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10 Best Smoking Jackets for Men in 2022- The Trend Spotter

Men's tuxedo jacket

The tuxedo jacket has gone through a rollercoaster of changes over the past two centuries. Starting out as a humble piece of clothing to help you relax in your bedroom, it grew into a symbol of luxury during dinner, and then an iconic piece of fashion history among the Rat Pack. But how do you wear it today? The luxurious velvet and silk fabrics, double-breasted silhouette and shawl lapels are some of the most iconic parts of this outerwear, and they’re a fantastic way to add a classic touch to your existing wardrobe. Prepare to relax in style – bonus points if you have whiskey or a cigar. Here, we’ve provided a history of this essential men’s attire and rounded up the top ten men’s tuxedo jackets to buy.

What is a men’s tuxedo jacket?

A tuxedo jacket is an item of clothing that is worn over your regular clothes while someone is smoking or having a drink in the evening. The original concept of this outerwear was to keep hot ashes from touching the wearer’s fine clothing. Tuxedo jackets have distinctive styling including a shawl lapel, often decadent fabrics such as velvet, silk, or satin, and a double-breasted silhouette. There are many styles of tuxedo jackets, which can include jackets for the home or for more formal settings. The latter became popular in the mid to late 19th century when more luxurious fabrics became readily available.

What is a men's tuxedo jacket?

What was the original purpose of a smoking jacket?

The traditional tuxedo jacket has a rich history in fashion. It originated from robes, which began circulating in the 17th century as pajamas became more common. When tobacco was introduced to England in the 17th and 18th centuries, it became essential that the person did not leave ashes on their clothes, as this could seriously damage the fabric. Additionally, it would help remove the tobacco smell from infesting the clothes of the wearer. In the middle of the 19th century, the purpose of this jacket changed and it soon became associated with restoration. Many may recognize them from the Rat Pack in the 1940s and quickly became associated with Hugh Hefner in the 1960s.

What was the original purpose of a smoking jacket?

How should a tuxedo jacket be fitted?

Dresses and tuxedo jackets have a related history and share some common similarities – decadent fabric, shawl lapels and a tie waist are just a few. However, the two are quite different from each other. The difference between the two is mainly in the length of the garment – ​​a dressing gown hits mid-calf, while a tuxedo jacket is supposed to hit mid-thigh. When choosing the right tuxedo jacket, make sure it sits loosely against the body and hits mid-thigh or slightly below the hip.

How should a tuxedo jacket be fitted?

Best Smoking Jackets

1. Lucasini Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Taking the time to relax has never been easier thanks to this tuxedo jacket. Crafted from fully lined satin and a velvet exterior, it’s luxurious and elegant. The design is classic with contrast piping and offers ample space to store your belongings with three pockets. You can choose from three stylish shades, which feel like royalty the moment you put it on.


Lucasini velvet tuxedo jacket

2. Savage X Fenty Tuxedo Jacket

Combine the extreme comfort of a nightgown with a tuxedo, and you’ve got yourself this tuxedo jacket from Savage X Fenty. Although it looks like any other bathrobe, it features elements of the traditional silhouette, such as a shawl lapel, three pockets and a tie belt at the waist. There are three shades to choose from, each crafted from decadent satin and featuring a beautiful pattern. Your skin will thank you when you put this garment on after a long day.


Savage X Fenty tuxedo jacket

3. AMI Paris double-breasted tuxedo jacket

Tradition and contemporary design merge to create this elegant tuxedo jacket. Just like a classic design, it features a double-breasted construction with peak lapels and a chest pocket. However, the modern color and virgin wool fabric instantly elevate the design, offering a fresh take on a timeless silhouette. Wear it with black pants or something lighter for a more current style.


Ami Paris Double Breasted Tuxedo Jacket

4. Derek Rose Tuxedo Jacket

When temperatures drop and you need to stay warm in the evening, turn to this tuxedo jacket to get the job done. Stylish and comfortable outerwear provides luxurious comfort all night long and always looks stylish enough to entertain guests. This design offers many of the features of the traditional silhouette, such as cuffed cuffs, a shawl lapel and a tie waist. It’s perfect for cold weather with a fully lined construction and plaid pattern. Derek Rose’s name is associated with tuxedo jackets because this brand contributed to a resurgence in popularity in the late 1920s. By wearing it, you are actually living a part of fashion history.


Derek Rose tuxedo jacket

5. Classic tuxedo jacket

Take things back to the 19th century with this classic tuxedo jacket. The high quality velvet fabric is soft to the touch and ultra luxurious, and the satin lining makes it silky smooth. It’s complete with a tie waist and quilted cuff for a stylish finish. The classic black and white colors are elegant and timeless, making them a great choice after a long day and relaxing in the evening. You don’t have to smoke while wearing it, but you will definitely feel very chic.


Classic tuxedo jacket

6. Abruzzomaster tuxedo jacket

Is it time for you to up your jacket game? Well, look no further than Abruzzomast’s tuxedo jacket. This sleek and stylish outerwear features a classic tuxedo design, with extravagant touches on the buckle closures, shawl lapel and velor construction. Rolled up cuffs are a classic element, but if you want to update the look, why not try it in one of the three colors available – purple, black or navy?


Abruzzomaster tuxedo jacket

7. Ascentix Tuxedo Jacket

There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day and putting on some comfortable clothes. This jacket provides that relaxed feeling but also incorporates the elegance and classic style of yesteryear. The jacket is lined with satin, which makes it soft and silky when you wear it, and the luxurious velvet is decadent and plush. Complete with contrast piped trim, matching waistband and two roomy pockets, it’s the ultimate first step into R&R.


Ascentix tuxedo jacket

8. ASOS Skinny Burnt Orange Tuxedo Jacket

Are you ready to stand out in every room you walk into? This burnt orange tuxedo jacket is the ultimate people-pleaser, and we can see why! Not only is the hue bold and interesting, but it pays homage to traditional outerwear worn in the 19th century. With classic shawl lapels and a tie waist, it’s crafted from soft velor and lined for comfort. Plus, it’s slim in size, so it sits effortlessly against your clothes without creating extra bulk.


Asos burnt orange slim tuxedo jacket

9. Silky Tuxedo Jacket

Thanks to this tuxedo jacket, your evening of relaxation has improved a lot. Unlike other styles, this outerwear is ultra-lightweight but still offers the luxurious feel that comes with this silhouette. Taking a more modern take on the traditional tuxedo jacket, this style is crafted from satin fabric. However, it still offers the classic elements that make it identifiable, such as the shawl lapel, three pockets, rolled up cuffs and a tie waist. Add it to your sleep ensemble or throw it over your work clothes when you get home and need to relax.


Silky tuxedo jacket

10. ASOS Sage Green Oversized Tuxedo Jacket

With padded shoulders and a striking sage green colour, this tuxedo jacket is a modern take on a classic design. It’s a great choice if you want to deviate from the norm and try something new. The bold hue works well with lightweight pants and shirts and is a great choice for transitional temperatures. The soft velor fabric feels luxurious and is a great way to mix up your usual routine.


Asos Oversized Tuxedo Jacket

Men’s Tuxedo Jacket FAQs

What does the term tuxedo jacket mean?

A tuxedo jacket is an outer garment, often made of velvet or satin, that features a tie belt or double-breasted pockets. It was originally intended to be worn at home, but has since become an alternative to formal wear.

When should you wear a tuxedo jacket?

While the tuxedo jacket was originally intended for the home only, it has since become appropriate attire for a formal event or black tie. There are different styles of tuxedo jackets – tie belts are best suited for the home, as they resemble the traditional dress style. However, jackets made of velvet and featuring a double-breasted silhouette can be worn to almost any formal event.

What do you wear with a tuxedo jacket?

It entirely depends on where you wear the jacket. If you are going to a formal event, you can pair the tuxedo jacket with a button-up shirt and elegant pants. Complete the look with a bow tie or necktie if you want to emulate the 19th century aesthetic. For home-only tuxedo jackets, you can wear whatever you want, as long as it’s comfortable!


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