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10 Best Places To Visit In Ooty In July For All Travelers

Ooty is one of the most popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu. It has some unique mountain beauty. Hence it is called Udhagamandalam, Nilgiri or the Blue Mountains of the Western Ghats. It boasts accessible mountain peaks, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, and more. People of all ages can visit Ooty in July. One must visit for a week to see all Ooty sightseeing spots in July. Ooty has mountain rail and road facilities to visit all major tourist destinations. So, the next time you plan a holiday in July, use this information for a hassle-free experience.

10 places to go to Ooty in July

Ooty is home to a plethora of interesting tourist attractions, which will give you a glimpse of its eternal beauty and adventure. Read about these places in detail here.

1. Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake View

It is a small and beautiful mountain lake in Ooty. It is 28 km from Ooty city. It got its name from the huge avalanche during 1800. It is the best place to hang out by romantic people. They can just sit and watch the lakeside vista in a serene environment. These lake views are best for seeing rolling hills, and wild orchids. You can go for recreational activities like boating, angling, hiking and camping. It is the best place to take pictures.

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2. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

It is a government botanical garden in Ooty. It is en route to Doddabetta Peak. It is a colorful floral garden in Ooty, which is 8,100 feet above mean sea level. It is the highest garden in South India. Most of the tourists are the first to visit this park and proceed towards the Doddabetta peak. You can find colorful flowering plants, herbal plants, wild orchids and shrubs, which are native to Shola. The park has a trunk tree trunk, which is more than 20 million years old.

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3. Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta peak in Ooty

This highest mountain peak of Ooty is one of the places to visit in Ooty in July. You will be at an altitude of 8,652-feet above mean sea level. This peak is the stronghold for the Doddabetta Telescope House. You can see the Coimbatore plateau and the tower of the majestic Madurai Meenachi Temple through telescopes placed for the public and tourists. You can also see the beauty of the Nilgiri Mountains from this peak. It is the highest mountain peak of Tamil Nadu on the Western Ghat mountain, bordering Kerala and Tamil Nadu state on the east.

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4. The Fort of Daroga

Inspector fort

It is a historic mountainous region to see in Ooty during July. This fort is now in ruins state. Nevertheless, you must hike from this fort to see this cliffside view. King of Mysore Tipu Sultan built this fort in the medieval period. The fort stood as a Watchtower and an extension of the Mysore Empire over Tamil Nadu and Kerala. You can see the dense mountainous forest cover in a valley below this fort. The journey and journey to Daroga Fortin Ooty will take half a day.

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5. Stinging fountains

Rock fountains

This waterfall is 13-km from Ooty Town. It is a 120 ft single drop waterfall. You can bathe in its falling water and swim in its waterfall. When you reach this lake, you will feel that it is mother’s paradise. You have to live in the evergreen forest. The water flows down a huge rock which is surrounded by lush green bushes. You can find many birds crawling with the sound of a waterfall. Once in Ooty it is the best place for all people to see this natural attraction.

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6. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Ooty

This wildlife sanctuary is one of the best to visit by nature, birds and animal lovers. This sanctuary is a part of Mudumalai National Park in Nilgiris. It is the largest tiger reserve in South India. You should visit the elephant camp present in this sanctuary. You will travel in a deciduous forest cover, which is also evergreen in the month of July. If lucky, you can find man-eaters like leopards and tigers. The wildlife species found here are fauna of the Western Ghats.

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7. Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake

Once you reach Ooty city by train or bus, this lake first rotates. The lake is 7,440-ft above mean sea level in the Ooty Hills. You will be surprised to see this artificial lake at such a height. It is also the highest mountain lake in South India. It is a busy lake in all seasons. Boating on this lake is an important recreational activity. You can rent a bicycle to many tourists and explore Lakeside Vista. It is the best place to sit near Lakshor and see the Ooty hills in full.

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8. Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park

It is an attractive place to visit Ooty in July. Its name is this mountain valley. Most of the hidden treasures of the Western Ghats mountain range are present on this ghat. You will stay with Mother Nature while hiking, trekking and camping in this valley. It is advisable to stay in a house tree at night to experience the sound of the forest creeping in this silent valley. This forest is a paradise as you can take a walk in the mountain in all seasons.

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9. Sam’s Park

Sam's Park

This beautiful park is in Coonoor, en route to Ooty Town. The mountain is 5,839-ft above mean sea level in the Blue Mountains. Although it is in the middle of Ooty, you can find cool weather during the month of July as well. It is a huge garden, which will take half a day to see the attraction of this park. The park has huge trees and colorful rose gardens. You can also find colorful birds in the trees. It is the best park to hang out with family and friends.

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10. Tea Factory and Tea Museum

Tea Factory and Tea Museum

It is a government tea factory and museum en route from Ooty Town to Dodbetta. You can know the history of tea garden since the British Raj in India. You can also find out how the Toda tribe involved in tea gardening works. Eucalyptus tea is popular in South India. You can also taste the refreshing tea of ​​the garden here. If you like them, you can buy from their outlets. You can get permission and increase in tea estate here. It is an excellent place to take photos with tea gardens as a backdrop.

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Ooty never fails to treat his visitor as he has so much that he can offer. There is something for travelers of all kinds, from gardens and museums to lakes and hills. And the month of July makes it even more amazing. To visit Ooty in July, all these places will liven up your soul and give you the most memorable experience. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you. So, why not plan a holiday in Ooty next July?

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit Ooty in July

Q. July is the right time to go to Ooty in Tamil Nadu?

a. Yes, July is a pleasant month, with some drizzle in the sun and Ooty. July is the best time to visit places of tourist attraction to visit Ooty.

Q. To go to Ooty, is it necessary to wear woolen clothes once in July?

a. Yes, you may have to wear woolen clothes during the night. The daytime temperature in Ooty will be below 20-25 ° C.

Q. Does monsoon rain in July affect Ooty?

a. No, Ooty receives scattered rainfall during the southwest monsoon (June to September). It receives heavy rainfall during the northeast monsoon (October and November).

Q. Is it possible to show flowers in Ooty during July?

a. No, flower shows are held during April and May. Nevertheless, you can find colorful flowers in the botanical gardens in Ooty.

Q. Are trekking trail routes in Ooty open to tourists in July?

a. Yes, July is a happy month in Ooty. Tourists can visit trekking trails in the permitted locations of Udhagamandalam or Nilgiri Mountain Range of the Western Ghats.

Q. Is it possible to go boating in Ooty in July?

a. Yes, the lakes in Ooty never dry up even in the summer season. You can go boating in the lakes of Ooty in the month of July.

Q. Is it possible to see water falling from the waterfalls present in Ooty in July?

a. Yes, you can see water falling from the waterfalls in Ooty in July.

Q. Is it possible to see wild animals in Ooty in July?

a. Yes, you must visit national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to see them in natural condition. July is the right time, because you will not find much mountain mist in the forest cover of Ooty.

Q. Which is the right way to come to Ooty in July?

a. You should travel here in Ooty hill train. It is the only UNESCO heritage mountain railroad in South India. On Ooty toy train you can see Nilgiri Vistara and Coimbatore plateau.

Q. In July there is a peak tourist season in Ooty, Tamil Nadu?

a. Yes, March to July is peak tourist season in Ooty. Nevertheless, it is an all-season hill station for South Indians.

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