10 Best Small Tattoos For Women Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Small Tattoos For Women: Looking for a quick and easy fix for body art? Have a look at our top 10 coolest small tattoos for women that are every bit minimal and trendy!

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Small tattoos are raging in the tattoo industry as more and more women are trying out this unique art style.

A small tattoo can be the perfect solution if you are a beginner unsure about the outcome of your tattoo design or in the middle of a craving to ink your body. Small tattoo ideas are meaningful and pretty, and allow the creative outlet for you to experiment with whatever symbol that catches your fancy.

It is no surprise that female tattoo lovers are increasingly tapping on this genre of cute tattooing. Simple tattoos are elegant and add a funky and gorgeous edge to the feminine temperament. Women prefer to ink recognisable and relatable symbols that can mean a number of things without stating them blatantly. There is always a hidden element across all these mini tattoos that you need to discover on your own.

And since these designs take up such little space, they are being inked almost everywhere! Be it the shoulder, wrist, forearm, or even the butt, a small tattoo is now a widely popular embellishing pick. Intrigued to see how these minimalist tattoos are creating such an impact? Keep scrolling to find a small tat inspiration for every popular body part!

Small Tattoos For Women On The Clavicle

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Starting with the staple heart tattoo that everyone adores, the heart tattoo. Women are specifically fond of the clavicle as it automatically turns anything into a feminine symbol. This tiny tattoo design features a doubly-lined heart tattoo in black ink mounted on the clavicle. You can keep this amazing tattoo all to yourself or get a matching tattoo with your besties for an added punch.

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Tattooing your initial is another popular fancy that people have. This design feature a floral decoration to the initial of the wearer’s name. The flower is effortlessly stemmed to the letter as open petals represent expanding maturity and growth. You can keep up with the same idea and experiment with a lotus flower, sunflower tattoo, or the classic pretty rose tattoo and watch the blooms add to the beauty of your being.

Simple tattoo for men

Small Hand Tattoos For Women

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The divine beauty of moon tattoos makes them an unmissable design for women. This moon tattoo for women showcases the many phases that it goes through. The fine lining techniques accentuate waxing and waning with such ease that the design looks as ethereal as the moon itself.

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The eye of Ra is considered a sacred symbol in ancient Egyptian culture. It is often associated with the god of the sky or the Sun god that watches over the well being and good health of the civilisation. It also refers to a deeper meaning of royalty as most Pharaos were known to wear this symbol in amulets to ward off the evil. This small meaningful tattoo for women in red makes an appearance of sophisticated style blended with deep cultural meaning.

Self Care Tattoo For Women

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A minimalist tattoo for women often uses lettering to support the great tattoo symbols. These quote tattoos stand tall and highlight the theme with ease. For instance, here the tattoo artist uses a tiny padlock alongside a self-assuring phrase. The tattoo could be a gentle reminder of caring and loving ourselves before giving it away.

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Similarly, here the artist inks a self-hugging female figure tattoo design ornated with flowers. This small tattoo is an abstract way of inking the self-care motif that suggests more than it reveals. You can include meaningful florals like the lotus flower and associate the idea of spiritual growth as is prominent in Japanese culture.

Small Serpent Tattoo For Women

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Snakes and other such animals stand as a masculine symbol meant as a mark of danger. Well, these tattoo artists show how women can be equal badasses and own this tattoo trope. This funky tattoo for women inks a red snake with a skull pinched at the centre, to further aggravate the danger quotient associated with serpents.

“wp-image-303003″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1655184483_999_10-Best-Small-Tattoos-For-Women-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Small Serpent Tattoo For Women ideas” width=”819″ height=”1024″ />
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Another way to style a minimalist tattoo with a serpent is to follow the folds on the ear as is shown here. This hand-poked tattoo for women utilizes the structure of the human ear and tactfully etches the snake in between the folds. You can draw inspiration from these tattoo designs and play around with more dangerous tattoo tropes.

Detailed Small Arm Tattoos For Women

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The beauty of small tattoo designs is that they do not have to expand in shape to add details. Here the tattoo artist draws a realistic picture of women walking around the streets. The kind of fine artistry that this trending tattoo design exhibits are crazy insane! The shadows add more depth to the idea, making a life-like tattoo for women using simple black ink.

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This small hummingbird tattoo for women is a similar black and grey tattoo crafted with minute detailing. The intricacy of the feathers is carefully highlighted making an adorable wrist tattoo. Small wrist tattoos for women are some of the favourites of all time and can conveniently feature a small owl tattoo, anchor tattoo, and phoenix tattoo just to mention a few.

One-Line Popular Tattoos For Women

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One-line art is a new favourite in the tattoo industry. These laid back tattoo designs are effortlessly pretty and represent femininity with a completely modern stance. Here, the artist opts for a rather messy portrayal of the head with a butterfly tattoo that complements and contradicts the essence and the aesthetics of the tattoo at the same time.

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This one swaps the tradition of large lion inking with the classic Lion King theme, drawing a small lion tattoo out of fine lining. Though uber-modern, this lion tattoo on the arm will channel your inner ferocity and portray it flat out on the skin. You can try wolf tattoos or phoenix tattoos in the same fashion for a more diverse set of options.

Small Skull Tattoo Ideas For Women

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This small bee tattoo for women shows how much liberty you get with a small-scale design. The artist crafts a blurry portrayal with black and blue ink, producing a dope holographic effect. The image of a bee and skull is a dangerous one. Bees sting and nobody has ever cried out of joy seeing a skull.

This small body art can also be recreated using a dragonfly tattoo or a butterfly tattoo instead of the bee. Skulls can also make a gothic sun and moon tattoo for women who have a special inclination towards dark themed designs.

Oriental Tattoo Designs For Women

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There are some oriental symbols that never fail to make meaningful tattoos regardless of their shape or form. This small tattoo exhibits the practice of Japanese Kintsugi on a dainty-looking shaded flower vase. Kintsugi is the tradition of repairing broken pottery with lacquer gold, silver or platinum, to make them useful again. The philosophy behind Kintsugi is fascinating for it encourages us to embrace our flawed and imperfect selves instead of obsessively seeking perfectionism.

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Similarly, the famous yin-yang is an ancient symbol that preaches acceptance of the duality of life. Though the original symbol shows an interplay of black and white, the artist here opts for a small tattoo in white ink to stress a more feminine temperament. You can get both these tattoo designs on the forearm or upper arm for a better chance of exposure.

Small Tattoos For Women With Angel Wings

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Angel wings are a definite win-win design that comments on your femininity while carrying a liberating essence to their appearance. These wings also mean freedom, protection, and faith in the form of a guardian angel. Angel wings also feature in memorial tattoos, but here, they are for boosting your self-esteem! The phrase in between these carefully drawn wings is as if a reminder of your capabilities as a person.

“wp-image-303012″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1655184486_455_10-Best-Small-Tattoos-For-Women-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Small Tattoos For Women With Angel Wings ideas” width=”780″ height=”863″ />
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Here the angel wings make cute little finger tattoo for women. Finger tattoos like this one help maximise your femininity when wearing rings alongside the tattoos. If these wings seem too dramatic, try a small star tattoo that is known to represent finding light in the darkness. Not only is it toned down, but also a solid compliment on your personality.

Small Tattoo Ideas With Pets

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Have a pet at home and contemplating getting a quick ink? Small tattoos are a blessing for pet lovers because they take up less space than a full-fledged sleeve. This design has a paw high-five a human hand and is too cute to not admire. Drawn in plain outlines, the design can be easily placed anywhere on your body with decent exposure.

“wp-image-303014″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1655184487_102_10-Best-Small-Tattoos-For-Women-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Small Tattoo Ideas With Pets ideas” width=”859″ height=”1024″ />
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If paws are too tiny for you to exhibit your love for your pet, try a small design that traces the outline of their faces. For instance, this cat tattoo only draws the ears, nose, and whiskers and leaves the rest to the imagination. The use of colour only to lightly spot the areas around the mouth, head, and ears help fill in more information about the kind of cat we are talking about. You can follow the trail of this small cat tattoo and add a complete body to fully manifest your pet on your skin, or try out the plain outlining idea like the one above.

Small tattoos are perfect for women because these compact designs can express multitudes of meanings within a tiny space. Any tattoo trope can easily be compressed into a small tattoo, adhering to all of its original connotations. Absolutely must for beginners, but also an often preferred choice for existing tattoo enthusiasts, small tattoo ideas seem like they are here to stay. Feel ready to get inked yet? Take notes from the suggestions given below and get ready to brainstorm:

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