10 Best Side Face Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

If you are a big fan of stars like Mike Tyson, Wiz Khalifa, or Post Malone, then a side face tattoo is the right choice for you to get inked.

best side face tattoo
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It is true that getting a face tattoo on the side is quite unique and weird but there is no denying the fact that it is one of the coolest places to get inked on the body.

Face Tattoos became a symbol and gained popularity in the tribal culture who were also the inventors of tattoos. Now again in the twenty-first century, it is becoming extremely popular both among males and females through celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Adam Levine, and many more such people who have inked themselves on the side face, forehead, or cheek.

Before getting a face tattoo on the side you must make sure of the design and choose the size of the tattoo carefully as it is the portion of the body that has sensitive skin.

Side Sword Face Tattoo

side sword face tattoo
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Before the invention of weapons like guns, missiles, and grenades used in modern warfare swords and shields were the major weapons used to conquer and protect globally. From that period onward sword became the symbol of power and strength. When done as a tattoo on the side face it looks both magnificent and terrifying and the colour of ink choice is mostly black.

Now sword has its unique designs in the earlier ages like the Romans and Greeks used a small kind of sword while the Arabs and Persians used the scimitar which was a curved steel sword design. In modern times, they have become museum artefacts but when they are done as tattoos the symbols they reflect are authority, courage, protection, power, and strength. In some gang culture, the sword done on the face represent an assassin. The sword tattoo is mostly done by men and also reflects a sexual meaning comparing it to the phallus.

Side Geometric Face Tattoo

side geometric face tattoo
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Ranging from medium size mandala to a small single shape geometric facial tattoos can express multiple and varied meanings. They can be either inked on both sides of the face or on a single side, depending on the person getting it. Black ink is the preferred choice of colour and is done by both males and females.

The first and foremost features demonstrated by the geometric face tattoos are stability, order, and harmony. While getting inked with these designs one must choose an efficient tattoo artist as a small mistake would be very visible as the whole concept of these tattoos depends on precision and symmetry. Each and every shape has its own significance like the circle represents life’s cycle, the triangle represents Holy Trinity, and the square demonstrates balance and stability. They can be either done with a single pattern or in an overlapping manner using multiple geometric patterns to extract the desired meanings.

Female Small Side Face Tattoo

female small side face tattoo
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You are probably acquainted with the concept that a small effort can make a big impact, from life problems to the tattoo world this idea is applicable. These small face tattoos on the side are particularly popular among women for their subtle yet elegant nature. They can be flaunted easily and can also be kept hidden with hair locks and this gives this design an extra advantage.

The most popular design choices for these small face tattoos are stars, moon, flowers, numbers, hearts, and many more such ideas. Like multiple designs, these side face tattoos can have a range of meanings from honour, strength, and joy to love, family, and freedom. From traditional black ink to colourful inks anything can be used and depend on the tattooer.

Floral Face Tattoo

floral face tattoo
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Considered to be one of the most famous face tattoos the floral tattoo design can be done in various manners. They can be done with a single flower on one cheek or can be done with a bouquet of flowers