10 Best Small Sun Tattoo Designs |

The sun has been a symbol of new life, representing strength, new beginnings, and life. A small sun tattoo reminds you of the immensity you’re capable of!

small sun tattoo designs
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One of the most popular bodies and wrist tattoo ideas is a small sun tattoo.

It is also a tattoo artist’s favorite and reportedly, doesn’t hurt all that much! The sun represents strength, the most common symbolism for majestic, and new ventures.

If you’re the person who leads and takes initiative, show that quality off with the tattoo of a sun. The tattoo design of the sun often comes with many variations. The most popular half-moon subcategory is a beautiful half-moon tattoo inside the sun. Minimalist or noon sun tattoos are usually painless: a 2/10 on the pain scale, due to easy and simple geometric strokes.

Sun Tattoo With Clouds

sun tattoo with clouds
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The minimalistic simple sun tattoo surrounded by clouds is the perfect example of a simple design standing out. The minimalistic sun tattoo is drawn in plain black ink and due to its small area, can be drawn anywhere in your body.

The sun is inked with flowing surrealistic rays and is drawn with a few sparkles inside the sphere. If this is your first tattoo, getting a small sun tattoo on your wrist is recommended. The sun tattoo with clouds is drawn in black ink and with the least shading in small strokes, wherever it is. This small sun tattoo design has minimalistic clouds surrounding the sun and little sparkles and stars inside it. Overall, the sun tattoo with clouds is a fan favorite and would be the perfect ink to get on your wrist this summer!

Sun Shoulder Tattoo

sun shoulder tattoo
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The collarbone small sun tattoo is an excellent little piece of a sun drawn in beautiful waves and twists, drawn in chic black ink. The collarbone sun tattoo, with its sun rays drawn in excellent waves of different styles and designs, is a perfect combination of majestic art style and simplistic execution.

This tattoo idea is aesthetic and rare. The design of the sun and the sun rays along with the edges are drawn in beautiful waves and curves. This tattoo is a three-layer piece, with three layers of different styles of rays, drawn in waves and one circle made with waves at the center. The Stylised collarbone sun tattoo would look the best on your shoulder and collarbone area due to its waves giving it the look of a black ink spill-over the paper.

Sun Tattoo Design With Eye

sun tattoo design with eye
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The sun tattoo design with an eye at the center is a rare choice among tattoos but with its surreal art style, it immediately enhances your aesthetic! The beautiful sun tattoo design with an eye at the center of it is a powerful symbol of strength and life along with an uplifting message and light.

The practice of drawing a sun with an eye roughly dates back to the early Egyptian civilization to portray the Sun God with an eye in the middle. This tattoo has a semi-realistic eye drawn within the wavy sun rays, shaded perfectly, with minimal lines, and is thus less painful than most sun tattoo designs. In a lot of different cultures, this is the prime symbol of the Sun God

Minimalist Sun And Moon Tattoo

minimalist sun and moon tattoos
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The minimalist tattoo of the sun and moon is one of the most popularly recommended tattoo ideas. This tattoo design is not a modern invention but a combination of numerous designs from the practices of many cultures and tribes such as the Tribal Sun God in ancient Chinese philosophy, Aztec Sun Tattoo, etc.

The minimalist sun and moon tattoo design are pretty, drawn as a simple circle, and a half-moon surrounding it, the two opposing forces perfectly complementing each other. It is drawn in monochrome, given adequate details to make it look neat and pleasing, yet retaining its minimalism. It’s not too painful as described by tattoo enthusiasts. The central sun tattoo design has a face