10 Best Realistic Black Panther Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

If you are engrossed by the beauty of leopards and jaguars, then the realistic black panther tattoo is a worthy design to get inked with.

realistic black panther tattoo
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The black-coated leopards that are found in parts of Africa, Asia, and Central and South America are often referred to as black panthers.

The majestic-looking black panther gets its mesmerizing dark color black coat due to the stimulation of a large amount of melanin. These animals have been found and rarely photographed in a variety of habitats but are also considered to be endangered.

Known for their quiet and cautious appearance these animals like leopards and jaguars are great climbers and mostly hunt at night. The dark skin color provides an extra advantage as it can easily camouflage itself in the forest in the dark of the night.

A ferocious and intelligent animal, around the world they have not only been used in making logos but also are a very popular choice in the tattoo world.

Woman and Black Panther Tattoo

woman and black panther tattoo
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As elegant as it can get, the woman and the black panther tattoos are the representation of feminine power. Mostly done with black ink, the perfect place of choice depends on the size of the tattoo. Medium to large sizes is done in the back, legs, or arms while the small ones are done on the wrist, ankles, or forearms.

Multiple meanings can be extracted from this tattoo design. It can demonstrate the nurturing motherly nature of the woman or the ferocious nature of the black panther and vice versa. The hair on the panther’s body can pick up vibrations in the wild connecting it with a woman’s sensitivity. The beautiful and silky black coat can also represent sexuality.

Realistic Black Panther And Dagger Tattoo

realistic black panther and dagger tattoo
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These panther tattoos are sure to give a chill down your spine. Depending on the wearer, the size of the tattoo can range from small to medium and sometimes even large. These panther tattoo designs can be either done fully in black ink or for effect the dagger handle or the blood oozing out of the panther can be highlighted with red.

The panther and the dagger tattoo are mostly done to demonstrate an achievement where the journey was extremely tumultuous. Extremely personal in nature, the tattoo symbolizes how the wearer has tactfully crossed all hurdles to overcome that challenge. The forearm, chest, back, and calves are the best places of choice to get inked with this beauty.

Minimal Black Panther Tattoo

minimal black panther tattoo
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Inspired by the concept of less is more the minimalism style of the black panther tattoo design is done. With minimal use of space and ink which is mostly black, these tattoos blossom well on the wrist, ankle, forearm, and neck.

The ideas for this tattoo are both popular among guys and girls for their subtle use of clean lines, and crisp design. They are mostly done by people who do not want to flash their tattoos in the workspace and can easily hide them with their clothes.

Black Panther Realistic Tattoo

black panther realistic tattoo
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The concept of realism first came to France in the middle of the 19th century. The aim of the artist was to paint in such a way that the painting looked like a photograph. Now this concept has become extremely popular in the tattoo world and realistic tattoos are in high demand. The realistic black panther tattoo on the skin is so enchanting that it seems to come out from the skin.

The ink is chosen according to the type of realistic tattoo design and in this case, it is black and grey. While getting these tattoos, one must choose the tattoo artist wisely, as realism in painting is a work of fine art so it is for realistic tattoos. Power, freedom, courage, and guardianship are the symbols reflected by this black panther tattoo.

Realistic Black Panther With Flowers

realistic black panther with flowers
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The black pather and the flower tattoo design are known to be contrasting and complementing pieces to each other. Some may argue that it was the famous American tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy who popularized the panther and rose tattoo. However, today a lot of reworks and renovations have been made. Popular among both men and women, they are mostly done on the biceps, forearm, legs, chest, and back.

The rose is mostly done with red ink whereas the black panther is done in black and the stark contrasting colors make this tattoo design extremely attractive. Not only the colors but the features of both the panther and the flowers are also part of the symbolism. A flower represents beauty, purity, and sympathy whereas black panthers demonstrate wildness, danger, and aggression. These features can also be seen in a reverse manner and are portrayed by people who have both good and bad qualities.

Black Panther And Moon Tattoo

black panther and moon tattoo
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Both the moon and the black panther are customers of the night and these tattoos carry extremely personal meanings. These black panther tattoos can range from medium to large and blossom extremely well in the back, as sleeve tattoos, as leg tattoos, and mostly takes quite a large space.

These tattoos can have layered meanings and can vary from person to person. The moon and the panther are like a complement to each other, one comes after the sun sets and the black panther mostly hunts at night. Both of them together can also represent feminine strength when done by a woman.

Realistic Black Panther And Snake Tattoo

realistic black panther and snake tattoo
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One of the most unique black panther tattoo designs is the snake and the panther. One animal is a reptile while the other is a mammal. Although they are different, they share some common ideas together. These tattoos are prominent for their use of colorful ink and the place of preference to put them are the forearm, thighs, arms, and back.

Extremely popular among men both these creatures are known for their cunning and ferocious nature. Both of them will never bow down to a large animal and shy away from attacking their prey. Both of them are carnivores and when done together as a tattoo by anyone they are hard to forget.

Realistic Black Panther Tribal Tattoo

realistic black panther tribal tattoo
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The first and the foremost thing that a black panther tattoo makes is a bold statement. But you must not forget that these amazing beasts were worshipped greatly by many tribes. The tribal black panther tattoo is done by using multiple ink colors and several objects can be used with it. Ranging from medium to large they can be inked both by guys and girls in the forearm, back, chest, calves, and shoulder.

Black panthers as animals were worshipped as a symbol of nobility and religious practice in many cultures and were feared and revered. These tattoos can be done as a homage to the roots of the person wearing them. In general, Mayan priests and Shamans wore the black panther’s fur to show their strength and ruthlessness.

Realistic Black Panther and Tiger Tattoo

realistic black panther and tiger tattoo
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Often you will see the Bengal tiger combine with the black panther for tattoo designs. Now, these tattoo designs are both beautiful yet vicious in their own ideas. The Bengal tiger stands as the supreme of the jungle while the panther serves as the protector of the Amazon.

The tiger is mostly done with its black and yellow stripe while the panther with black and white ink. They are inked in the fashion where it seems that a battle is going to happen between these two and in that manner becomes the symbolism of conflict. They are mostly done by people who are having an internal battle on any matter.

Realistic Black Panther Lightning Bolt Tattoo

realistic black panther lightning bolt tattoo
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A lightning bolt combined with a black panther tattoo, in general, is a sign of speed. The black panther-like leopards and jaguars can run very fast just like lightning and do not give any time to their prey. The lightning bolt is mostly done in colorful ink while the black color is used for the pather.

These tattoos are mostly done as small to medium tattoos and the best places to put them are the forearm, shoulder, biceps, thigs, ankles, and calves. Also, the lightning bolt was the weapon of Zeus according to Greek mythology. So these tattoos can be done as a symbol of speed but also can be etched as a dangerous striking force just like the lightning and the panther.

The black panther tattoos have recently become more popular and even have a reflection in films and novels. The character of Bagheera in Mowgli and the ‘Black Panther’ film is known and cherished by all of us.

Other realistic black panther tattoo designs that can be tried are:

  • Abstract black panther tattoo
  • Rail Engine black panther tattoo
  • Galaxy black panther tattoo
  • Boxer black panther tattoo
  • Winged black panther tattoo
  • Traditional panther tattoo

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