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10 Best Skeleton Couple Tattoo Ideas

Bored of getting cliched love tattoo ideas on your skin, then you must try the skeleton couple tattoo, which is unique and beautifully gruesome.

Skeleton Couple Tattoo
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The word skeleton has been derived from the Greek word “skeletos.”

The structural frame that is responsible for the support provided to any animal body can be termed as a skeleton. The foundation of the human skeleton is made up of bones that are held together by the muscles, cartilages, ligaments, and tendons.

Human skeletons are made up of 206 bones among which the femur in the upper leg is the largest one and the staples bone in the middle ear is the smallest. The main function of the human skeleton is to protect the vital organs in our body.

Skeletons due to their fierce look and varied meanings associated with them have been imbibed in the tattoo industry and have amassed quite a popularity as couple tattoos.

Simple Skeleton Couple Tattoo

Simple Skeleton Couple Tattoo
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This simple skeleton tattoo is one of the basic skeleton designs as couple tattoos around the world. Here the two skeletons simply represent a man and a woman whose love is so strong that death will even be unable to keep them apart. These tattoos are mostly done using traditional black ink.

The best place to put these couple tattoos on the body is the forearm, wrist, calves, bicep, thighs, and back. Finding this skeleton tattoo on a couple’s body shows the amount of love and respect they have for each other and will always be with one another in times of need. Objects like flowers, anchors, love signs, or barbed wires can be added to this design to further highlight the tattoo.

Couple Small Skeleton Tattoo

Couple Small Skeleton Tattoo
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As the name suggests, these are small and cute skeleton tattoos that can be inked in varied places on the body. It takes a small amount of space and can be put on the ankle, fingers, neck, behind the ear, forearm, bicep, and shoulder. The concept of less is more is followed here and generally, black ink is used for this tattoo design.

The concept of eternal love and protection is represented with these small skeleton tattoo designs. Though they may be small in stature but if carried properly they can speak in volumes. They are mostly done by people who like the concept of minimal art and are a fan of a crisp and clean design.

Couple Dancing Skeleton Tattoo

Couple Dancing Skeleton Tattoo
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The dancing skeleton tattoo is a paradoxical work of art extremely popular with rich meanings. When two skeletons are done it mostly represents partners or friends. These tattoos are mostly placed on the forearm, bicep, calves, belly, back, and chest. Traditional black or red ink is used for these tattoo designs.

The skeleton is mostly associated with death and sorrow, whereas dance is a form of art that expresses joy and celebration. Now, these two contrasting ideas are fused together to demonstrate the meaning that there is death in life and life in death. Here the concept of death is celebrated rather than feared by the tattooer. Objects like beer mugs, bones, or hats are often embedded in these dancing skeleton tattoo designs to make them more interesting.

Couple Skeleton Tattoo With Raven

Couple Skeleton Tattoo With Raven
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This skeleton tattoo has a badass look with even a cool meaning associated with it. Here the raven is not any simple bird, but the idea of Odin’s ravens is represented. Huginn and Muninn used to keep watch and bring information to Odin himself. The tattooer here wants the birds to bring information to them after their death.

This particular piece also symbolizes the concept of self-awareness, wisdom, and intelligence associated with the raven. These couple tattoos look fantastic when put on the chest, bicep, back, thighs, and forearm. Traditional black color is used for this design making it look more grim and fierce to the viewers.

Couple Skeleton Barbed Wire Tattoo

Couple Skeleton Barbed Wire Tattoo
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Using barbed wires in a tattoo will firstly reflect strength and courage. When a barbed wire is coiled around the skeletons couple, it can denote quite a few things. The barbed wire or the skeletons can be either done in black or red ink and the best place to put them on the body is on the forearm, back, thigh, chest, bicep, and shin.

The tattooer can represent the jilts or setbacks that the lovers can have in this life or the next. They can also represent the courage, strength, and effort one has to invest in making their relationship fruitful. Flowers, heart signs, or a cross can be fused with this design.

Couple Skeleton Rose Tattoo

Couple Skeleton Rose Tattoo
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The skeleton couple rose tattoo is quite popular among men and women for the varied meanings they carry with themselves. The skeleton is something that represents death and decay, whereas the rose demonstrates natural beauty and love. Now when both ideas are fused the tattoo demonstrates the struggle between good and evil.

People who believe that life has both light and dark shades often get this tattoo inked on their bodies. A variety of designs is available for this skeleton tattoo design and can be chosen from the pool of ideas it has to offer. It can be done with one skeleton in black and the other in red with a rose, Two black skeletons with a red rose, or two red skeletons with a black rose.

Couple Skeleton Snake Tattoo

Couple Skeleton Snake Tattoo
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A tattoo design that will surely give a chill down your spine is the couple skeleton snake tattoo. This particular tattoo actually has a twofold meaning and is mostly done using black ink. Popular both among men and women the best place to put these tattoos is on the back, chest, bicep, forearm, thighs, shin, and calves.

Firstly, both skeleton and snake are associated with the concept of death where a snake is the agent of death and a skeleton occurs after the death of a person. Secondly, it can also represent rebirth and the afterlife and totally depends on the tattooer on which meaning they want to reflect. The snake in this tattoo design is mostly coiled around the two skeletons representing an unbreakable bond even after death.

Couple Number Skeleton Tattoo

Couple Number Skeleton Tattoo
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When numbers are put on the skeleton couple tattoo designs the tattoo holds a special meaning. The number can be a date, year, or a single digit and can be written in Arabic or Roman numerals. These tattoos are inked with traditional black ink and are placed on the forearm, calves, chest, bicep, shin, and back.

Now the number can represent the marriage year of the tattooer, the year when they lost their beloved partner, or the year when their first child was born. Many such ideas can be reflected by this tattoo design and objects like flowers, sun, or birds can be used to make the tattoo more meaningful.

Couple Coffin Skeleton Tattoo

Couple Coffin Skeleton Tattoo
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This skeleton couple tattoo sheds light on both the positive and negative aspects of life and totally depends on the tattooer on what they want to represent. These tattoos mostly range from medium to large and can be put on the wrist, forearm, calves, shin, chest, and back. Mostly done in black color, a tinge of red ink is used for highlighting various areas.

The skeleton couple in the coffin can demonstrate two meanings in particular. Firstly, the tattooer can ink this tattoo in memory of their beloved partner who has passed away. Secondly, the tattooer can also show the undying love they share for their partner and will even love and respect them in the afterlife. Often a single flower or a bouquet of flowers is done with this tattoo design to show honor and respect.

Couple Skeleton Geometric Tattoo

Couple Skeleton Geometric Tattoo
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The geometric patterns have become one of the most in-demand tattoo designs in the market. Fusing geometric patterns in the skeleton can extract a wide variety of meanings. The best places to put these tattoos are on the forearm, chest, bicep, thighs, shin, calves, and back.

The couple skeletons can be done in a dancing manner with circles which will reflect the endless circle of life, it can be done with squares which will show truthfulness, stability, and balance or it can be done with triangles which will demonstrate strength and creativity. Now as skeletons can be associated with death, the couple geometric skeleton tattoos will reflect these concepts and will be followed after death or till the death of the tattooer.

As the skeletons are particularly associated with death, many people do not get these tattoos out of fear. You must be courageous enough and have a firm belief in order to get these tattoos done on your body as they are permanent in nature and will not wash off.

Other tattoos that can be created using the idea of skeleton couple tattoo are:

  • Mexican couple skeleton tattoo.
  • Tribal couple skeleton tattoo.
  • Couple skeleton tattoo with nails.
  • Kissing couple skeleton tattoo.
  • Couple skeleton tattoo with moon.

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