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Looking for some spiritually inspired small rosary tattoo designs to get inked? Check out this list of rosary tattoos curated just for you!

Small Rosary Tattoo
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Rosary tattoo meanings depend on a variety of factors.

Many chose holy rosary tattoos as a means to express their Catholic faith. However, the meaning of the tattoo depends on the small element accompanying the tattoo as well as the tattoo position.

While it can take quite some time to discuss rosary tattoo meanings, one established fact is that it is symbolic of a higher power. The Roman Catholic Church emphasizes the importance of prayer and penance. The rosary beads act as a medium to achieve peace through prayer.

A rosary is typically a beaded necklace that is used for prayer by catholic Christians and is considered a sacred religious symbol. A traditional rosary usually consists of five sets of ten beads (referred to as a decade). There is usually a cross attached to the end of the chain. A single decade rosary is used for each prayer or meditation cycle.

The word rosary is derived from the Latin word “Rosarium” which means rose garden. In ancient times, a rosary necklace would typically be made of dried and crushed roses ground to perfection. The holy cross hanging at the end of the necklace is one amongst many Christian sacred symbols that are considered to be the essence of Christianity.

While many people may choose the rosary cross as body art, some people also get it inked on themselves to ward off evil spirits. While it might appear that the cross is just a small element in the rosary tattoo, it carries enormous weight for those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Small rosary tattoos are a real favourite amongst body art lovers with a spiritual bend of mind. Let’s explore the different types of rosary beads tattoo designs that you can get!

Mother Mary Rosary Bead Tattoo Designs

Mother Mary Rosary Bead Tattoo Designs
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The Virgin Mary is the most sacred symbol and stands out amongst other Christian symbols. She is revered amongst the believers of the catholic faith. Prayers to Mother Mary are usually made for divine protection. Many ardent followers of catholic Christianity get this tattoo design as a protection charm. This tattoo design is angelic in every way possible. Mary can be seen with her head bowed in devotion, her hands joined in prayer. Her crown is a symbol of nobility and adds to the beauty of this tattoo design.

Hail Mary Beaded Rosary Tattoos

Hail Mary Beaded Rosary Tattoos
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This celestial looking tattoo is a perfect fit for those who believe in the power of one prayer to the holy virgin. The halo on Mother Mary’s head adds a divine dimension to this tattoo. The tattoo makes the wearer aware of the healing powers of the virgin. The rosary necklace falls gracefully over the bust of the virgin and makes the tattoo automatically carry a lot of weight.

Small Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoo Design

Small Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoo Design
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This tattoo symbolizes prayer, deep spirituality and meditation. It is perfect for those on an eternal quest for peace. The rosary beads are wrapped around the hands in a heart shape and stand for a higher power. This also adds that extra charm to this dainty yet powerful tattoo.

Rosary Memorial Tattoo Designs

Rosary Memorial Tattoo Designs
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This is a beautiful specimen of a memorial tattoo. Often when people lose a loved one and are looking to immortalise them through body art, they choose this type of tattoo design. The tattoo symbolizes that the deceased is always under the protection of Mother Mary. You can go for this simple yet thought-provoking design if you’ve lost a loved one you deeply care for. The name you chose will go at the end of the holy Rosary tattoo.

Dove With Wings Spread Rosary Tattoo Designs

Dove With Wings Spread Rosary Tattoo Designs
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The simple flow contrasts greatly with the details of this majestic tattoo. The dove is seen in an effortless flight, clutching onto the cross rosary with its tentacles. The dove in this tattoo represents the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit ensures that people don’t stray from the path of righteousness. Although this tattoo design looks perfect on the calves, you may want to consider having it inked on your chest, in case you’ve been looking for chest pieces that have a deep spiritual meaning.

Small Rosary Tattoo On Wrist

Small Rosary Tattoo On Wrist
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This delicate tattoo design sits beautifully on the wrist. The rosary beads show a strong likeness to the Celtic knot and appear mystical and charming at the same time. The wrist is the best position for this tattoo as it gives the impression that one really has rosary beads wrapped around their wrist at all times. If you are deeply religious and believe in the power of prayers, this tattoo is a natural fit for you!

Dainty Rosary Finger Tattoo Designs

Dainty Rosary Finger Tattoo Designs
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This rosary bead tattoo with a stylized cross is the epitome of delicate charm. The structure of the beads is dainty and the semi-circular pattern in which it falls is very graceful. The cross appears delicate yet well defined at the same time. Finger tattoos are all the rage at the moment and this design is definitely something you may want to consider getting.

Dainty Rosary Finger Tattoo Designs ideas
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This tattoo looks like a jewel hanging from the thumb. Simple and understated, it is also an eyecatcher and will definitely grab the attention of those who are looking seriously. The intense dark shading on the tattoo along with the white shine spots on the tattoo makes for the perfect contrast.

Dainty Rosary Finger Tattoo Design ideas
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This rosary finger tattoo is for those who are looking to adorn their index finger with a deep and meaningful tattoo. The cross pendant falls at an angle giving the tattoo a free-flowing and natural appearance.

Rosary Beads Tattoo On Devil Hands

Rosary Beads Tattoo On Devil Hands
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This tattoo makes for a perfect dichotomy. This unique concept is for those unique connoisseurs of tattoos who like a good satire. Although this tattoo has the potential to offend deeply religious people, you may want to consider getting it because of the sheer brilliance of the design. The shocking red represents the devilish desire to sin and the rosary beads hanging around the hands of the devil are representative of the co-existence of the good and the bad in this universe.

Rare Vintage Rosary Piece Tattoo Design

Rare Vintage Rosary Piece Tattoo Design
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This tattoo is truly rare. The rosary beads have an ornate look and give the impression of being revived from medieval Europe. The pendant with Mother Mary’s face embossed on it reminds one of a Bible verse. The holy cross is bold and rustic yet regal at the same time. This tattoo has a lot of details that will require extra care and attention. Make sure to have enough time at hand and hire an experienced tattoo artist to create this masterpiece for you.

Rare Vintage Rosary Piece Tattoo Design ideas
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The eye-catching feature of this tattoo is the Gothic design inspired ornate cross. This tattoo has some really detailed shading. The overall look of the tattoo is rich and regal. The way the rosary beads arrange themselves around the toe is pretty awe-inspiring.

Rosary Beads Thigh Tattoo Design

Rosary Beads Thigh Tattoo Design
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The thigh may not be the most appropriate spot to get a rosary beads tattoo according to most religious people. However, this tattoo has a rustic charm to it that remains unmatched. You may want to get this inked if you want a rosary tattoo that is also hidden from plain sight and not always visible through clothing. This rosary beads tattoo makes perfect sense for private persons.

Beaded rosary tattoos and rosary cross tattoo are some of the other popular choices of people who love to get inked. If you are still on the lookout for more rosary beads tattoo inspirations, check out the list of unique ideas below:

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