10 Best Mamba Mentality Tattoo Ideas |

If you’re a part of the legendary mamba mentality, these mamba mentality tattoo ideas are for you. Honor our favorite Kobe Bryant in the most creative way.

mamba mentality tattoo
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A mamba mentality tattoo is the best way to commemorate the wonderful legacy of La Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

The most common forms of a mamba mentality tattoo are a Kobe Bryant tattoo with lettering designs and Lakers legend tattoo with a black snake, stylized in different colors and shades. Sports bring so many people closer together and Kobe Bryant is a household name, given the greatness of his skills.

The legendary history of La Lakers deserves the greatest place in art, tattoo designs and so much more. To pay tribute to the wonderful legacy of Lakers Legend’s greatness and the awesome sport’s history, a Kobe Bryant tattoo is quite literally the most creative commemoration. Fans have mourned the news of the passing of Bryant and his daughter in January and to honor them and their lives, creativity is what wins.

Praying Hands Snake Tattoo

praying hands snake tattoo
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This praying hands black mamba tattoo is one of the best mamba mentality tattoo designs ever to exist! Pay your respect to La Lakers’ greatness and Lakers legend in your way by getting a tattoo of a pair of hands, praying and a black mamba snake tattoo right around it.

Mamba mentality is a state of mind; if you happen to share it, this amazing tattoo design is definitely for you! On the pain scale, it has been rated a 4/10 due to the absence of too many colors. This tattoo is essentially monochrome with red lettering and the shading is done through intricate strokes with semi-realistic designs and detailing. As a La Lakers and Kobe Bryant tribute tattoo, this is one of the most popular among tattoo lovers and tattoo artists!

Mamba Basketball Brain Tattoo

mamba basketball brain tattoo
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This mamba basketball brain tattoo is a wonderfully creative one, with half a minimalistic basketball drawn merged with a subtle designer brain and a stunning black mamba surrounding it. This tattoo is not just a Kobe Bryant tribute tattoo, it is a way of honoring every Lakers player who has made us proud!

This design has a fairly minimalistic execution, very subtle strokes, and light detailing, which gives this mamba tattoo a semi-realistic look. On the pain scale, it has been rated a 3/10 because it is not too heavily detailed and also essentially monochrome. The black mamba drawn around the basketball has adequate shading and if you’re a Kobe Bryant sports fan looking for a perfect first tattoo, this might just be the best one for you!

Simple Mamba Mentality Tattoo

simple mamba mentality tattoo
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This tattoo is a fairly simple design. It is a lettering tattoo with stylized fonts, spelling “Mamba Mentality”, in the coolest way possible! If you are looking for a Kobe Bryant tribute tattoo, this mamba mentality tattoo is perfect!

This design is a popular favorite due to its simple execution and minimalistic design. This is essentially an arm tattoo, but depending on the size of the design (which is completely up to you to decide) its style can vary. This tattoo has been rated a 4/10 on the pain scale because of the color filling within some of the letters. This, too, is a monochrome-based tattoo design, with minimal shading but stunning coloring and chic fonts. You can mix your love for sports and Bryant together with this design!

Lakers Logo Tattoo

lakers logo tattoo
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This Lakers tattoo quite literally has the coolest design, with monochrome sketches and minimalistic designs, all teaming up to create a pic of the Lakers Logo in all its glory.

This might be the best way to commemorate the historic legacy of the Lakers and Kobe Bryant and his greatness and honor through the most creative of ways. This tattoo has a simple design, though it may not look like it, of course. It has a subtle, minimalist, semi-realistic approach, along with minimal shading and adequate detailing plus a little bit of lettering, giving it a look resembling something out of Star Wars! On the pain scale, it has been rated 4/10 on various internet sites, but that is only because of the multiple stroke shading and color filling. O