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10 Best Short Back and Sides Haircuts for Men in 2022

Short haircut back and sides

Ultimately, there’s no competition for a haircut that features longer proportions on top and significantly shorter sides. Hairstyles with these proportions have been popular since the early 1900s and were most popular in the 1940s and 1950s when volume reigned supreme. The 2000s, however, cemented the popularity of haircuts with these proportions for good. Why the constant fascination for this style of haircut? Well, it’s favorable for many good reasons. Haircuts with short backs and sides are clean, presentable, and most importantly, allow you to add shape to your hairstyle in a way that product cannot. So, to celebrate these cuts, we’ve compiled our ten coolest men’s short haircuts that you absolutely won’t regret.

1. French culture

The French Crop is the epitome of minimalism. Generally shorter, very neat and very manageable, the French Crop is an attractive option for the man who is always on the go and doesn’t like a lot of product in his hair. Be careful if you have a thick, wavy or curly hair type, as the French crop tends to work best for guys with straight locks. If you have a more unmanageable hair type, ask your stylist to cut strategically to ensure your French cut won’t bother you too much with the style.

French hairstyle

2. False Hawk

The faux hawk lets you get a bit of punk rock but also lets you walk into your office building unnoticed. A less extreme version of the mohawk, the faux hawk lets you play with the proportions of the original cut, but rework it for a more manageable and proportionate aesthetic. Now, our guide refers to haircuts with shorter backs and sides, so you’ll need to make some changes to the typical faux hawk. Just be sure to tell your hairstylist to keep a bit longer hair band on your head, but tuck it in from the back, to make sure you have a good distinction between the top and back of your hair. hair.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

3. Side part

The side part is the ultimate hairstyle for all stylish men. What’s not to like? It screams traditional gentleman when styled a certain way (yes, a ton of wet-look, shine product will help you achieve that with a comb), or it can also read more contemporary with the help of a mousse for dull hair. For added texture and dimension, ask your stylist to blend the back and sides of your hair, so that it gradually becomes shorter. This hairstyle is also a versatile choice; it will work for a wide range of face shapes and hair types, just be sure to use a product that will work in cooperation with your hair type.

Side Part Hairstyle Men

4. The trendy cut

Sure, it’s a military cut, but trust and believe that for some men, a buzz cut can completely change your face proportions (in a good or bad way, you’ll need a shape specific face to achieve this!). Oval and square face shapes work best with this cut, but we can’t stress the importance of keeping at least a little more hair on top, just for texture and dimension for your overall look. The greatest part about the buzz cut is that it’s completely maintenance-free, effortless, and super clean and tidy.

Buzz Cut Men

5. Pompadour

We are now talking about the quintessential short side-parted haircuts. The 50s haircut, the pompadour was Elvis Presley’s beloved hairstyle, which means it has been very well preserved throughout history. Guys who love lots of volume rejoice because the pompadour lets you take your love for thick, well-dried hair to the next level. Just keep in mind that when styling that beloved cut, you are choosing a product that will work well with your hair type. Even though the back and sides will be very short, always apply a little product to maintain consistency throughout your hairstyle.

Men's Pompadour Cup

6. Crew Cup

Perpetually prized for its iconic shape and simplistic proportions, the crew cut is a safe yet stylish haircut. To achieve the brush cut, the hair is tapered to the shape of the head, leaving more volume towards the front of the hairline. This cut also requires shorter proportions to work, so make sure your hairstylist is neat and tidy with the back and sides. Style accordingly with a matte hair product for a modern take on this most identifiable cut.

Crew cut

7. Ivy League

With its strong collegiate influence, the Ivy League is both gentlemanly and masculine. It’s also easily adaptable to different hair lengths and textures, which means it can work just as well for thick, unruly hair types as it does for straighter, less voluminous hair. This, however, relies on great styling, so be sure to dry your locks thoroughly for a stronger hold and finish your styling with a light pomade and a quick coat of hairspray for added longevity to your hair throughout the hair. day or night.

Ivy League Haircut

8. Box Fade

The box fade has gained popularity with men with thicker, more difficult to style hair. When it comes to box discoloration, however, beware. It doesn’t suit many gentlemen, and it depends on a really good hairdresser to get it right. We recommend that you determine if this cut will actually suit you and if you have the right hair type for it. Also, make sure you’re working with a great hair product to ensure your styling is less tedious.

Fade Haircuts

9. High and tight

The high and tight haircut requires barely there proportions at the back and sides of the head, and a bit more length at the top. It tends to suit men with longer face shapes, as its shorter proportions do well to not overdo the longer dimensions. The main thing you need to remember about the high and tight is that it really works much better for guys with straighter hair. Curly hair that is styled in this haircut may not work as well, but experiment with the lengths and determine the appropriate dimensions based on your face shape and features if this is a haircut you are dying for. want to try.

High and tight haircuts

10. Flat Top

The flat top is identifiable by its longer proportions that are cut horizontally, allowing the taller strands of hair to lay, you guessed it, flat. Be careful when determining if this look can work for you. It’s not very desktop friendly and it may scare your grandma. It can however be reworked with a few good hair products and a bit of patience. Our most important tip when opting for this cut is to sit down at a familiar and reliable hair salon. You shouldn’t experiment too much with this cut because it can be unforgiving and will make you regret the minute you cut it for a good few weeks if you don’t do it right.

90s flat hair


What is a short back and sides haircut?

A short back and side cut is just that – a short back and side cut haircut, often with length on top to create contrast and a strong silhouette. It is neat, easy to maintain and stylish. Examples include a French crop, faux hawk, side part, pompadour, crew cut, Ivy League, box fade, high and tight, and flat top.

How do you cut the short and long back sides on top?

You will need a pair of clippers with guards of different sizes, sharp scissors and alligator clips. Part the hair you want to keep long, then use your chosen clipper length to cut from the bottom up on the sides and back. As you approach the top, remove the clippers to blend better. If you want a fade, start with a long setting, then move to shorter attachments, repeating the process but stopping lower than the previous section. Finally, cut the hair section by section with scissors, holding the hair between your fingers and using the previous section as a length guide.


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