10 Best Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Looking for spaced out sleeve tattoo ideas to blow your mind? Continue reading to find the best spaced out sleeve tattoos that will surely blow your mind!

spaced out tattoo sleeve ideas
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Spaced out sleeve tattoos have been gaining popularity for quite some time now.

While a regular tattoo sleeve does not necessarily have any space in between and usually has one central theme, in a spaced out sleeve tattoos, several different elements are inked on the ample space in between. Such scattered tattoos are also referred to as patchwork tattoos.

One of the best parts about spaced out sleeve tattoos is that these designs can incorporate a variety of tattooing styles. From traditional American tattoos to modern designs, tattoo artists combines different ideas, ink colors, and tattoo styles, to create the perfect piece. While it may seem like you only a limited number of options exists to pick from, in reality, the world is your oyster when it comes to a spaced out tattoo sleeve. Continue reading to check out our advice on which spaced out sleeve tattoos might suit you the best!

Graphic Spaced Out Sleeve Tattoo

graphic spaced out sleeve tattoo
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While colorful tattoos are most commonly seen these days, the monochromatic color scheme in tattoos is just as eye-catching, if not more. For example, look at this full sleeve tattoo. The black and gray graphic designs are spaced out over the arm, leaving some empty space in between. Though the design seems to cover the arm entirely, the placement of each piece is such that each element is getting a stage of its own. Furthermore, graphic designs are all the rage these days, and the right artist will be able to perfectly recreate that on your skin. You can choose to modify this tattoo design by picking a different kind of theme and creating designs that stick to that theme.

Traditional Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve

traditional spaced out tattoo sleeve ideas
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Traditional tattoos have been around for decades, with each year bringing in wonderful modifications to the existing tattoos. While a lot of people opt for a single traditional tattoo covering the entire arm, you can choose to get a sleeve like this one which encompasses larger pieces as well as smaller tattoos all inked together with space in between, giving an overall cohesive feel. The vibrancy of this traditional tattoo style, combined with the boldness of each of the elements is giving quite a neo-traditional feel to this sleeve idea. Furthermore, the placement of all the designs, along with the traditional bracelet-like floral design inked on the wrist is portraying a sense of artistry in this piece of body art.

Bird Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve

bird spaced out tattoo sleeve
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Birds make for a great subject matter when it comes to tattoos. This is because birds are usually symbolic of spirituality, and independence, and are used to denote the connection between heaven and Earth. While different styles have been used to depict bird tattoos, in this design black ink has been used to create a half-sleeve tattoo that is spaced out, denoting two birds. The super intricate way in which the two birds have been crated by th tattoo artist, using a single style, is exceptionally eye-catching. Additionally, the way the two birds are spaced out is making the whole design look like a Yin Yang. In other words, such a design can be symbolic of multiple meanings at the same time, allowing everyone to realize the depth you and your tattoo hold.

Snake And Flowers Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve

snake and flowers spaced out tattoo sleeve
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In general, snake sleeve tattoos are used to reflect one’s own mysteriousness. However, in this spaced out full sleeve tattoo, the dark snake is accompanied by flowers. Needless to say, flowers are quite the opposite of mystery and exude positivity and good vibes. So, this tattoo sleeve pictured above is the perfect depiction of how opposites can combine into a single style. While the snake is wrapped around the entire arm like an elaborate band, only the outline of the flowers has been inked with ample space in between the petals. The fierce expression on the snake’s face is wonderfully contrasting the message conveyed by the floral patterns. Such an amazing piece with its intricate details will most certainly catch the eye of all onlookers.

Floral Sketch Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve

floral sketch spaced out tattoo sleeve
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When talking about arm tattoos for women, the first piece that comes to mind is floral patterns. While a vibrant floral tattoo covering every inch of the arm leaving no visible background is a fantastic idea, for those who are looking for alternatives, can certainly opt for this design. Here, as you can see, the arm is covered with evenly spaced out floral patterns inked in a way that is making it look like a sketch. Such a floral tattoo will fill your arm but not cover all of it, leaving behind the perfect combination of ink and skin. Furthermore, if you are in search of black and gray tattoos, then this tattoo sleeve is the way to go for you!

Fruity Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve

fruity spaced out tattoo sleeve
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Looking for a fresh take on your life? Then why not opt for this fruity tattoo sleeve? As you can see, this half sleeve design has an intricately designed grape followed by a peach. While grapes tattoos are often a sign of protection against evil, the peach here is just a symbol of fun. Additionally, this piece also has some scattered stars signifying the bearer of this tattoo is quite a chill personality, or perhaps, even a dreamer. Such a sleeve takes several hours to be completed, given the amount of detailing it has. However, with the right tattoo artist, you will get a perfect recreation of this design. You can make this tattoo even more elaborate by adding more fruits to the piece.

Abstract Spaced Out Forearm Tattoo Sleeve

abstract spaced out forearm tattoo sleeve
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For both artists and non-artists, abstract tattoos hold a different value. Abstract tattoos are suitable for tattooing on different parts of the body and the best part is, these tattoos can carry any meaning the bearer attributes to it. So, if you are looking for an abstract tattoo on your forearm, that does not look to clumsy and has just the right amount of space, this idea would be amazing for you. As you can see, in this design, a face has been constructed, or deconstructed, so to speak. While the design isn’t really colorful, the addition of red ink is further adding to the artistic value of the overall design. In addition to all that, the quote at the bottom of the design, “go after dreams, not people” is enhancing the charm of this body art.

Ornamental Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve

ornamental spaced out tattoo sleeve
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In the category of visible tattoos, ornamental styles have always been a popular among most tattoo artists. So, if you want your sleeve tattoo to act as your accessory, then this ornamental spaced out piece might just be the perfect addition to your body. Besides having ornamental patterns, this tattoo also has a bracelet like design around the wrist, paired with aesthetic floral motifs and a dragonfly. Such sleeve tattoo ideas are perfect for those who are interested in a tattoo design that makes their arm look like a canvas, without covering every inch of the skin. While this piece has been done with black ink, you can also create a colorful version of the same.

Mystical Spaced Out Sleeve Tattoo

mystical spaced out sleeve tattoo
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Interested in a half sleeve tattoo that gives off mystical vibes? Then this tattoo design might be the right fit for you! In this sleeve tattoo, a mountain-like structure has been created with black ink, which is connected to another mountain on the inner side of the arm. The mystical factor in this tattoo stems from the use of the shiny black ink, the swirly designs, and the two mountains ranges which seem to hold some mysterious power within them. Such tattoos cover quite a bit of the arms, however, still leave space in between, ultimately resulting in a clean and tidy look.

Quotes Spaced Out Tattoo Sleeve

quotes spaced out tattoo sleeve
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If you want to express your innermost thoughts through your sleeve tattoo, then a quotes spaced out tattoo sleeve could be a wonderful idea for you to utilize. As you can see in this design pictured above, a very realistic eye has been inked on top of the forearm, followed by a quotes written in a handwrting style. Such tattoos are very good to express one’s own self through words and even images, as given above. Furthermore, with the right spacing, these tattoos become all the more impactful.

Now that you have checked out the various ideas, you can easily choose a spaced out tattoo sleeve for yourself. From traditional tattoos to abstract patterns, spaced out sleeve tattoos can combine all sorts of different styles, or simply revolve around a central theme. Here is a quick list of the possible ideas you can use to get your very own spaced out tattoo sleeve-

  1. Spaced out American traditional tattoo
  2. Spaced out floral and ornamental forearm tattoos for women
  3. Artistic spaced out sleeve tattoo
  4. Spaced out sleeve tattoo with quotes
  5. Monochromatic spaced out sleeve tattoo

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