10 Best Skin Deep Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking to make some skin-deep tattoo designs that are beautiful and meaningful? Here are some amazing ideas for your next body art!

skin deep tattoo ideas
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Skin deep tattoos have become a very common trend in the recent years.

There are several people who like to get skin deep tattoos along with a piercing to make it look more elegant and trendy. Tattoo piercings are also on the roll very recently.

Tattoos can be fun and creative with a deep meaning attached to it. The level of detaining of each tattoo generally depends on the wearer and the tattoo artist. Here are some amazing skin deep tattoo designs that could inspire you to make your next tattoo.

Botanical Tattoo

botanical tattoo
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Botanical tattoos are perfect for people who want to show their love for nature and plants! Such tattoos represents the true feelings of a person and can become a very important form of body art for them. Plant tattoos or botanical tattoos are a form of pride for people. They are a symbol of motivation which helps people get out of difficult times in their lives. Plant tattoos do not necessarily have to be the full plant, they can just be leaves or different colored flowers.

This tattoo is placed on the forearm of the person. The flowers on the plant are yellow in color which is a symbol of happiness and friendship. You can also add different colors to the rose which can make this tattoo personalized. There is a little bird over the flower that represents freedom, happy life, and spirituality. They represent a connection between Earth and heaven.

Peony Tattoo

peony tattoo
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Peony tattoos are very common among people who are interested in tattooing. These tattoos have a positive meaning like beauty, love, honor, and nobility attached to them. According to Japanese and Chinese folklore, the peony is an interesting element for tattoos because they can be made alone or with some other added elements which have a larger meaning attached to it. Peony is usually pink in color, however, you can also make a black and white tattoo making it look like sketch.

To give it a subtle look, the tattoo artist has given a light pink color which matches the skin tone of the wearer. These flowers have shades of dark and light pink and thick bold lines of black as the outline. The leaves are made in thick and thin strokes of black and grey. This is a versatile tattoo and can be placed on any part of the body.

Landscape Tattoo

landscape tattoo
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For people who are fond of art, this tattoo is for them. Landscape tattoos are generally a representation of rebirth, cleansing and going with the flow. These tattoos can mean different things to different people. However, if you’ve gotten such a tattoo, it will represent what you feel from inside. Anything that holds meaning to you will make the tattoo more beautiful.

The tattoo shows the sun setting and the night sky coming with stars and a Crescent moon. The stars and the Moon are a sign of guidance and light in the night sky. It shows that even if you have a dark time in your life, there’s always light ahead of it. This tattoo has a lot of different shades. It has huge of red and yellow. It has some dark blue and black in it to show the night sky. The moon and stars are made with white ink, and the houses and the street below is made with dark black ink. This beautiful landscape is the perfect tattoo for your next body art.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo

neo-traditional tattoo
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A neo traditional tattoo is a term that has a lot of branches in it. Such tattoos usually have a bold look because they have illustrative designs and thick and thin strokes of different colours of ink. They use usually more saturated new colours like blue, red, and pink. These tattoos generally have a very exaggerated look, or this sometimes also have a 3D effect. Neo traditional tattoos have become the new trend recently. A lot of people are trying to get more illustrative tattoos that not only looked ready, but also very stylish and timeless.

This particular tattoo is off a robin sitting on a tree branch surrounded by leads. The robin is a small bird which represents beginning of a new life or rebirth. They represent the new opportunities that may come in life or the spiritual journey that you may have discovered. This Neo traditional tattoo is made with thick and thin strokes of black ink. The detailing of this tattoo is very intricate, with thin lines making the feathers and the eyes of the bird. The statue is placed on the side of the neck, however, it is a versatile tattoo and can be placed on any part of the body.

Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo
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Elephants are usually very docile animals and are a symbol of strength and loyalty. There are lot of people who are very fond of animals, especially elephants. For some people, elephants are also the spiritual animal that represents not only strength and loyalty but also good luck and divinity. An elephant can make for a great tattoo design if it is placed properly on the body.

This particular design is placed on the side of the chest of the person. It is made with chicken thin strokes of black. There’s tall grass behind the elephants made in light green or blue ink. Within the elephant, there are shades of black and grey. Above the elephant there is a Crescent moon and stars, which is a symbolism of guidance and brightness. This tattoo has a beautiful meaning and can make for a perfect tattoo for your next body art.

Portrait Tattoo

portrait tattoo
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Portrait tattoos have recently become a very common trend. A lot of people like to get portraits of someone they already know, or a fictional character that they are very attached to. These tattoos have deep meanings attached to them.

This particular tattoo is a mixture of a neo traditional tattoo and a portrait tattoo. It is made with bold strokes of black ink. It shows a woman holding a flower. The insides of the tattoo are filled with shades of black and grey. This tattoo is placed on the upper arm of the person. However, it is a versatile design and can be placed on any part of the body. If you are looking for a skin deep tattoo which also has a deep meaning, this is the perfect design for you. You can check Facebook for more designs like this.

Medusa Tattoo

medusa tattoo
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Everyone is aware of the popular villain character, Medusa.She is often seen as a symbol of protection from evil or victim. There are several theories that suggests that she is a symbol of powerlessness. A lot of people like to get these tattoos to remind themselves that being strong is very important. Some people also like to get this design to protect themselves from evil.

This particular design is also another example of a NEO traditional tattoo. It is made with thickand thin strokes of black ink. Bold colours like pink, red and green are used to make up the hair, rather the snakes of Medusa. The eyes are made with black and white ink and look piercing. This tattoo is placed on the calf of the person. However, it is a very versatile design and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo

cheshire cat tattoo
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Everyone is generally aware of the character of the Cheshire cat, that is from the book Alice in Wonderland. People view this cat as a symbolism of the spirit of Alice that guides her. The Cheshire Cat is the one that leads her to the March hares house, or to the Mad Hatters Tea Party, which then takes her to her last destination. This cat is seen as a symbolism of guidance.

The strokes on this design are very intricate and mind blowing. The tattoo artist has maintained the piercing blue eyes of the actual Cheshire cat and the white smile with pointy teeth. The fur of the cat is made with thin strokes of black ink and is very intricate. This tattoo is placed on the upper arm of the person and is the versatile design which can be placed anywhere on the body depending on the wearer. This skin deep tattoo could be your next body art choice.

Lioness Tattoo

lioness tattoos
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A line is tattoo is very common among mothers and women. This tattoo is a symbolism of femininity, strength and motherhood. The lion is considered as the queen of all animals who is strong and powerful. She is also independent, wisdomous, and cunning and will do anything to protect her child.

This tattoo is a very beautiful design made by the tattoo artist. The very intricate and small strokes of the animals 4 make it look very realistic. The piercing yellow eyes look majestic. There is a small bead on the forehead of the lion is which makes it look like she is the queen of all animals. There are flowers surrounding the face of the lions, which symbolise beauty.

Wolf Tattoo

wolf tattoo
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Close tattoos, a very common tattoo with a deep meaning attached to it. Medical representation of spirituality, strength, true nature and loyalty. They also symbolise devotion, luck, love and family. These designs are generally very simple, but the intricate strokes make it look very beautiful.

This starting is made on the upper arm of the person. It is made with such thin strokes that it almost looks realistic. The tattoo artist has used hues of orange, black and white to make the portrait.

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