10 Best Places To Visit In Europe In July 2020 On A Dream Vacation

Are you bored living at home? Do you want to explore different types of exotic places and perhaps try different types of food? Or are you the kind of person who is looking for adventure and adventure? Perhaps you want to know more about culture and history? Is this a change in weather you want to experience? Or do you want nothing but a relaxing holiday? The options are limitless, especially if the place you plan to visit is in Europe. Be it a solo holiday or as a group, a trip to Europe is exactly what you need.

In Europe, July is generally a hot time of the year, so do not pack many warm clothes. This is a beautiful time to check out the European beaches. But one may also need to be wary of congestion because July is the time of year when school is out and offices are closed; So almost everyone is traveling mostly, meaning one can expect long queues and large crowds. Below are the 10 best Places to visit in Europe in July.

10 Best Places to Visit in July in Europe

1. Rome, Italy
2. London, England
3. Edinburgh, Scotland
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
5. Dubrovnik, Croatia
6. Rhodes, Greece
7. Interlaken, Switzerland
8. Barcelona, ​​Spain
9. Ljubljana, Slovenia
10. Budapest, Hungary

1. Rome, Italy

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Rome, a country full of rich culture and history. If you have a vision of art and architecture, Rome is the best place. Rome, also known as the City Eternal City, translates to more sun, long days and pleasant warm nights.

Things to do in Rome:

  • The most original pizza and spaghetti (taste the best pizza and spaghetti from Rome, pizza, pasta and spaghetti)
  • Explore the Colosseum (Explore the Colosseum and dive into its rich history. Marvel at the magnificent Roman architecture and perhaps visit the cool gift shop)
  • Raid Roman Catacombs (Are you creepy and thrilling? Then explore Roman Catacombs, an underground tunnel system filled with myths, legends, history and lots and lots of skulls.

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2. London, England

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Taste the royal treat only in London. London is one of the most attractive cities and one of the best places to visit in July and some of the most beautiful places to see. Do not miss the opportunity of His Majesty to visit your country because it is one of the wonderful places to visit in Europe in July.

Things to do in London:

  • Shard to London viewing (Shard is the tallest building in the whole of Europe and the tallest viewing point in London. Offering tourists 360-degree views of the majestic city.
  • Search for His Majesty’s Home (Buckingham Palace is home to the Royal Family; Located in Westminster)
  • A ride and a view, get together at the London Eye (enjoy one of the most romantic experiences and beautiful views of the London skyline and the Thames)

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3. Edinburgh, Scotland

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What is beautiful about Edinburgh is the fact that it still retains its medieval charm. Edinburgh is a wonderful place to spend a peaceful and quiet holiday. The weather in Edinburgh is completely hot and cold during July.

Things to do in Edinburgh:

  • World’s Largest Arts Festival (Enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe, a true cultural and entertaining experience)
  • Nessie visits Loch Ness (enjoy the mysterious silence of Loch Ness and keep an eye on some big things in the water)
  • Medieval ruins (visit medieval palaces such as Stirling Castle and Fort Augustus)

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4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam is a beautiful place to visit during the summer. It is some of the most amazing places to visit and offers a wide variety of experiences that can satisfy any and all tourists

things to do:

  • North Sea Jazz Festival (one of the largest indoor music festivals in the world)
  • Rijksmuse (see a large collection of art including the work of Vincent van Gogh or see the largest public art history library in the Netherlands)
  • Anne Frank House (Experience what it would have been like for the Franks during the Holocaust)

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5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Do you want to travel somewhere exotic and beauty? A city that works wonders? Then head to Dubrovnik, Croatia for some of Europe’s most romantic experiences.
Things to do in Dubrovnik:

  • Dubrovnik cable car (truly beautiful and adventurous experience; across hills and cities;)
  • Bange Beach (if you’re tired with walking around Croatia, it’s time for some beach fun at one of the best beaches in Croatia)
  • Island of Lokram (Take a ferry or kayak to Lokrum. Go diving; visit Fort Royal Castle or check out the 11th-century monastery.

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6. Rhodes, Greece

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Beautiful sceneries, a warm climate, delicious food and incredible architecture; That is how beautiful Rhodes, Greece is. It is a wonderful place for both families and couples.

things to do:

  • Rhodes Old Town (to get lost in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, get the opportunity to get lost in its 200 unnamed streets)
  • Get drenched in the water park (for the most amazing water experience on the Rhodes, head to the water park for the most fun!)
  • Thermal springs in Kalithia (check the thermal springs in Kalithia and relieve all your stress by dipping in warm, comfortable water)

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7. Interlaken, Switzerland

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Are you in for something cold and adventurous? Then Interlaken, Switzerland, head of ‘Sports Capital of Europe’. From water sports to high altitude activities we find it all in Interlaken. It is one of the incredible places to travel to Europe in July.

Things to do in Interlaken:

  • Impossible missions from the sky (from skydiving to paragliding to hang-gliding to interlakens all reveal this)
  • A train through the mountains (a journey from Interlaken Ost Station to Jungfrajuch, also known as the top of Europe, for a wonderful experience of traveling through snow and tunnels)
  • Kayaking in Lake Thun (this is the last summer activity in Interlaken)

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8. Barcelona, ​​Spain

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Barcelona is a beautiful summer holiday destination. Be amazed by the breath-taking architecture, take a dip in the majestic Barcelona beaches or simply explore the city on Vespa.

things to do:

  • Discover Park Gail (Park Grewal is a photographer or art attraction because it is the creation of Antony Gowdy, one of the greatest architects who ever lived)
  • Fun at PortAventura World (this is an ideal place to have fun with friends or family)
  • Spying on fish at the Barcelona Aquarium (it is home to over 10,000 animals and 450 species, making it a visual treat for both children and adults)

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9. Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Do you want to go to a foreign place that is relatively cheaper and less crowded? Then Ljubljana is the place you are looking for.
Things to do in Lajubana:

  • Explore the city by foot (walk across the city, raid chocolate shops and enjoy local cuisine)
  • Ready to be amazed by Ljubljana-style art (to quench the excitement of art in you, visit Metelkova; an unprofessional art suburb)
  • Enter into a state of confusion (prepare to be enigmatic in Muje Iluj)

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10. Budapest, Hungary

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Visit Budapest, a land rich in history, traditional food and architecture. It is a great place to enjoy a private holiday and avoid the crowds of tourists all summer.

Things to do in Budapest:

  • Marvel at the giant SzentIstvánBazilika (St. Stephen’s Basilica is the largest church in Budapest with a dome that is tall like the Hungarian Parliament)
  • Let loose at the Széchenyi Bath & Spa (this is a great place to relax and relax; to relieve stress and rejuvenate slowly)
  • Explore Margaret Island (Margaret Island is a beautiful place to visit during the summer as it is lined with some of the most colorful flowers; a truly romantic attraction)

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Traveling to Europe in July is something unique to experience in these above mentioned places and will undoubtedly make it the best July vacation you ever had. Europe has various cultures and some of the most amazing traditions. The landscape of each place is equally breath-taking. These are some of the most amazing places in Europe, ideal for photography enthusiasts and travelers. Be it single or with friends or family, there is ample scope for vision and discovery in Europe.

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Frequently asked questions about the best places to visit Europe in July

Q. Which is the most dangerous country in Europe?

a. According to recent reports, the most dangerous country in Europe is Ukraine, due to violent demonstrations and increased crime against tourists. Other dangerous countries in Europe include Belarus, Kosovo, Abkhazia, Albania and Romania.

Q. What is the climate like during July in Europe?

a. July is the peak of summer in Europe when temperatures are highest in most places. But it cannot disturb tourists from equatorial regions like India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Q. Is it easy to get a visa for Europe?

a. Getting a visa to Europe is quite easy because as long as one has the necessary documents, one actually answers the questions asked at the visa approval office and has no intention of settling illegally in Europe. The option of Schengen visa which allows tourists to visit all 26 Schengen countries of Europe easily.

Q. What is the most common language spoken throughout Europe?

a. For those expecting an answer to be English, French or German, you were mistaken. Russian is the most spoken language throughout Europe.

Q. Is it expensive to take holidays in Europe?

a. Due to the high exchange rates of the euro, taking a holiday in Europe is quite expensive. But with proper planning and off-season trips, one can tour Europe on a budget. During your trip make sure you explore the above mentioned places to travel in Europe in July.

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