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Are you a Libran? Want to get a Libra tattoo inked on your body? Here are the top ten Libra tattoo drawings that can help you pick one.

Libra Tattoo Drawings
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When planning to invest in body art, you tend to get puzzled by the various designs you see.

Indeed, it becomes difficult for a person to pick, especially when too many options are placed before her. However, of all tattoo designs, people like getting their zodiac sign inked on their bodies.

This article covers the top ten Libra tattoo ideas from which you can easily pick one for yourself. But, before we go into the details of the Libra tattoos, it would be better to have some idea about the Libra symbol and its significance in the tattooing world. So, if you want to know further about the Libra symbol and tattoo ideas, keep reading the blog till the end.

Generally, people who are true believers in zodiac signs, stars, and destiny, choose the zodiac symbol as their tattoo design. The Libra is the seventh zodiac symbol whose image is that of a balance scale. In astrology, the Librans are known for two specific traits of their character – one is for being a socialite and the other trait is that of being just or maintaining equality. Just as the Libra scales in the Libra zodiac sign, Librans balance both sides of an issue and come up with a rational decision. Being the air sign, the Librans have a great quality of making friends easily. Keeping in mind the characteristics of a Libran, it is nearly impossible to not like a true Libran.

However, when it comes to Libra tattoos, there are three Libra tattoo designs from which, you can ask the tattoo artist to pick one, according to your choice. The first is the Libra zodiac tattoo where the image is that of a Libra glyph. The second is the set of balance scales that depicts portraying harmony and finding balance everywhere. Finally, the third tattoo design is that of the Libra constellation. Each of the Libra tattoo ideas is different and unique in its own way and depicts an impactful meaning.

Now that you have a brief idea about Libra tattoos, it is time to dive into the top ten best Libra tattoo ideas. So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Simple Libra Tattoos In Black Ink

Simple Libra Tattoos In Black Ink
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If you are looking for some Libra tattoo ideas, you have come to the right place. This Libra tattoo has a simple yet elegant design. IF you notice the balance scale carefully, you will see that the stand of the balance scale looks more like a candle stand. It is this ethnic touch in the tattoo that makes it a pleasing design.

Simple Libra Tattoos In Black Inks
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Here is another Libra tattoo where every aspect of the tattoo is neatly inked by the tattoo artist. This unique design is a great choice for people looking for small tattoo designs with the Libra goddess. Here, the artist has used fine line work to retain the Libra meaning.

Small Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Small Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo
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Are you a person who loves to maintain balance and harmony in your life? Then, you should definitely try out a Libra tattoo. Getting a Libra tattoo is a great idea. Here is a feminine Libra zodiac tattoo, a perfect example for people who are interested in Zodiac libra tattoo drawings. This is one of those new school Libra tattoo drawings that are perfectly suitable for women.

Small Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo ideas
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If you are hunting for creative Libra tattoo drawings, your hunt stops here. Take a look at this Libra zodiac symbol. Considering this Libra sign, it depicts the balanced middle-of-the-road nature of the Libras. The rising loop in the middle of the sign illustrates the justice that the Libras follow.

Libra Tattoo with Flowers

Libra Tattoo with Flowers
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If you want a feministic tattoo with a Libra symbol, here is one for you. If you look into the Libra sign carefully, you will notice that the Libra tattoo has a lotus purple inked right below it. On one hand, the Libra zodiac sign here denotes equality and on the other hand, the purple lotus is a mark of enlightenment and spiritual rebirth. One can substitute the lotus with a rose tattoo.

Libra Tattoo with Flowers ideas
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Many women prefer Libran tattoos without the lady justice. That clearly shows that women are up for some realistic and symbolic tattoos. If you love tattoos like these here is a tiny Libra tattoo with some floral elements in it. These tiny tattoos are suitable for people whose pain tolerance level is less than the others. Regarding choosing the flowers, a rose tattoo can also be merged here.

Libra Constellation Tattoo With Floral Design

Libra Constellation Tattoo With Floral Design
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Although Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac chart, it can be depicted with constellation tattoos. Here is a Libra constellation tattoo that has colorful pansies attached to it. It is one of those constellation tattoos that has four stars in it namely alpha librae, beta librae, gamma librae, and sigma librae.

Libra Constellation Tattoo With Floral Design ideas
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This is another Libra constellation tattoo that stands for Planet Venus. According to Greek mythology, Lord Venus, the Greek Goddess is the Goddess of Justice. Here again, four stars are inked where alpha librae and beta librae stand for the two sides of the scale. Being a Libran, if you have great decision-making skills, this tattoo is suitable for you.

Feminine Libra Tattoo With Woman

Feminine Libra Tattoo With Woman
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If you want a tattoo with a libra symbol yet more feminine, here is what you can do. In this Libra tattoo, you can see a woman holding a balance scale. All the elements in the tattoo are complementary to each other. Besides, this tattoo is a large one. Hence, it is sure to need some space. This can be a great back tattoo.

Feminine Libra Tattoo With Womans
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Here is another large Libra tattoo with a woman holding the balance scale. This genuinely reminds us of Goddess Themis with the balance scale in hand, trying to showcase the justice and equality that the Libras follow.

Symbolic Libra Word Tattoo on Forearms

Symbolic Libra Word Tattoo on Forearms
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If you want to get a zodiac sign tattoo design that is a little quirky or that will make people ask you about the mystery behind it, here is a design for you. In this Libra tattoo, the tattoo artist has smartly included the Libra zodiac symbol along with the word ‘Balance’. Although this is a text tattoo, for the presence of the symbol, it is a zodiac sign tattoo as well.

Symbolic Libra Word Tattoo on Forearms ideas
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Here is another cute yet spooky Libra tattoo inked on the finger. If you are looking for Libra tattoo drawings for men, this is an ideal design. The ornamental symbols used along with the Libra sign make the tattoo a great example for people interested in minimalist tattoos.

Gigantic Libra Chest Tattoo

Gigantic Libra Chest Tattoo
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People born under the Libra sign tend to be the epitome of integrity and equilibrium. This is what, this chest tattoo shows. The tattoo is inked in such a manner that at very first sight, it will grab the attention of the people. The scales inked here stand for justice. So, people who believe in justice or are Librans can get this tattoo on their bodies.

Gigantic Libra Chest Tattoos
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Another similar large tattoo that is not just a magnificent design, but also aesthetically pleasing is this Libra back tattoo. Normal black ink is used here to draw the scales. On both sides of the scales are two baby angels, depicting the innocence that the Librans possess throughout their lives.

Lady Justice With Libra Balance Scales

Lady Justice With Libra Balance Scales
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In life, many people believe in nurturing simplicity and maintaining a balance. Generally, this is the characteristic of a Libran. If you are a Libran and believe in maintaining this equilibrium, this Libra symbol is apt for you. Here, the artist has tried to combine a fictional character with that of a serious zodiac tattoo.

Lady Justice With Libra Balance Scales ideas
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This is another Libra tattoo with Lady Justice, crying for justice. Here, the presence of the Libra symbol has given a more realistic look. The tattoo lovers who prefer to get detailed tattoos and can bear with a little pain are sure to love this design.

Tiny Libra Constellation Tattoos in Black

Tiny Libra Constellation Tattoos in Black
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If you are interested in cosmic energy and have a strong liking for the stars and moon, this constellation tattoo will definitely find a place in your heart. Although this is a constellation tattoo, it depicts the true power of Libras.

Tiny Libra Constellation Tattoos in Black ideas
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Of all Libra constellation tattoos, this one is a bit different as it possesses a moon tattoo along with it. The tattoo artists recommend not using too a variety of colors while getting such symbolic tattoos as it hampers the true essence of the tattoo.

Single Word Libra Tattoo

Single Word Libra Tattoo
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Here is a simple Libra tattoo with a little bit of shading in grey and black. To mark the true essence of the symbols, the word ‘Libra’ has been inscribed right below the sign. It can look great on the wrist. If necessary, one can combine a moon tattoo with it.

Single Word Libra Tattoo ideas
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This is a similar single-word Libra tattoo that has a tinge of blue ink on it. In fact, the blue shade that passes through the balance scale makes the tattoo look interesting.

Indeed, these Libra tattoo designs are worth taking a shot at. However, after you have gotten a tattoo, make sure to give it adequate time to get healed. Do not undergo any kind of experiment with the tattoo. Once it is healed, you can flaunt it!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Goddess Libra tattoo
  • Black and white scale tattoo on arms
  • Universe constellation tattoo
  • Libra and rose arm tattoo
  • Geometric Libra tattoo

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