10 Best Nordic Raven Tattoo Ideas |

Raven tattoos are one of the coolest ideas for tattoo designs. You cannot miss out on these excellent examples of nordic raven tattoo designs mentioned below.

nordic raven tattoo
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You can find various references to the raven, in ancient literature and art.

They are deeply symbolic birds, and one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. Some cultures even believe that the raven has supernatural or magical powers.

Particularly, in Norse mythology, the ravens were the symbol of thought and wisdom. It is said that the two ravens, Huginn and Muninn were the trusted companions of the wisest of the Viking Gods, Odin. The story goes like this, these two ravens would travel around the world, gathering all sorts of vital information and happenings, and at night they would return to Odin and whisper in his ears the same. This added to the power of Odin, thus making him the all-knowing father. Therefore, ravens became a very popular symbol in the Viking world, and they were respected as well as feared. Given below are a few such excellent examples of nordic raven tattoo designs, that I am sure, you will absolutely love.

Nordic Viking Raven Tattoo

nordic viking raven tattoo
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Did you know, as a sign of respect for the mighty Odin, who was also referred to as the raven’s God, Vikings actually used to stitch their armors and banners with images of flying ravens? The above-mentioned image contains a similar design of the majestic wings of a raven, etched on the shoulder of the individual. The artist has used various shades of black ink to highlight the feathers of the raven. This kind of raven tattoo design is more popular among men. Some of the best places, to get this design inked, including the thighs, chest, and shoulder. Unlike other body parts, they provide quite a large canvas for these large tattoo designs. If you are a fan of the Vikings, then this one right here is a must-have.

Detailed Raven Tattoos

detailed raven tattoos
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Apart from Norse mythology, you can also find several references to this bird in other cultures. Take the example of Celtic culture. According to ancient Celts, the rave represents protection and prophecy. They used to believe that this bird possessed magical powers, and viewed it as a symbol of war and death. Thus, you raven tattoos in Celtic art, are a very popular form of tattoo design, in today’s world.

The image mentioned above is a rendition of the same. The artist has designed this whole tattoo on the shoulder of the individual with intricate detailing and utmost patience. Just from a glance at this tattoo, you can understand how much difficult it is to deliver these kinds of huge and detailed artwork. Nevertheless, the tattoo artist has done a marvelous job.

Nordic Raven Tattoo On Leg

nordic raven tattoo on leg
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Here is another beautiful example of a nordic raven tattoo, inked on the leg of this individual. Raven tattoos are usually done with black ink. The colors are deeply saturated and different tones of black ink are used to highlight the feathers on the raven’s body. However, if you want, you can also add any color of your preference, to give the design a more dramatic and vibrant look. In this image, we can see a pitch-black raven tattoo, paired with a moon design, on the top. An interesting fact about the raven is that it was the first-ever bird to be mentioned in the Bible. Furthermore, the Law of Moses, forbid humans to eat raven. There can be several meanings for a raven tattoo. Find out which interpretation works the best for you, and then decide on the design.

Odin’s Ravens Tattoo Design

odin's ravens tattoo design
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As mentioned earlier, Huginn and Muninn were the two ravens of the all-might Odin, who used to whisper back to him information from all around the world. They would fly out around the Nine Worlds, and return in the evening to their master. Thus, Huginn and Muninn were visualized as a symbol of thought and memory. If you like these kinds of deep meaningful tattoo designs, then this one right here is a must-have. Etched on the forearm of the individual, we can see the design of these two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. This tattoo symbolizes wisdom and intelligence. If you are a believer in the Viking gods, then using this one as an inspiration for your ne