna, then walking on the market street is the best option as it offers goods from high to low prices. The cheapest shopping in the pedestrian areas from Vienna, offers luxurious and quality products everywhere. Between the shopping palace and the flagship store, you can search for everything in your name.
Offering a good choice of excellent quality exotic foods, Nashmark is divided into two parts, with one side dedicated to cafes, chains of restaurants, and food stalls. If you want to find cheap shopping in Vienna at a cheaper price then visit this market. `Developed as one of the most popular outdoor market, this place is a must visit during its free time.

place: 1060 Vienna, Austria
Time: 6 AM – 9 PM

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10. Kurtternstrasse: Stop Shopkeepers


Spread over the Hotel Sachter and State Opera House in St. Stephen, Kaerntnerstrasse is one of the greatest shopping destinations, the street being one of the most famous shopping streets in central Vienna, including food / gourmet stores, gift stores, specialties. Shops, jewelery stores, shopping districts and fine craft galleries.

place: Middle Vienna

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Every fashionista’s dream in Vienna comes true. Truly a vibrant and distinctive atmosphere is offered by Vienna to all the shopkeepers. Attracting the attention of the huge crowd, Vienna has several major brand stores and boutiques that offer a similar attraction to shopaholics. Depart for these excellent shopping destinations on your holiday in Europe and prepare yourself for the best. From the best stores to independent fashion houses, Vienna is in the city with streets displaying fashionable fashion. Walk around and accept the shopping mall in Vienna.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shopping in Vienna

Q. Is Vienna good for shopping?

a. Equipped with a pedestrian area, flagship store, shopping street, fashion designer boutiques, antiques, jeweler shops, stores and art stores, Vienna is truly a shopping paradise. In addition, there are many roads in Vienna offering cheap shopping.

Q. What is the main shopping street in Vienna?

a. Kaerntner Strasse is one of the main shopping streets in Vienna, across from the State Opera House to the Cathedral of St.

Q. What is Vienna known for?

a. The capital of Austria, Vienna offers a stunning blend of royal traditions and exquisite modern architecture. Well known for its majestic sights, cultural events, coffee houses and many other things, Vienna is an ideal place for tourists.

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