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If you are looking for a tattoo art laden with both positive and negative symbolism, then these snake tattoo on wrist ideas are perfect for you.

snake tattoo on wrist
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Even after being a popular motif, snakes have been one of the most misunderstood creatures since ancient times.

Snakes have found a place of prominence in art, mythologies, and the imagination of people of all civilisations. They have slithered into the myths and folk tales of different cultures, having both positive and negative connotations attached to them.

Snakes have featured in the mythology and folklore of many cultures, often being connected with oracles and seers. Wadjet at Per-Wadjet was an ancient Egyptian goddess depicted as an Egyptian cobra, a two-headed snake, or a snake with the head of a woman. She is found in the legends as nursing infant Horus and protecting Ra by coiling upon his head. Snakes are also found in Greek mythology in the legend of the notorious Greek mythical seer, Teiresias. In Egyptian myth as well as Greek mystery cults, we find the mention of an icon named Ouroboros, a Greek word meaning ‘tail eater’, that shows a snake eating its own tail. The ‘Book of Numbers’ narrates how Moses constructed a bronze statue of a serpent to protect the Israelites from God’s wrath who sent fiery serpents to bite them. We also come across snakes in Hindu mythology as well, the most well-known being the imagery of Hindu God, Krishna dancing on the head of a huge, venomous serpent. However, the most famous depiction of a snake is found in the ‘Book of Genesis’ which narrates how the snake is the most subtle of all the beats created by God and the only creature with the power of speech and ability to think logically, along with Adam and Eve. In Roman mythology, Glycon was an ancient Greek snake god with an influential cult in the2nd century, while Hopi, Chippewa, Creek, and the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico were some native American tribes belonging to the snake clan.

Hence, if you are looking to get a tattoo art of an animal that represents an ancient symbol on your body, then this specially curated list of snake tattoos is perfect for you.

The Woman Snake On Wrist Tattoo

the woman snake on wrist tattoo
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The snake tattoo can be a symbol of fertility and hence a popular tattoo design among women. This beautiful snake tattoo depicts the reptile on the top of a bunch of roses. A rose is a symbol of love and friendship and a snake is a symbol of temptation and betrayal. Hence, this snake tattoo can be a depiction of how our friends and loved ones can betray us, or how temptation can be a vice when it comes to the noble emotions of love and friendship. Get this snake and rose tattoo if you have recently faced betrayal to remind yourself not to blindly trust anyone any time soon.

The Snake Wrap On Wrist Tattoo

the snake wrap on wrist tattoo
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This coiled snake tattoo on both the wrists is a wonderful and innovative tattoo design that is sure to turn some heads in public. The use of black ink and the fiery face of the snake adds to the eye-catching factor of the whole tattoo design. The clever use of both the wrists and the way the snake tattoo has been executed gives the impression that the snake is wrapping both your hands in the form of a pair of handcuff. It might be a wonderful way of showing not to give in to temptation in life, how much strong the attraction may be.

The Minimalist Snake Tattoo On The Wrist

the minimalist snake tattoo on the wrist
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While most seasoned tattoo enthusiasts will want to settle for a highly detailed and realistic snake tattoo, not everyone is comfortable with that. For one, a large and realistic tattoo requires a lot of skin space and is a costly and painful affair. This might be overwhelming for those getting inked for the first time or those on a tight budget. Fret not, we have got you covered with this simple snake tattoo design. The tiny snake tattoo on the wrist is a wonderful way to begin your path of getting inked. You can also go for a minimal and small traditional snake tattoo or a Japanese snake tattoo design according to your choice.

Fierce And Venomous Snake Tattoo On The Wrist

fierce and venomous snake tattoo on the wrist
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While the snake might have a lot of prominence in different civilisations and cultures throughout the world, it is good to remember that some snakes are actually poisonous and pose a threat to humans. A World Health Organization (WHO) report estimates that around 5.4 million people are bitten by snakes each year, causing around 81,000 to 138,000 deaths every year. Hence, it is no wonder that many are afraid of snakes, with the fear of this creature being known as Ophidiophobia. Snakes indeed represent danger and this fearful snake tattoo design on the wrist can be a wonderful reminder of how to overcome the fear of snakes, while still being mindful of the creature.

The Sun And The Snake Tattoo On The Wrist

the sun and the snake tattoo on the wrist
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Ancient Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphs are a favourite subject among the tattoo community, with many of them being turned into ink art. The Uraeus is a cobra, often associated with the Egyptian Goddess Wadjet, and is depicted in an upright pose with a sun disc and sharp horns. This traditional snake tattoo, however, simply shows a reptile with a shining sun near its head. The sun is a symbol of truth and rebirth, while the snakes are also a symbol of rebirth, as snakes shed their skin as they grow. You can go for this sun and snake tattoo design if you believe in the phenomenon of many lives and rebirth.

Voldemort Snake On Wrist Tattoo Sketch

voldemort snake on wrist tattoo sketch
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Well, enough with the myths and traditional snake tattoos and realistic snake tattoos! How about we give it a contemporary edge and get one related to pop culture? In Harry Potter, the archvillain Voldemort has a loyal pet snake named Nagini who slithered close by him. Nagini acted not only as the protector and safekeeper of Voldemort’s Horcrux, but also as one of his lethal weapons. This detailed snake tattoo design shows Voldemort, with his wand, standing on a snake wrapped skull as Nagini slithers in and out through the gaps in the eyes and mouth. A thin wift of mist adds to the m,ysterious elements of this whole snake tattoo.

Dagger, Snake, And Skull Tattoo

dagger, snake, and skull tattoo
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A snake represents rebirth, fertility, temptation, and power, while a skull represents rebellion, rebirth, and the afterlife. A dagger tattoo stands for bravery, sacrifice, and treason. This bold tattoo is hence a symbol of both good luck as well as bad luck. One can ascribe different meanings to this tattoo design and add other elements according to their choice.

Dangerous Snake And Skull Tattoo

dangerous snake and skull tattoo
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Skull tattoos have long been a fan favourite among the gothic section of the tattoo community. This snake tattoo combines the horror element of skull tattoos with that of snake tattoos. Skulls can symbolise death, while snakes symbolise rebirth. Hence, this skull and snake tattoo can be a depiction of the afterlife and rebirth. The symbol of the Illuminati, a mysterious ancient cult, on the forehead of the skull adds to the mystery and horror of this snake tattoo design.

Kitsune Mask And Snake Tattoo

kitsune mask and snake tattoo
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The kitsune mask, or the fox mask, is worn by the Japanese in special festivals for merriment. While mostly these masks are worn to pay tribute to the holy powers, some are used for ritual and cult practices as well. Combining this with the snake tattoo, you can get a unique tattoo design and can also pay homage to your Japanese roots.

Flower And Snake Tattoo On The Wrist

flower and snake tattoo on the wrist
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Flowers were a direct motif of God’s happiness, while the snake portrays one of the most subtle creatures of His creation. Snakes also were attributed to negative power in the Bible, with the serpent in the Garden of Eden tricking Adam and Eve. You can get this snake tattoo to portray this duality of Nature.

As always, get your tattoos done by a professional tattoo artist or a licensed tattoo parlour for the best execution of your tattoo design of choice. It will also save you from skin issues in the future and all other related hassles. While this list compiles some of the most trending snake tattoos, it is by no means exhaustive in nature. Apart from a traditional snake tattoo design or simple snakes tattoos and small snake tattoos, you can also consider the following snake tattoos –

  • Two-headed snake tattoo
  • Japanese snake tattoo
  • Snake skeleton tattoos
  • Red snake tattoo or Cobra tattoo
  • Snake eye tattoo
  • Ouroboros tattoo

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