10 Best Mind Blowing Birth Flower Tattoos Ideas

Birth flower tattoos are a popular choice for those looking for a tattoo with personal meaning. While the flowers associated with each month vary by culture, the most commonly used birth flowers in tattoo designs are roses (January), daisies (April), lilies (May), and chrysanthemums (November).

Birth flower tattoos can be designed as simple line drawings or more elaborate creations, incorporating other elements such as leaves, stems, and vines. Birth flower tattoos can also be combined with other designs, such as celestial bodies or animals. No matter what style you choose, a birth flower tattoo is sure to be a beautiful and unique addition to your body art collection.

birth flower tattoos
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Birth flower tattoos represent the characteristics of people who are born in that specific month.

Birth flower tattoos are a great way of personalizing floral designs. Each species of birth flower holds a significant meaning which makes them even more endearing.

These tattoos combine Floriography or the language of flowers with Astrology to create these meaningful designs. The refreshing beauty of the blooms, combined with their astrological significance, makes these tattoos a top pick for many! You can portray your birth flower in a vibrant hue or opt for a classic monochromatic look according to your personal taste. Pairing your birth month flowers with other tattoo designs further enhances its symbolism. Take a look at the following birth flower tattoos and choose one that pleases your aesthetics!

January Birth Flower Tattoo

january birth flower tattoo
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A delicate carnation flower is inked near the ankle of the wearer. The flower is beautifully detailed in a pink hue with tiny green leaves. The carnation, the January birth month flower, represents the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. The blossoming January carnation is a symbol of love, protection, and new beginnings.

january birth flower tattoos
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The beautiful snowdrop flowers are portrayed in a subtle shade of blue in this tattoo design. The flowers are emboldened in black ink with crisp white detailing on the petals. Snowdrops represent purity and innocence. The early bloom of snowdrops signals the transition from winter to spring. Thus, they are also regarded as a symbol of rebirth and transformation. These flowers can melt the snow in their surroundings in order to grow. According to the Bible, an angel created these flowers from snowflakes for Adam and Eve to survive the harsh winters in the garden of Eden.

February Birth Flower Tattoo

february birth flower tattoo
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The stunning violets with leafy foliage are inked on the shoulder of the wearer. The fan-like petals of the flower are inked in the classic violet shade with white outlines. The leaves, intricately shaded in green, accentuate the beauty of the design. Violets are regarded as a symbol of virtue and faithfulness.

february birth flower tattoos
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You can also opt for a vibrant iris tattoo to represent your birth month! The striking purple hue of the flower makes the design pretty alluring. The delicate streaks of white ink on the purple petals further enhance its charm. Moreover, the buzzing honeybee inked near the purple blossoms adds to its beauty. The iris is considered to be a link between heaven and earth. It is also the national symbol of France and is popularly known as fleur-de-lis. People born in this month are considered to have the traits of wisdom and valour.

March Birth Flower Tattoo

march birth flower tattoo
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The daffodil daffodils, the birth flower of March, are inked with a touch of realism in this tattoo art. The flowers have a yellowish centre along with grey petals on the outside. The shadow inked underneath the flowers and leaves creates a realistic illusion in the design. These remarkable flowers mark the onset of spring and represent friendship and joy.

April Birth Flower Tattoo

april birth flower tattoo
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The delicate daisies are placed on the crescent moon in this unique tattoo design. The tiny white petals of the flowers stand in contrast to its bright yellow centre. Moreover, the pink leaves enhance the stunning visual of this design. The moon is kept simple in a greyish hue with minimal detailing. The people belonging to the zodiac of Aries are represented by charming daisies symbolizing playfulness, passion, and positivity. These flowers bloom in the daytime and close their petals at night. Thus, they are called daisies meaning day’s eyes.

april birth flower tattoos
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The sweet pea is portrayed in a vibrant red hue on the arm of the wearer. The petals of sweet pea are inked in delicate stripes and paired with green leaves. The flowers come in a variety of soft hues representing the season of spring. Apart from their beautiful appearance, these flowers also have an enchanting fragrance. These flowers symbolize loving memories and a blissful goodbye.

May And June Birth Flower Tattoo

may and june birth flower tattoo
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The white blossoms of the lily of the valley are beautifully portrayed on the skin of the wearer. The white bell shaped petals of the flowers have a pale yellow hue. The large green leaves bring a pop of colour to the design. The spiritual meaning of these flowers is associated with the resurrection of Christ. These flowers, blooming in the month of May, represent humility and kindness.

may and june birth flower tattoos
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The elegant purple rose with realistic detailing is placed on the shoulder of the wearer. The vibrant purple petals of the rose blends into a red hue at the centre. Moreover, the white shading further enhances the realistic appearance of the design. The colour of its petals play a significant role in the meaning associated with the rose tattoo. Purple roses are symbolic of beauty, bravery, and sacrifice.

July Birth Flower Tattoo

july birth flower tattoo
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A beautiful water lily is paired with a small monarch butterfly in this stunning design. The intricate detailing of the blue petals of the water lily adds to the beauty of the tattoo. Water lilies represent a spiritual journey and the importance of being at peace with ownself. Moreover, the monarch butterfly tattoo, signifying a departed soul and the presence of an afterlife, adds depth to the meaning of the design. Perhaps, it is symbolic of how the dead are in the other realm of enlightenment.

july birth flower tattoos
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The pretty larkspurs highlight the collarbone of the wearer in this design. The flowers are shaded in purple and paired with green foliage. The word larkspur is coined from the Greek word ‘delphis’ meaning dolphin. Their name arises from its conical form which resembles the noses of dolphins. People belonging to the zodiac of Cancer are represented by these purple blossoms symbolizing an open heart.

August Birth Flower Tattoo

august birth flower tattoo
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The charming design portrays a vibrant red poppy on the skin of the wearer. The flower is shaded in a red hue that fades into white at the centre. The tiny flower buds at the centre are emboldened in black. Furthermore, the stunning black leaves create a play of contrast in this tattoo design. The flower signifies peace and eternal sleep.

august birth flower tattoos
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The stunning gladiolus is inked in a shade of red in this design. The red petals are beautifully detailed with white and yellow ink. The tall green leaves of the flowers further add to their beauty. The word gladiolus is coined from the Latin word meaning ‘sword’. These flowers represent strength in character and were worn by soldiers as an amulet of protection in ancient times.

September Birth Flower Tattoo

september birth flower tattoo
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A bundle of purple asters are beautifully portrayed on the arm of the wearer. The yellow centre of the flowers is inked in a dot work detailing. The meaning of the word aster in Latin is a star. People born in the month of September are represented by Aster symbolizing strength and courage. The colour of its petals also throws shades to its meaning. Perhaps, the purple asters are symbolic of royalty and wisdom.

september birth flower tattoos
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The beautiful morning glories are inked in a combination of purple and blue in this vibrant design. The colourful petals of the flowers are highlighted with streaks of white. The green leaves are also portrayed with intricate detailing. These flowers often represent unrequited love and mortality.

October Birth Flower Tattoo

october birth flower tattoos
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A simplistic design of a stunning marigold is inked behind the ear of the wearer. The bright yellow petals of the flowers are inked with precision. The tiny leaves are also portrayed with crisp detailing in this tattoo design. The bright yellow hue of the flower is associated with the warmth of the sun.

october birth flower tattoo ideas
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You can also opt for this charming armband tattoo of marigolds. The flowers are shaded in an orange hue with a yellow undertone. The black leaves add brilliant contrast to the armband tattoo.

November Birth Flower Tattoo

november birth flower tattoo
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Chrysanthemums are a popular theme when it comes to Japanese tattoo art. You can opt for this brilliant sleeve tattoo portraying the beautiful chrysanthemum in Japanese style. The red hue of the flowers contrasts with the black backdrop of the design. These flowers signify joy, happiness, and love. In Japan, an entire festival called the ‘festival of happiness’ is dedicated to these flowers.

november birth flower tattoos
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The bright red chrysanthemum is paired with black leaves in this birth flower tattoo design. The inner side of the petals is shaded in black while their outer edge has a stunning red hue. According to Feng Shui, Chrysanthemums are known to bring happiness and joy in life.

December Birth Flower Tattoo

december birth flower tattoo
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A bunch of narcissus flowers are tied together in a bow on the back of the wearer. A pair of butterflies, fluttering around the flowers, further enhance the gracefulness of the design. These yellow blooms are known to bring in wealth and fortune in the upcoming year. The butterfly tattoos add joy and happiness to the meaning of the narcissus flowers.

Birth flowers are the beautiful blooms that represent your birth month. Each birth flower is known to represent the personality traits of people who are born in that particular month. You can portray your birth flower in a number of inking styles. Here is a curated list of birth flower tattoo ideas you can get inspired from!

  1. September birth month flower tattoos in vibrant hues on the back
  2. December birth flower tattoos in a gorgeous pink hue
  3. Realistic birth flower bouquet tattoos on the arm
  4. May birth flower tattoo in a gradient of colour on the lower back
  5. Minimalist family birth flower tattoos on the chest
  6. February birth flower tattoos in bright colours on the upper arm
  7. September birth flower tattoos with realistic detailing on the neck
  8. Delicate family birth flower tattoos on the forearm
  9. Birth flower tattoos for family in bold hues
  10. Birth month flower tattoos in bright colours on the back

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