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10 Best Snake Drawing Tattoo Ideas |

Snake tattoos look great on everyone. Below are some of the best snake drawing tattoo ideas you can choose from as your next tattoo design.

Snake Drawing Tattoo ideas
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For a long time, the snake has been a famous symbol in many art and cultures.

Some cultures symbolize the snake as an embodiment of good luck and power, while others believe it represents evil and ill luck. Regardless, snake tattoos have been a popular choice among both men and women.

Be it a traditional snake tattoo, or a contemporary design, snake tattoos can represent different meanings and emotions based on the design. Some snakes have venom in their teeth, which makes them apex predators. They can be used to denote power and danger. In other cultures, snakes represent fertility and rebirth. One of the most common designs that we can find, is a snake eating its tail. It is a classic representation of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Given below are similar ideas for snake tattoo designs that you will absolutely love. You can go a simple snake drawing tattoo or even a cool snake and rose tattoo drawing as companion tattoos. If you explore these ideas on your search for new tattoos, they can turn out to be one of your favorites and you may end up loving it.

Simple Snake Drawing Tattoos

Simple Snake Drawing Tattoos
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Simple snake tattoos can be just as stunning and meaningful as other large-sized and dramatic ones. The above image is a rendition of the same. In this picture, we can see the design of a snake tattooed on the forearm of the individual. The precision with which the tattoo artist has drawn the scales on the body of the snake, is indeed noteworthy. Snake tattoos do not fall under any rigid category of masculine and feminine tattoos. They look great on every individual. These kinds of simple snake tattoos are easy to make, and do not require much time. If you are looking for similar designs, then you should definitely try this one out.

Snake And Rose Tattoo Drawings

Snake And Rose Tattoo Drawings
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As we all know, the rose is a trendy symbol of love and romance, in the world of tattooing. When you pair that with that of a snake tattoo, it can be a very creative representation of undying love or overwhelming passion. In this above-mentioned picture, we can see a snake crushing the delicate petals of the flowers with its slender yet strong body. The whole design has been created using black ink only. However, you can also add any color of your preference to make this tattoo look more vibrant. Red and pink would be the ideal choice to highlight the flowers in this design. These kinds of tattoos, usually require a large canvas to be fully prominent. Therefore, the thigh, chest, back, or shoulder are the most common places for these designs.

Snake And Cross Tattoo Drawing

Snake And Cross Tattoo Drawing
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In Christian culture, the cross is a very powerful symbol of Jesus and his sacrifice. The cross represents the devotion toward one religion and the unconditional love for God. In this image, we can see a snake wrapped around the cross. There is a very interesting and religious meaning behind this. The cross here represents Jesus or God, while the snake is actually a depiction of evil or Satan. This provides a beautiful contrast of how good and evil, although poles apart, are connected in our lives. As mentioned earlier, in some cultures, the snake is visualized as a symbol of evil and ill will. The same idea has been portrayed through this design.

Skeleton Snake Tattoo

Skeleton Snake Tattoo
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Ever heard of anatomic tattoos? They are the outlines of the bones or skeletons tattooed on the body. Some of the most common anatomic tattoos include anatomic heart tattoos, or anatomic skull tattoos. In this image, we can see a very unique and cool design of an anatomic snake tattoo. The artist has used different shadings of black and gray ink to highlight the bones of the snake’s body. If you look closely, you can see that the eye of the snake is colored red. This design is indeed very creative and unique, but it also generates a very dark and evil meaning. If you like these kinds of designs, you should check this one out. However, before getting inked, ensure that you choose a well-trained tattoo artist, with good experience in anatomical designs. An anatomic snake tattoo especially, is not as easy to make as other designs. Therefore, to avoid any kind of goof-ups, take the necessary steps.

Black Mamba Snake Tattoo

Black Mamba Snake Tattoo
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The black mamba is one of the deadliest and most dangerous snakes in Africa. It is known for its high speed and deadly venom. It is said that one bite from this snake, is enough to kill a fully-grown adult elephant. For all these qualities, the black mamba snake tattoo is a very popular choice, especially among men. This tattoo contains a very unique design of a black mamba etched on the forearm of the individual. The artist has used pitch-black ink with some shadings of gray to highlight the slender body of the snake. Getting these kinds of tattoos inked on your body, can be a great way to showcase that powerful side of your personality.

Snake Head Tattoo

Snake Head Tattoo
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Instead of going for the entire body of a snake, you can simply opt for a snake head tattoo. It can be a great design, especially for a masculine tattoo. Here is an example of the same. The tattoo consists of only the head of the snake, with its tongue out. The forked tongue of a snake may seem creepy to some, however, it can be a beautiful design for others. The tongue of a snake helps it to collect chemicals from its surrounding, especially when they are in search of a nearby prey. The piercing glance of the snake, as it is about to catch its prey, has been beautifully highlighted in this picture. One of the other highlights of this design, is the intricate detailing of the scales on the head of the snake. Overall, this picture presents a very dramatic and strong look.

Minimalist Red Snake Tattoo

Minimalist Red Snake Tattoo
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The different colors used for the design of a snake tattoo, can also mean different things. For example, a black snake tattoo usually denotes wisdom and knowledge, where as a red snake tattoo drawing like this one can mean protection and strength. In ancient Japanese culture, the snake is visualised as a protector of mankind against evil forces and ill luck. Similarly, in many African cultures, the snake is a symbol of the universe.

In this picture, the artist has created a minimal design of a red snake tattoo on the body of this individual. It is the perfect example of a simple yet elegant design. If you like similar ideas, then you can check this one out, for your next snake tattoo drawing.

Cobra Tattoo

Cobra Tattoo
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Ancient Egyptians believed the cobra to be the messenger of God. It was a very popular symbol and was engraved on the crowns of the pharaohs as well as on their tombs. In other cultures, like Hinduism and Buddhism, cobra is a sacred creature. It represents immortality and power. Especially the ability of a snake to shed its skin and grow a new one, is seen as a symbol of rebirth.

In this image, we can see a beautiful design of a cobra tattooed on the forearm of the individual. The snake has spread its hood, which indicates it is in its striking position. It offers a very strong and powerful look, and refelctes the bold side of the wearer.

Small Snake Tattoo

Small Snake Tattoo
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Small snake tattoos are a very popular design, in feminine tattoos. They are equally attractive and meaningful. In this image, we can see a small design of a snake tattoo etched near the pelvic region of the woman. An important thing to remember before getting inked in this body part is that, they can be extremely painful for some individuals. The area surrounding our pelvic region tends to be soft, and full of nerve endings. Therefore, if you think you have sufficient pain tolerance, then only go for the procedure.

Outline Snake Tattoo Drawing

Outline Snake Tattoo Drawings
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Finger tattoos are among the most recent trends in the world of tattooing. When you pair it along with a snake tattoo, it can offer a very aesthetic look. You can go for a simple snake tattoo design on the fingers, or a snake wrapping its body around your finger. Both will look equally great. In this image, the artist has drawn the outline of a snake’s body on the middle finger of the individual. These kinds of tattoos suit both men and women and can be a great choice for you, if you like such minimalistic designs.

Snake tattoos are not always easy to make. It requires a lot of experience and patience for a tattoo artist, to come up with the perfect design. Therefore, if you are going for these kinds of tattoos, ensure that you choose someone with proper experience and training to avoid any kind of goof-ups in your design. That said, here are a few other examples of some cool snake drawing tattoo designs.

  • Snake and Skull Tattoo
  • Snake Sleeve Tattoo
  • Snake Back Tattoo
  • Colorful Snake Tattoo
  • Realistic Snake Tattoo
  • Snake and Heart Tattoo

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