10 Best Side Under Breast Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you ever considered getting your underboob tattooed? Check out our top 10 side under breast tattoo ideas and see if this queer site catches your fancy!

side under breast tattoo
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An underboob tattoo aka sternum tattoo points to the numerous tattoo designs that are inked right below the breasts.

Underboob tattoos are literally floating everywhere because they are so attractive, unique, and look perfectly symmetrical. These designs are feminine and are not as easily seen as other placements, making these beauties a treat for the under boob area.

Although, they are unsurprisingly attractive, getting an underboob tattoo is not child’s play. Underboob tattoos hurt due to the sensitive area present around the sternum, listing it as one of the most painful locations. A detailed tattoo located across the bottom curve can test your pain threshold a little too far. But when has pain ever stopped women? Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Lily Collins proudly wear their sternum tattoos as a badge of honour! And why not? This incredibly personal space allows you to be creative and self-express in the truest sense and keep it close to your heart.

But before you get to the underboob business, remember that these tattoos require a strict aftercare regime. You cannot exert any pressure on this body art for it to fully heal. This means you cannot wear a bra, or sleep directly on your stomach or side for a good night’s sleep. Well, a few days of all this hassle is worth it for sternum tattoos tend to live on forever as the skin hardly undergoes much stretching. Wondering how to style your side boob area? Keep scrolling and find the best designs and other factors that are crucial to tattoo under breast side.

Underboob Quote Tattoo

underboob quote tattoo
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Using quotes for your first under breast side tattoo is always a better decision for painful areas like the sternum area. This design has a funky question throwing at everyone who dares question an underboob tattoo. A boob tattoo design like this projects the wearer’s cool and carefree self that hardly bothers about others’ opinions over their decisions, making the body art even more attractive.

underboob quote tattoo ideas
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A phrase like this one will have you checked at the present moment. Many women opt for quote tattoos as a great mindfulness tool that is simple yet effective on their mental health. This also results in a more comfortable tattooing experience with less pain involved during the process.

Minimal Underboob Tattoo Design

minimal underboob tattoo design
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Minimising the pain factor even further, a minimal tattoo can be a balanced design if you are starting out to ink your under boob. This plain wave tattoo involves a simple curve in black ink that is elegant and suits the thin skin in this area.

minimal underboob tattoo design ideas
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Struck with wanderlust? This cute under boob aeroplane tattoo can be a solid reminder of your affinities and keep you in the loop for seeking out more adventures.

Small Underboob Tattoos

small underboob tattoos
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Some people opt for small under boob tattoos to dodge the pain by keeping it within a smaller territory. This is to say that the area of the design will be small but in no way compromising the details. The tattoo artist here inks a dainty seashell in black and grey. The ink is tactfully used to locate the many ridges and highlight them accordingly.

small underboob tattoos ideas
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Since very less number of people have full access to get an eyeful of the sternum area, you can unleash your true self and ink a queer design for all that matters. This cute tattoo brings together a scenic forest within the out