10 Best Lighthouse Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you looking for a wonderful tattoo that signifies protection and direction? Then check out these awesome lighthouse tattoo ideas!

lighthouse tattoo ideas
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Lighthouse tattoos are pretty popular among tattoo lovers who appreciate tattoos with deep and personal meanings.

If you ever wonder about a lighthouse tattoo meaning, then the answer is quite simple. A lighthouse tattoo is symbolic of guidance during difficult times.

A lighthouse has traditionally guided sailors and navigators towards safety. The huge building with a light emanating from it is a beacon for sailors who have lost their way and are desperately searching for land. Thus, a lighthouse has always symbolized safe haven, shelter, guidance and protection – which is why a lot of people opt for tattooing a blue or a red lighthouse on their body. In addition to that, a lighthouse tattoo is pretty easy to place on your body as they can fit anywhere. One can also ask for a colorful lighthouse tattoo or a monochromatic one which is done entirely in black ink. A lot of men and women are increasingly asking for a lighthouse tattoo as they look amazing and reveal a lot about our personalities.

So if you are on the verge of a new adventure or journey and are looking for tattoos to show you the right path, go ahead and look at these awesome lighthouse tattoos!

Small And Adorable Lighthouse Tattoo Designs

small and adorable lighthouse tattoo designs
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, you may want to look at smaller tattoos that still hold a deep meaning nonetheless. If you want a tattoo that is symbolic of a guidiling light and acts as a welcoming beacon to lost souls, why not look at a small lighthouse tattoo? While there can be different meanings behind a traditional lighthouse tattoo, these buildings have been protecting sailors around the world and has helped them navigate life and death on the sea. Therefore, a beautiful and small lighthouse tattoo might be the perfect idea for your first body art!

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Bright And Colorful Lighthouse Tattoo Designs

bright and colorful lighthouse tattoo designs
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While a lot of people may prefer to look at small lighthouse tattoo ideas, you can also choose a different option. If you love bold colors and feel that they represent your personality and who you are in real life, then you should definitely opt for a lovely watercolor lighthouse tattoo. Watercolor lighthouse tattoos would look amazing on people who are bored of the monochromatic tattoos and are not afraid of playing around with colors in their tattoos. Depending on your choices and preferences, you can ask the tattoo artist to choose a subtle, pastel and muted color palette or a more bright and loud color palette. In addition to that, tattoos of lighthouses made with blue or red color with alternating white stripes would look really great. A vividly colorful lighthouse tattoo will also be just as eye-catching as a real lighthouse is in the dark.

Minimal Tattoo Ideas With Lighthouse Motif

minimal tattoo ideas with lighthouse motif
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If you are on the search for simple lighthouse tattoos, you can also opt for a minimal lighthouse tattoo as seen in the picture above. If you don’t like to carry large, complex tattoos on your skin, you can look at small lighthouse tattoos which represent hope amidst despair. The lighthouse has a special meaning for people who have often lost their way but wait for an external source of light to carry them back through the tumultuous waves.

Amazing Lighthouse Tattoos With Anchor Motif

amazing lighthouse tattoos with anchor motif
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Sailors around the world know how important it is for a ship to have an anchor. After all, it is the anchor that allows the ship to dock near land and keeps it still and firmly fixed to the ground. Even harsh ocean waves cannot move the ship when it is anchored. If you are also inspired by the anchor and what it symbolizes, you can get a symbolic tattoo of an anchor along with the lighthouse tattoo design as well. Just ask your tattoo artist to draw up an anchor in the same style