10 Best Simple Fishing Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you a fishing fan who is in search of creative fishing tattoo ideas? If yes, then here is the list of the best fishing tattoos, exclusively curated for you.

simple fishing tattoo
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Fishing indicates the activity of catching fish.

Fishing is a traditional practice and has a long history associated with it. Be it humans or other animals, fishes have always been a very important part of the diet of many animals.

The activity of fishing has improved today with the introduction of modern equipment and technology. With such improvements, many people have taken up fishing as their hobby or even a sport and are also passionate about it. Fishing tattoos are a growing field of tattoos and are a cherished choice of tattoo, especially for fishing lovers. Fishing rods, fishing poles, fishing boats, and fishing lure tattoos among others are also great variations of fishing tattoo ideas. If you love fishing, check out the tattoo ideas below to get your fishing tattoo today.

Fishing Teddy Tattoo

fishing teddy tattoo
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This is a tattoo of a cute teddy sitting on a tube and catching fish with his fishing rod. A very innovative tattoo design, its unconventional idea to add a teddy instead of a human makes this tattoo stand out amongst the others. The teddy, as well as the fish hanging from the fishing hook, are done in a combination of yellow and green while the circular tube on which the teddy is sitting is done with blue and orange. This tattoo is of a standard size and can be done on other parts of the body along with the arm. This tiny tattoo of a teddy carrying a green fish is a perfect tattoo for anybody who is looking for an unusual, fun, and eye-catching innovative tattoo.

Colorful Fish Hook Tattoo

colorful fish hook tattoo
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This is a fishing hook tattoo that has been done on the upper arm. The major part of the tattoo design is the fishing hook which is attached to a red feather-like substance. The tattoo is quite a sizeable one. The fishing hook is shown with a definite outline in black and its extensions on the upper region are loosely shown. The background is shown with bright blue representing splashes of water. The circular attachment has an orangish touch and a red feather is attached to it. This tattoo is a splendid combination of two colors done with impeccable shading technique and is a perfect design for anyone who loves fishing.

Duo Fishing Tattoo

duo fishing tattoo
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This is a tattoo of two fishes chasing after their food attached to fishing hooks. The fishes have their mouths wide open and their eyes focused on their food. The outline of the fish is drawn with definite clean lines and the skin is itself used as the background. The tattoo artist has done a really good job at choosing the color combination for the tattoo. The three colors, olive green, red and blue, are used in strokes while some parts of the fish are left colorless exposing bare skin. The eye is done with a combination of yellow and black. Black is also used for shading and black dots are drawn all over representing fish scales. The fishes are turned away from each other, moving in a circular motion.

This tattoo design is a symbol of the true connection of life with simple necessities like food and the hidden dangers associated with life. This is a perfect tattoo for anyone who is in search of a tattoo design that shows the intricacies of the world.

Late Night Fishing Tattoo

late night fishing tattoo
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In this tattoo, two gentlemen are seated on a sophisticated boat. They are having a deep conversation under the moon while fishing at the same time. This is a nighttime scenery tattoo and it has been tattooed very expertly by the tattoo artist on the chest. You can ink it on your shoulder too. This style of tattoo is rare and it requires an expert hand to bring out the magnificent effect of the shade technique in the tattoo design.

The moon is extra-large, and the water is sparkling clear as the two friends go out fishing on a cloudy night. If you are looking for a dramatic fishing tattoo, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

Abstract Fishing Tattoo

abstract fishing tattoo
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This is an abstract fishing tattoo in which a wizard is fishing using a red color fishing pole. There are two spheres, one is a black hollow sphere attached to the black fishing rod and the other is a fully red sphere just below the fishing rope. There is a fish attached to the hook and the red rope is visible through the fish as the wizard pulls it out of the water. The tattoo has an essence of magic and supernatural power associated with it. For anybody who is curious about fishing tattoos and has an interest in a magical world, this style of tattoo is the best choice for that person.

Realistic Fishing Tattoo

realistic fishing tattoo
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This is a deep underwater fish tattoo done on realistic surfaces. The fish looks sad, which is the usual response of fishes when they get caught. The ink used is on a darker note, with a mixed hint of brown. There are water plants drawn in the background along with water bubbles. The tattoo is done in three dimensions and the outlines though aren’t done with any definite lines, are very perfectly shown through the shading pattern.

The tattoo has a deep, calm, and sober vibe which makes this fish tattoo look oddly peaceful. This tattoo is a perfect fit for fishing lovers who are looking for an arm fishing tattoo with a distinctive meaning.

Traditional Fishing Tattoo

traditional fishing tattoo
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This is a tribal fishing tattoo where the fish has a horrified look on its face. The fish is amongst a trail of leaves and a small vehicle on wheels, similar to a ship at the end of the tattoo. The background of the tattoo is unusual and pleasing at the same time. Three tiny bubbles of water are done in green at the top of the tattoo design.

The major color used is yellow, and the other colors are green, red, black, brown, etc. This is a tattoo design that can stay on trend for a long time and is perfect for anyone who is looking for having some fun ideas with the tattoo design.

Countryside Fishing Tattoo

countryside fishing tattoo
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A gorgeous natural scenery tattoo design that includes hills and rivers. The tattoo consists of two fishermen on a boat, one rowing the boat and the other holding an extra-long fishing pole into the water. The rocky hills have several trees drawn on them as well as the water waves with great precision and detail. The tattoo also shows the underwater part of life including underwater rocks and fishes. There is a single large underwater fish drawn adding to the beauty of the tattoo. The entire tattoo is inked with grey and black in three dimensions devoid of bright colors. The best site for this tattoo is the upper arm itself, but it can also be done on other parts such as the chest or the back.

Leg Fishing Tattoo

leg fishing tattoo
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This is an elongated fish tattoo done on the crus region of the lower leg. The fish seems to be diving deep into the water, running for its life. The entire tattoo is done with a combination of different shades of blue, along with green and yellow. The fish has its mouth wide open as it is chasing after its food hanging from a fishing hook and the inner regions of the mouth are inked in light pink. In the background, there is splashing water shown all along the body of the fish. The fish is separated from its immediate background by a thin white outline.

This tattoo design also has other fish tattoo designs alongside it which can be incorporated or omitted according to one’s wish. This tattoo is an inspiration for other tattoo artists to create more innovative fishing tattoos. If you are a sports person who is also a fan of fishing and are looking for a tattoo that matches both of your interests, this is the best fishing tattoo for you.

Fisherman On A Fish Tattoo

fisherman on a fish tattoo
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This is an abstract impressionistic tattoo design in which a fisherman is sitting on a huge fish with long fin tails. The fisherman has a fishing rod with an extra lengthy rope attached to it. A tiny fish is chasing after the hook attached to the fishing rope. The outline of the tattoo is done with a very thin line and the shading technique is an extremely detailed one. People who love fishing will absolutely love this tattoo.

The entire tattoo though done in black and white, the little hook is done with blue and red overlapping circles. This tattoo holds deep meaning and has an artistic touch to it. If you love detailed philosophical tattoo designs, you should definitely ink this one.

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