10 Best Rebel Flag Tattoo Ideas |

If you are looking to show off some southern pride by making a Rebel flag tattoo, then we have you covered. Check out these design ideas for you!

rebel flag tattoo
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Rebel tattoos are generally colorful designs that have hues of blue and red in them.

Not only do these tattoos have great symbolism, but they are also great to start a conversation. These tattoos represent the southern heritage of a person so that they can show it off with pride.

Although this is a very popular design, it is also very controversial. Some people call it the Confederate flag, while some people refer to it as a rebel flag. Such tattoos are worn by both women and men. This rebel flag has been the center of several controversies throughout the century. This flag has been associated with slavery and the South for a very long time, but that is not the whole truth about this symbol. This flag has been a part of the United States’ history for a long time, and in those years it has been praised, shamed, and loved. People love it so much that many of them decided to make the tattoos on their bodies.

During a debate in South Carolina, former President, Barack Obama who was a senator back then, was asked about the appropriate placement of the flag and his response was ‘The Museum’. This was a strong statement made by him and he understood the importance of the flag. Before being named the Confederate flag, this flag was known as the ‘Stars and Bars’.

We have curated a list of some amazing Confederate flag tattoos which you can select from.

Rebel Flag Tattoo

rebel flag tattoo ideas
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This is a beautiful yet artistic design. This flag tattoo is a great way to show off your Southern legacy and the fact that you are pleased with the underlying foundations of your being. There have been several controversies regarding this flag, however, it has deep symbolism. This flag has its roots during the American Civil War. Although at that time slavery and racism were not the main topics, several people found similarities between this flag and racism because of the people who started associating with it. Too many people this flag. Is the perfect balance between the state and the national establishments of the United States.

This particular flag design has been made with a very realistic effect. The tattoo artist has added a black border to the flag. Inside there is a red flag with a Blue Cross and white stars on it. A ribbon around the flag says ‘Rebel’. This is a simple design and a great way to show off your southern side.

Rebel Flag – Matching Tattoos

rebel flag - matching tattoos
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The Confederate flag has long been associated with a lot of things that were wrong, like racism and slavery. Many people thought that this flag was used as a statement to preserve such things. But this was not the case. This flag was used by several national and state organizations to show their loyalty to the central government of the United States. This flag is a great way to honor the freedom of speech that is given to every person in the country so that they can represent whoever they want.

In this design, the person has gotten two different flags on there each arm. On one arm is the current United States flag, while on the other arm is the Confederate flag. The current United States flag has red and white stripes and a blue box with white stars in it. While the Confederate flag is generally a red flag with a Blue Cross within it and white stars. This is a beautiful design and a representative of the two different flags that represent the heritage of the country.

Skull And Rebel Flag Tattoo

skull and rebel flag tattoo
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Skull tattoos are actually very popular among tattoo enthusiasts. This tattoo is a beautiful representation of the afterlife and death. It is also a representation of rebellion. Although skull tattoos generally come with a dark meaning, for some people it is also a celebration of life.

In this tattoo design, the tattoo artist has done a great deal of detail. They have made a large skull that is placed on the upper part of the arm. The tattoo also has a person holding the Confederate flag. The entire tattoo has been made in shades of black, white, and Gray. However, the Confederate flag has been made with colors that highlight it further. This tattoo has been wrapped around the arm like a sleeve and makes for a very great combination of designs.

Neo-Traditional Rebel Flag Tattoo

neo-traditional rebel flag tattoo
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New traditional tattoos are generally