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Are you looking for a stunning tattoo to highlight your legs? Here are some cool leg tattoos for women you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Leg Tattoo For Women
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Legs offer a perfect canvas to portray a stunning body art.

You can choose beautiful tattoos to ink along the length of your leg. Pairing them with floral motifs or inking them in fine lines will certainly bring a feminine appeal to the designs.

A tattoo of a large design should be placed on the thigh that will offer a large area to ink the details. Thigh tattoos provide enough space for the tattoo artists to showcase their artstic brilliance. You can also go for a dramatic leg sleeve tattoo covering your entire leg! If this is your first tattoo experience then you should opt for a design on the calf area of your leg which has larger amount of fat and less nerve ending. Thus, tattoos on calf will be less painful compared to other areas. Some of the popular leg tattoo designs for women include the lantern, lion, and classic florals. Keep on reading to find out about some cool tattoo ideas on leg for women along with their symbolic interpretations.

Phoenix Leg Tattoo

Phoenix Leg Tattoo
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The phoenix is a popular theme when it comes to tattoos for its mythological interpretation as well as stunning visual. The leg tattoos showcases a rising phoenix bird paired with beautiful cherry blossoms. The wing of the fire bird is shaded in bold uses. The watercolor inking style adopted in this designs certainly enhances its charm. The phoenix is a popular symbol of rebirth while the spring flowers signifies life and beauty.

Phoenix Leg Tattoos
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The classic phoenix tattoo design is beautifully portrayed on the leg of the wearer. The plumage of the bird is tattooed in an orange hue with a yellow undertone. The ends of the feathers are highlighted in a purple tint. The blend of colours on the plumage beautifully accentuates the impressive visual of the design. You can also portray burning flames around the fire bird to further enhance its symbolic meaning.

Hummingbird Leg Tattoo

Hummingbird Leg Tattoo
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If you are in awe of the beauty of the hummingbird then you should definitely opt for a stunning hummingbird leg tattoo like the one shown in the picture. The plumage of the bird is inked in a combination of blue and green hue. The throat of the bird has a yellow tint. The texture on its feathers are highlighted in black. According to many cultures, the hummingbird is considered to be a symbol of peace. A hummingbird tattoo also stands for love, hope, and joy.

Hummingbird Leg Tattoos
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You can portray your hummingbird with beautiful floral motifs to add a feminine appeal to your leg tattoo design. It seems like the bird is searching for a perfect spot to roost amidst a bunch of flowers. The bluish green feathers of the bird blends into a dark purple shade near the wings.

Snake And Rose Leg Tattoo

Snake And Rose Leg Tattoo
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A snake is coiled around a red rose in this enticing leg tattoo design. The realistic detailing of the red rose and the serpent certainly enhances the stunning visual of the design. Perhaps, the shadow inked beneath the snake accentuates the realistic illusion. Moreover, the black leaves brings a creates a brilliant contrast to the design. The union of the snake and rose in tattoo designs also carries a deep symbolic meaning apart from being an alluring tattoo art. It symbolizes love that turns into lust.

Snake And Rose Leg Tattoos
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A stunning black serpent is paired with a mystical blue rose on the leg of the wearer. The stunning color contrast in the design enhances its appeal. The petals of the blue rose is shaded in white around the edges. The black rose is also inked with great detailing. The mottled skin of the snake is portrayed with intricate patterns in black.

Dragon Leg Tattoo

Dragon Leg Tattoo
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The floral dragon can be a great feminine tattoo design to highlight your legs. The play of contrast in this tattoo design certainly adds to its beauty. The monochromatic dragon tattoo is portrayed with a pair of red flowers. The fine line detailing of the red blooms is inked with great precision. The dragon is inked with great detailing in black. Dragons are considered to be a symbol of wealth and good fortune. Pairing the fiery dragon with pretty floral motifs is a brilliant way of bringing a touch of femininity to your leg tattoo art.

Dragon Leg Tattoos
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You can also portray a dragon face in stunning hues like the one shown in the picture. The glint in the eyes of the dragon conveys its inner ferocity. The blue skin of the dragon is highlighted in white. Its yellowish fangs further enhances its demonic features.

Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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If you’re in the quest of a design that will cover up your entire leg then this one can be your top pick! The amalgamation of more than one design makes this leg sleeve tattoo truly unique. The owl tattoo and the full moon on the upper half paints a picture of a night sky. The beautiful blue bird with the white rose and pink flower highlights the lower half of the sleeve tattoo design. The intricate detailing of the owl and the bird is not one to be missed! The elegant white rose further enhances the beauty of the leg sleeve. Moreover, the pink hue in the backdrop brilliantly highlights the entire design with its luminious glow.

Leg Sleeve Tattoos
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Instead of a full leg sleeve tattoo, you can also go for a half leg sleeve like the one shown in the picture. A red gold fish is the theme of this beautiful piece. The fins of the fish is beautiful inked with great detailing. The bluish black water of the ocean acts as a beautiful backdrop for the design. You can also add a botanical band to your gold fish leg tattoo.

Koi Fish Leg Tattoo

Koi Fish Leg Tattoo
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A golden koi fish is inked on the leg of the wearer in the traditional Japanese inking style. The golden hue of the fins highlights the design. The classic Irezumi backdrop adds to the beauty of the koi fish tattoo. You can portray this gorgeous tattoo of a koi fish on the shin area of your leg that will be easily visible when your wear shorts. The koi fish stands a symbol of perseverance and struggles one has to overcome in life.

Lantern Leg Tattoo

Lantern Leg Tattoo
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A lantern is a popular choice when it comes to tattoo art. A glowing lantern is beautifully portrayed on the leg of the wearer with gorgeous pink roses. The wooden lanterns is inked with intricate pattern. The burning flame inside the lantern highlights the entire design. Moreover, the beauty of the delicate roses adds a feminine charm to the leg tattoo. Lanterns bring light to darkness, similarly, a lantern tattoo symbolizes finding the light or right path in life.

Lantern Leg Tattoos
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You can also pair your lantern with a charming butterfly tattoo like the one shown in the picture. It seems like the butterfly is attracted to the glowing beauty of the lantern. Its bright wings stands in contrast to the burning flame of the lantern. The leafy foliage surrounding the lantern further fumes its contrasting visual.

Skull Leg Tattoo

Skull Leg Tattoo
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A realistic skeleton is inked along the length of the leg in this enticing tattoo art. The realistic detailing on the skeleton has certainly brought it to life! Moreover, the red roses placed on top brings a mysterious charm to the design. This can be an amazing tattoo idea for Halloween if you’re looking for something spooky.

Skull Leg Tattoos
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The stunning watercolor skull design placed on the calf of the wearer can be an amazing tattoo for your next ink. The skull is inked without a lower jaw which enhances the mystery surround the design. The splash of colors on the skull beautifully fades into one another making the design appear like a canvas art. Furthermore, the floral patterns on the head of the skull and the heart symbols placed inside its eye sockets add a unique detailing to the tattoo.

Lion Leg Tattoo

Lion Leg Tattoo
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A lion tattoo is inked with a unique twist in this amazing design. The pair of butterflies adds a splash of color to the monochromatic lion tattoo. The face of the lion is beautifully shaded in black ink. The wings of the fluttering butterflies are highlighted with specks of white along with shadow work inked beneath below them.

Lion Leg Tattoos
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The artistic lion design with floral detailing can be such a cool tattoo for your next ink! The fur of the lion is shaded in a pale orange hue while its mane is accessorized with beautiful blooms. Its piercing green eyes certainly highlights the body art. A lion tattoo signifies a fearless individual who possesses bravery and courage.

Lotus Mandala Leg Tattoo

Lotus Mandala Leg Tattoo
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The beautiful mandala inked on the upper thigh can be a great leg tattoo idea with deep symbolic meaning. The intricate detailing of the lotus flower with mandala art in black ink is done with perfection. The watercolor effect adopted in the design accentuates its impressive visual by adding a pop of color to the design. The mandala is a symbol of balance and perfection while the lotus symbolizes the purity of the soul. Together, the design conveys a deep spiritual meaning.

Lotus Mandala Leg Tattoos
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The mandala art centering around a lotus flower is beautifully detailed in black. The lotus is shaded in a purple hue with yellow at the centre. The symmetry in the design and the beauty of the lotus makes this leg tattoo exceptional. You should place this design on a larger area like the thigh so that there is enough space to ink the details.

The amount of time your tattoo artist would take to complete your leg tattoo will entirely depend on the design that you’re going to opt for! A small tattoo of a bird will take lesser time to complete than a larger design. Incorporating floral motifs or portraying your leg tattoo in watercolor inking styles are some of the ways of adding a feminine charm to your design! Take a look at this curated list of the best leg tattoos for women.

  • Beautiful vine tattoo with dangling charms on the thigh
  • Realistic shin tattoo of a phoenix
  • Watercolor magnolia flower tattoo on the calf
  • Sun and moon tattoo in colored ink on the inner thigh
  • Watercolor botanical tattoo on the foot
  • Gorgeous space tattoo on the upper leg
  • Butterfly tattoo in fine lines on the calf
  • Thigh tattoos of magnolia flower and delicate daisies

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