10 Best Small Flame Tattoo Ideas |

Have you ever wondered about getting a flame tattoo? If yes, then why wait? Here is a list of some amazing small flame tattoo designs that you will absolutely love.

small flame tattoo
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Flame is the symbol of power and fire.

Discovered almost 470 million years ago, fire played an important role in the evolution of mankind. Fire is also a strong representation of certain aspects of human nature.

The flame tattoo, in particular is a very popular choice among tattoo lovers, men, and women alike. For some people, it symbolizes freedom. Others visualize it as a representation of their fierce personality. There are many different designs of flame tattoos. It can be large and dramatic on the one hand, or minimalistic on the other. Regardless of the size, they denote the same meaning of life and death. Mentioned below are some cool designs for flame tattoos, that you can refer to for your next tattoo design.

Burning Match Tattoo

burning match tattoo
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A burning match tattoo is a classic representation of finding hope, during the dark periods of life. It is similar to the idea, of how one simple lit match can brighten up an entire room full of darkness. In this image, a similar idea has been portrayed through the design. Etched into the forearm of the individual, we can see a vibrant design of a lit match tattoo. The unique blend of yellow and orange ink to highlight the flame on the match looks incredible. If you like these kinds of colorful tattoo designs, then this can be the perfect one for you. You can also customize the size accordingly. This image is a more realistic rendition of a lit match tattoo. Even if you opt for a simple black and white flame tattoo, it will look equally great.

Burning Heart Tattoo

burning heart tattoo
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For those who are new to the world of tattooing, the heart is an iconic symbol of love and passion. When you pair it up with the flame design, it can generate the meaning of undying love or burning passion. Simultaneously, it could also mean a broken heart. This kind of traditional tattoo design is usually done using black and white ink. However, nowadays, a lot of different colors are also used, giving rise to a new trend. In this image, we can see the design of a burning black heart symbol. Blackhearts usually symbolize the loss of a loved one. They are one of the unique ways to pay tribute to lost loved ones. Sometimes people also add initials or names of their loved ones, in these designs, thus making them more meaningful.

Simple Small Flame Tattoo

simple small flame tattoos
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Small flame tattoos are very much in trend nowadays. They offer a subtle sultry look and can also be hidden very easily. Take the example of this image. The artist here has created a tiny flame tattoo near the pelvic region of the individual. Although he has only used black ink to paint this design, you can also add a splash of red color to make it more realistic and vibrant. These kinds of tattoos are more common among women. Some of the best areas to get these tattoos inked include the wrist, ankle, hips, and neck. If you have a high tolerance for pain, you can also go for the pelvic region, like the wearer in this picture.

Super-Cute Flame Tattoo Designs

super-cute flame tattoo designs
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This right here is one of the best ways to give that realistic 3-D look to your simple and cute flame tattoo. If you look closely, you can see that the artist has drawn two flames, one with black ink and the other with red. These two distinct colors beautifully contrast each other and give a very subtle seductive look to the design. These kinds of flame designs look great on every individual. The ankle can be a great spot to get inked with this tattoo. If you want larger tattoos, you can also customize the size of this design, according to your preferences.

Twin Flame Tattoo

twin flame tattoos
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The origin of the twin flames dates back to the texts of the ancient 5th century BC. It is said that, when God Zeus was given the task of creating men, he split the soul into two halves, a man and a woman. The twin flame is a representation of the same. Others