10 Best Nautilus Tattoo Ideas |

If you are a Thalassophile and love maritime tattoos, don’t think twice, Nautilus tattoo ideas are just the ones you are seeking.

nautilus tattoo ideas
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The term ‘nautilus’ is derived from the Latin word meaning sailor.

Nautilus are cephalopods existing for over five hundred million years in the heart of the sea. The colorful shells and the anatomy provides ample tattoo design ideas to choose from on various parts of the figure for both the artists and the tattooer.

The framework of the Nautilus is such that it can be used widely as a creative logo and the nomenclature also depicts plenty of brand names or even a tattoo studio name and other websites or online stores. You can meet Jim Adams, one of the CT tattoo artists, who was previously in the Nautilus Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles which goes by this moniker. Being one of the famous tattoo shops in CT, you can get across professional front desk ladies who will guide you for your next or a new tattoo and it is an extremely clean shop with private rooms to get inked by an amazing artist.

When it comes to Nautilus tattoos, the framework relates to extremely tangled and convoluted designs. Hence the person wearing it should be bold enough to portray the pictorial meaning to the public. The spiral shells look completely stunning when inked on the skin along with the Ammonoids fossil-shaped tattoos, you can say at first glance how basic is the nautilus tattoo but looking deep down into it you can reflect hardcore meanings. Some of the unique designs have been compiled below.

Cosmic Nautilus Tattoo

cosmic nautilus tattoo
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Kaleidoscopic life underwater or in the cosmos is a psychedelic theme and is recently very famous in the form of tattoos or tapestry designs. The hue of blue shades is the common factor when the drawing is considered can be presented on the skin for the lovers of unexplored frontiers of the galaxies or oceans.

This cosmic Nautilus tattoo from shoulder to wrist has a bundle of colorful ink spreading throughout the area. The geometric patterns and incessant use of high contrasting colors are the main theme for this kind of tattoo and should be inked as a large piece on a broader area of canvas rather than a no man’s land.

Shaded Nautilus Tattoo

shaded nautilus tattoo
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Adding a shade or texture to a tattoo makes it more realistic, makes it more three-dimensional, and can impress anyone at a first glance. All you need is a good tattoo artist to ink a shaded tattoo, that will create a phantasm and result in the adjuration of your sense of touch. Unlike normal tats the textured or shaded ones will make you feel the entire surface; that is the magic of the ink on your skin.

This forearm-shaded tattoo of a nautilus looks so realistic that you can perceive the mollusk on your skin. The light black shades and the blow-by-blow detailing is exactly what you need from your artist. The textures can be smooth as a metallic finish or rough providing a gritty look, and both the shell and the tentacles of the nautilus are expected to lay out a striking look from every possible angle.

Nautilus Full Sleeve Tattoo

nautilus full sleeve tattoo
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Full sleeve tattoos are one of the best works a tattoo artist will absolutely love to create as they are gonna have the entire hand. you can stick to a single theme or make a medley of multiple themes and book appointments from the artists and you are good to go. Even a half or quarter-sleeve forearm tattoo is a sign of a great job done by the artists.

This blue nautilus full sleeve tattoo depicts the marine life scenario underwater. The tattoo artist tried to create the exact splash of color in which a nautilus resides. The strokes and patterns are extremely minute and surely required a few hours for their completion. You can extend your first tattoo on your arm to a full-sleeve tattoo, you just need to go to a tattoo shop or book a prior appointment