10 Best Rose Stem Tattoo Ideas |

Is rose your favorite flower and do you want to spike it up with some creativity? Here are some amazing rose stem tattoo ideas that will perk up your style!

rose stem tattoo
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Rose stem tattoos are a traditional form of body art that has been very prevalent among both men and women.

Rose tattoos hold historical significance as a whole. It talks about an internal battle that the wearer has been fighting within themselves.

Rose tattoos are also considered to be the flag bearers of the highest level of passion. Rose tattoos with a stem mainly signify a passion that is involved with one’s romantic escapades. It can also symbolize the loss of love or the sacrifices the wearer has made for love. Rose tattoos have different meanings with colors and shapes and sizes. A geometric rose tattoo talks about how the wearer is detail-oriented and likes to do things accordingly with meticulous attention.

Tiny rose tattoos signify that the wearer likes minimalistic and dainty fashion statements which will escalate your style of body art. American traditional style tattoos determine the old principles and sophistication which has been engraved in them since the dawn of time. A heart shape rose tattoo determines the immense passion the wearer possesses inside their heart.

Rose tattoos are really beautiful and can be made on any part of the body. The most common places to get a rose tattoo are with a stem area on the forearm, shoulders, fingers, and wrist. It specifically symbolizes love and beauty and really leaves people mesmerized. If you want to impress your special one, keep reading to get amazing inspirations for your next tattoo.

Under The Chest Rose Stem Tattoo Designs

under the chest rose stem tattoo designs
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Under the chest, tattoos are considered to have rebellious symbolism. This tattoo is no exception to that. Chest tattoos are often associated with men only. However, in this aspect, the tattoo is also associated with women as well. This tattoo is made with black ink. However, the detailing that has been made over here is really mesmerizing and gives it a very gothic look.

The tattoo consists of a rose with a black stem where a skeleton hand is gripping it as a support. The tattoo symbolizes that the wearer has struggled with love for a long time and has made immense sacrifices for love. This tattoo holds a deep meaning. You can customize the tattoo as per your own preference if you are not much into Gothic styles of tattoos. Otherwise, this tattoo looks a class apart and makes it look one of a kind!

Minimalistic Classic Rose Stem Tattoo Ideas

minimalistic classic rose stem tattoo ideas
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If minimalistic tattoos fall under your style statement, this is an absolutely amazing inspiration for you. This is a minimalistic rose tattoo with a stem which has been done with a hint of American traditional tattoo style. This falls under the category of a perfect rose tattoo and it looks absolutely stunning.

The tattoo artist has really done a commendable job to bring this tattoo to life and it really looks absolutely gorgeous. It has a name inscribed as well which signifies that it probably is the name of the wearer, or someone very close to the wearer. The tattoo art which can be depicted here is made immaculately and there is no visible inflammation on it.

Classic Rose Tattoo With Stem On The Back

classic rose tattoo with stem on the back
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This tattoo looks absolutely stunning and is a class apart. Back tattoos are pretty common among people because it is known to hurt less than other tattoos. This tattoo is done in a typical generic rose tattoo idea which vogues up the look of the wearer.

The rose is perfectly shaded with black ink which gives it very grunge and gothic look. Rose tattoos are known to err on the soft side, however, this is edged towards a Gothic look. The stem looks really detailed along with the l