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10 Best Small Skull Tattoo Ideas |

The best way to represent overcoming the fear of life and death through a tattoo design is the small skull tattoo design.

Small Skull Tattoos ideas
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Made up of 22 bones in total the skull is the bone structure that forms the head.

A human skull on the basis of analysis can be categorized into three different groups namely Asian, European and African. Now the process of analysis may always not be accurate but it helps to understand the origin and race of the skull owner.

One of the most popular tattoo choices in recent times the skull tattoo is a ferocious-looking design. These tattoo ideas have long been associated with death, evil, and decay. But recently they have also been used as a symbol of overcoming death, protection, and power.

Small Sugar Skull Tattoo

Small Sugar Skull Tattoo ideas
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The sugar skulls are one of the most unique traditional skull tattoo ideas in the tattoo industry. Where most skull tattoos represent death and decay sugar skull is associated with the celebration of life. Tattoo enthusiasts worldwide know that the sugar skull is linked with the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead festival where everyone pays respect to the family members who have passed away.

The sugar skull tattoo blossoms extremely well in the forearm, wrist, bicep, ankle, sheen, thighs, chest, and back. Multiple ink colors are used to ornate these skull tattoos and are both popular among men and women. These tattoos can also symbolize the eternity of life along with the message to live our life to the fullest and the inevitability of death.

Small Wolf skull Tattoo

Small Wolf skull Tattoo
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This skull tattoo design can be done in two ways, one where the wolf and skull would be drawn separately, and in the other, inside the wolf, a skull would be drawn. While creating these skull tattoo ideas two ink colors are used to make the tattoo more frightening. The best place to put this animal skull tattoo is on the chest, forearm, wrist, bicep, and ankle.

These are particularly skull tattoos for men and have layered meanings. The Wolves here are associated with guidance and strength while the skull is associated with death and decadence. Now the combination of these two replicates the meaning of guidance in life and life after death. The tattoo owner can also shed light on the untamed wild nature of their personality with these skulls.

Small Realistic Skull Tattoo

Small Realistic Skull Tattoo
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An art movement that flourished in the mid-nineteenth century and became famous and adopted in the tattoo culture in the late twentieth century is realism. The tattoo design is etched with such precision and details that it almost looks like a photograph taken by a camera. A skull realistic tattoo is quite a popular choice of tattoos for men.

These small skulls can be done as a forearm skull tattoo, chest tattoo, or skull sleeve tattoo on the upper or lower arm. Just like the sugar skull colors are mostly used to ornate the tattoo design and make it look realistic. The owner of these skull tattoos can reflect that they are not scared of death and wants to live without fear of this inevitable truth. This realistic tattoo mostly takes a bit longer time than other skull tattoo designs due to the intricacy of the tattoo.

Simple skull tattoo

Simple skull tattoo
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These small skull tattoos are done in the traditional pattern with a circular shape and usage of clean lines. Black ink is mostly used to get them done and these small skull tattoo ideas are both popular among men and women. They can be etched as a skull sleeve tattoo, forearm tattoo, wrist tattoo, chest tattoo, and any place suitable.

This small black skull tattoo demonstrates the symbol of strength, power, protection, and overcoming the fear of life and death. It is not necessary that this skull tattoo small have to be a human skull but an animal skull tattoo can also be done.

Small Punisher Skull Tattoo

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The character of Frank Castle is very popular around the world and is known to many who have either read the Punisher comics or have watched the film or series. The character wore a vest and in that a skull chest tattoo was done and hence came this concept. Done using primarily black ink and red, the tattoo is extremely fierce-looking. The places where these skull tattoos can be done are the chest, forearm, bicep, shoulder, thigh, and ankle.

This small skull tattoo is associated firstly with a commitment to fight crime and to seek justice and the rights of the common people. It can also be seen done by military personnel and has become a symbol of military strength. Interestingly the character of the Punisher that is Frank was also military personnel in the comics.

Small Deer Skull Tattoo

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One of the most popular skull tattoos that comes with a variety of meanings and a cool design is the deer skull. These tattoo ideas have an extremely ornamental look due to the distinctive curved horns and glowing eyes of the deer. Mostly black ink is used to draw the deer skull and is popular among both men and women.

The transition between a physical to a spiritual body, hunting, renewal, and rigidity are the symbols that are depicted by these small skull tattoos. The best place to put them is the finger, chest, shoulder, forearm, ankle, and wrist. Sometimes they are confused with ram skull tattoo ideas but they are completely different animals and have different tattoo meanings.

Pirate Skull Tattoo

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The fans of the series like Black Sails or movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean are very much aware of this dead skull tattoo design. Also in general you have the idea of how dangerous a pirate is and what their profession was. Mostly done in black color this skull face tattoo is often fused with other objects like swords or caps or bones to make them more fearsome.

The best place to put these skulls is the wrist, forearm, chest, shoulder, and back. The pirates used to live a dangerous life looting precious gems and gold from business vessels. As they lived a life of constant threat from their enemies and government, the dead skull tattoo owner also likes to live their life on the edge. They are mostly a popular choice of design among men.

Small Skull Rose Tattoo

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Flowers are something that can be used in a number of tattoo designs. Not only do they add beauty but also deep meanings to the tattoo. One of the popular flower tattoos is the rose skull tattoo which can be done on the neck, chest, forearm, ankle, and back.

The rose can be done in black or red ink while the skull is mostly inked in black. The skull rose tattoo shows the contrasting side of life where the rose represents love and beauty whereas the skull represents death and decay.

Small Cow Skull Tattoo

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This tattoo is a Native American skull tattoo idea that has been in use for a long time. The cow skull was a symbol of appreciation to the animal and mother nature for the gifts it has provided. For people who love nature and want to get etched with something indigenous, then these small skull tattoo ideas are a great choice.

The best places to get this Indian skull tattoo are on the ankle, sheen, chest, forearm, and back. These skulls are quite popular among women as it also reflects maternal love and protection. A similar Native American tattoo for men is the longhorn skull tattoo. Here the bull reflects the masculine traits of courage, agility, and strength.

Small Aztec Skull Tattoo

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Just like the sugar skull of Mexico where the day of the dead is celebrated and a skull tattoo is a positive meaningful tattoo same goes in the Aztec culture. Here the small skull tattoo ideas reflect the symbols of fertility, childbirth, life, and death. They are mostly inked with black and are popular among people who love this culture.

The best places to get inked with this skull tattoo design are the forearm, chest, sheen, back, and bicep. Though positive in nature it must be noted that Aztecs used to sacrifice humans for the betterment of their life to Gods. That gives quite an eerie feeling whenever you will see these skull tattoos.

Earlier people have the wrong notion that skulls only represent death and decay but with changing times now they have understood the varied meanings associated with skull tattoos and is becoming one of the most demanding tattoo designs.

If you are not satisfied with this list other tattoo ideas that you can try are:

  • Small owl skull tattoo.
  • Small skull crown tattoo.
  • Small cat skull tattoo.
  • Small half-skull tattoo.
  • Small skull snake tattoo.

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