10 Best Small Tattoo Placement Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Small Tattoo Placement: Are you tired or bored of large tattoos which take up a lot of space? Then check out these awesome small tattoo placement ideas!

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Small tattoos are becoming extremely popular these days, especially among people who prefer a more minimal style and aesthetic.

One can also easily cover a small tattoo design regardless of the areas of your body they are placed in. As compared to other tattoos, small tattoos are also easier to get and don’t hurt as much.

Small tattoos are also quite affordable and less expensive, unlike larger tattoos that take up a lot of space on your body and require much more ink. Smaller tattoos also take less time to complete even if you opt for colorful ink – thus, you can easily get the tattoo in one sitting! However, it is crucial that you think hard about where you want to place your small tattoo as it will depend on your motivation. If you want the tattoo to stay hidden, then you need to place it in an area of your body where it cannot be seen easily. On the other hand, if you want the small tattoo to be more visible, you need to place it on a body part where you can flaunt it.

So if you have been thinking about getting a small tattoo design but are confused about where to place it, go ahead and look at these awesome small tattoo placement ideas!

Bright And Colorful Small Tattoo Designs

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If you are in search of simple designs as opposed to a tattoo with a large design, then you should look at minimal or small tattoos. Some of the most popular designs in small tattoos are cute and colorful tattoos. As can be seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten a small tattoo which is quite bright and vivid nonetheless due to the usage of colorful ink. If you like this idea and want to try it out, you should look for a tattoo artist who specializes in working with colorful tattoos. You can also choose between a bold and solid color palette or a more subtle, muted palette that looks like pastel colors.

If you want to see more ideas for small and colorful tattoo designs, you should definitely see these awesome colorful tattoo designs.

Cute And Aesthetic Small Tattoos For Your Fingers

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Simple tattoos look amazing on the shoulder, wrist, or even behind the ear. However, for people who are searching for small tattoo placement ideas, finger tattoo designs will be one of the most obvious ideas. You can choose symbols or objects and then ask your artist to create a small tattoo based on that on your finger. You can follow the wearer in the picture and look at heart tattoos as well. Before getting a finger tattoo, one must be prepared for a lot of pain since finger tattoos hurt quite a lot due to the thin skin and a number of nerve endings that are present there.

Small Tattoo Ideas For Your Hand

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If you search on the internet about small tattoo placement ideas, you will find that most small tattoos are usually placed on the hand, right above the palm, or on the wrist area. If you choose a great design, you will find that small hand tattoos can look quite aesthetic and beautiful. For adding a more delicate and feminine touch to your tattoo, you can also ask your tattoo artist to make a beautiful tattoo design with a floral motif. A flower tattoo design will look lovely regardless of its shape and size.

Simple tattoo for men

Tiny Neck Tattoo Placement Ideas

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If you don’t mind a bit of pain and can handle getting hurt during a tattoo, you can also look at neck tattoo small designs. A neck tattoo usually causes a lot of pain to the wearer because the skin layer is quite thin there, but they also look very unconventional and unique. You can go for a really cute idea like a tiny flower, paper plane, or even celestial bodies like the sun, moon, stars or other planets. You can place your neck tattoo right below your ear or your hair line as well. If you are worried about concealing your neck tattoo, you can simply wear turtleneck clothing to hide it!

Small Tattoo Designs To Put On Your Leg

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In case you are seeking small tattoos for men, a small tattoo on the lower legs or upper thigh might be an awesome idea. A lot of people prefer smaller tattoo designs that do not take up a large space. Small tattoos also gives them the chance to experiment and try various tattoo designs in different parts of their body. You can also choose to get a small tattoo like a small tree tattoo, or a mountain tattoo like in the photo above on your leg. Even though a tattoo on the ankle may hurt quite a bit, it will still look amazing from afar.

Ideas For Word-Based Minimal Tattoo Placement

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Although a lot of people opt for symbols or cute figures for their small tattoos, another amazing idea would be to get a single word or short phrase tattooed on your body. As can be seen in the picture above, the wearer has gotten the word ‘Glory’ tattooed on her arm in a stylish font. You can also do the same with any font or script of your choice. You simply have to think of a word or phrase that means a lot to you or has a special connotation in your life. Next, you have to approach a tattoo artist whose work you like and get the small tattoo.

Aesthetic Tattoo Placement For Your Chest

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Chest tattoos have always been popular tattoo ideas for women since they look quite attractive. If your priority is a hidden small tattoo placement, then you should definitely look at small and minimal chest tattoos. You can also place them on your sternum, or on your collarbone. A small outline tattoo of a flower or other cute motifs will look amazing on your chest and will definitely gain a lot of appreciation.

Small Forearm Tattoo Designs For Amateurs

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If you decide to get a small tattoo, then the arm might be a great place to get it. Even though most people usually get a large, complex, and intricate tattoo on their arm, a smaller tattoo on the arm looks quite cute nonetheless. Forearm tattoos also hurt less as compared to the wrist or hand since there is more muscle and fat in the arm. So if you are thinking of getting new ink that will not hurt as much, you should go for a small tattoo on your upper arm.

These tiny tattoos are also quite convenient since they can be easily covered by the long sleeves of your t-shirt if you want to. A lot of people choose tattoo designs with special meaning for their tiny arm tattoos like a star tattoo or even a family tree tattoo.

Awesome Ideas For Tiny Handpoked Finger Tattoos

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One of the most well-loved and popular tattoo ideas for women is the hand-poked style of tattoo. This is a well-liked form of body art whereby women get their fingers tattooed with a number of strategically placed patterns. These patterns can include dots as well as straight or curved lines. They can be placed right below the nail cuticle or even at the base of the finger. If you are someone who cannot handle pain very well, the hand-poked style will be more suitable for you since it hurts less. However, these tattoos also take more time to be completed so you have to be ready to commit a good amount of time for these tattoos. Consequently, if you are looking for tattoo ideas for women that are not as abrasive on the skin, you should try out these tiny finger tattoos that look very aesthetic and unconventional.

Small Tattoo Ideas That You Can Place On Your Back

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If you are looking for tattoo ideas for women that clothing can cover, then the ideal spot will be the back, or the shoulder. A small tattoo on the back will be the ideal place to put the tattoo since it will be visible only if you want it to be. These tattoos can also be hidden in plain sight easily with the help of covering clothes. Some of the more popular back tattoo designs are geometric or abstract patterns with precise strokes and lines. You can also draw inspiration from the photo above and decide to get an animal tattoo which is quite simple and minimal.

Small tattoos are quite easy to place wherever you want. So for your next tattoo, if you don’t want a large tattoo design, you should definitely get a small tattoo and place it wherever you like!

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