10 Best Simple Skull Tattoo Ideas

Are you in search of a simple skull tattoo design for yourself or any close acquaintance? Here we have hand-picked the best designs for y’all!

simple skull tattoos
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Skull tattoos have been ruling the tattooing industry since the arrival of early sailor tattoos.

Skull tattoos are quite bold and badass in appearance. But they are also filled with deep meanings and messages.

A Skull tattoo is a symbol of death is inevitable in every mortal’s life. If you get yourself inked with a skull tattoo it will showcase that death does not scare you. And it will act as a reminder that one should have fun and live their lives to live fullest because death is inevitable as well as unpredictable. Here we have a list of cool skull tattoos for those who were in dire search of it.

Skull Chest Tattoo Design

skull chest tattoo design
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Chest skull tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs one will ever find. The chests are the perfect area for getting a skull tattoo. In this skull tattoo, your tattooist has only inked the upper jaw of the skull. Only the eye sockets, nose cavity, and two teeth are prominently visible. The tattoo is surrounded by many Viking signs. The outer portion of this tattoo is filled with deep black ink whereas the skull has been shaded with a lighter shade of black. So if you’re looking for a chest tattoo piece then this is perfect for you!

Skull And Snake Tattoo

skull and snake tattoo
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Snake tattoos are associated with the healing phase and transformation. It is also a symbol of rebirth. WWhereasskull tattoo is a symbol of death and life after death. So these two elements have Polar opposite meanings to each other. And when added together makes a very beautiful meaning. In this tattoo, the tattooist has drawn this serpent skull tattoo on the upper thigh with the help of black ink. So there is a window from which the skull head is peeping out to see the dead coffin which is placed right in front of that window. On that coffin, there is an inverted and just in front of the coffin, there is a black snake. This entire tattoo has been done with the help of black ink.

Skull And Rose Tattoo

skull and rose tattoo ideas
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Rose tattoos are regarded as a symbol of passion, love, emotion as well as beauty. Rose and skull tattoos depict duality. It is a symbol of the struggle between death and life, good and, evil, and something new that approaches after the death of a close one. Rose and skull tattoos can also be a symbol of new birth as well as obstacles that one faces from life or enemies. There are many rose and skull tattoo ideas but here we have selected a very design for you guys!

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has inked the skull just at the center of the rose. This particular placement of this human skull makes it an integral part of the flower. The petals of the rose in the tattoo are made with the help of a light black shade whereas the leaves of this rose are made up of a darker shade of black color. The skull is made with help of both dark as well as light black shade. This tattoo is placed on the lower forearm region and both males and females can get themselves inked with this unique design.

Pirate Skull Tattoo

pirate skull tattoo
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Pirate tattoos are a sign of freedom bravery, unity as well as wanderlust. But a pirate skull tattoo holds a different meaning. Pirates used to live their life in the constant fear of getting killed so if you get yourself a pirate tattoo it will show you live your life on the edge of facing something very difficult and challenging. Here is a very rare pirate tattoo that we have selected for you guys!

The tattoo artist has inked a pirate skull with a dandelion attached to its cap. It is a typical pirate hat where the dandelion has been attached. We can also see a long sword passing vertically through the skull of the pirate and we can guess that he had been killed with that sword only. This call has