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From fighting depression to showing solidarity, Im fine save me tattoo is one of the best ideas to get inked with in modern times.

i'm fine save me tattoo
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Mental illness was once considered to be a religious punishment and patients suffering from such were cornered and treated in inhuman conditions.

The term mental hygiene was coined in the mid-nineteenth century by William Sweetser and from that period onwards several types of research about this topic were initiated. In the twentieth century, major breakthroughs and different perspectives were excavated on this topic.

In 2015, Bekah Miles of George Fox University with her post of ‘Im fine save me tattoo’ on social sites highlighted the issue of mental health and depression and why we seriously need to address this. Other tattoos which can also be done are about self-love and healing.

Simple Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

simple im fine save me tattoo
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This is one of the most in-demand depression-related tattoos in the market right now. The concept of the tattoo became extremely popular after Bekah Miles of George Fox University posted it online in hope of telling her friends and family about her mental health through it. The tattoo became an overnight success as so many people could relate to it.

She did this tattoo on the lower portion of her thigh but anyone who wants to do this can choose several areas like the arm, shoulder, and back to get inked with this design. Mostly the ink color used for these tattoos are black and takes up only a little bit of space. This tattoo is also an example of an ambigram tattoo.

Collarbone Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

collarbone im fine save me tattoo
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The depression ‘im fine save me tattoo’ on the collarbone is one of the most cool-looking tattoos. The collarbone is such a place where this tattoo is easily visible and from that, it can be understood that the person is not scared of showing their struggles with depression. It is a great subtle way to tell other people without barging into their personal life and space.

The ink choice is mostly black for these fine ambigram upside tattoos and the collarbone is mostly chosen by skinny people. Getting inked in the collarbone is extremely painful as there is only a thin layer of skin but the result is mind-blowing. The collarbone tattoo also lasts long as the skin on that place remains intact and the person doing this tattoo also demonstrates their ability to handle pain.

Upper Palm Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

upper palm im fine save me tattoo
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This fine ambigram upside tattoo design is one of the finest and most symbolic tattoo designs. Palm is a place which we use to grip hold of things and to do a depression tattoo here is to say in a symbolic manner that a person has control over their mental health. It is like a token of greatness and is done by people who have crossed several hurdles with the help of therapy.

Black ink is the choice of preference and they can be done either in the upper or lower palm. These tattoos are quite painful as a palm is a sensitive place and has fewer muscles than places like the forearm, wrist, or thighs. They can be also done by people who are still fighting acute depression and will act as a form of reminder on a regular basis that they can overcome their struggle.

Forearm Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

forearm im fine save me tattoo
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The fine ambigram upside tattoo of ‘save me’ on the forearm is becoming extremely famous. Showing struggles with mental health is one of the key concepts of this tattoo design, but when someone put this on the forearm it shows the honesty and confidence in that person.

The person will not shy away from his mental health issues and will always try to emerge victorious. They can also be done on the forearm to support others and help them to recover. The choice of ink is mostly black and other objects can be fused with this design to further highlight the story behind it.

Leg Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

leg im fine save me tattoo
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It was first Bekah Miles who did this double meaning im fine save me tattoo on the lower portion of the thigh. From there it became a hot prospect in the tattoo market for people dealing with depression and other mental health issues. While doing these ambigram tattoos any portion of the leg could be chosen like the sheen, calves, or even the ankle as it takes only a little space.

When we learn to walk in our childhood it is those first dismal and unsteady steps with our legs that helped us to reach where we are. Doing a save me tattoo on the leg can symbolize that the person has started with small steps toward addressing their mental health or has walked a long way trying to recover and find themselves.

Im Fine Save Me Tattoo With Flowers

  im fine save me tattoo with flowers
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Flowers have long been associated with beauty and are responsible for bringing happy emotions, satisfaction, and positiveness to social behavior. Fusing a flower with this concept is a sign that the person is in the recovering phase. This fine ambigram upside tattoo is mostly done with two colors, the alphabets are mostly in black ink while the flowers are colored.

The best places to put these tattoos are the forearm, wrist, bicep, shoulder, thigh, and back. The size mostly varies from small to medium and can be done with any flower of choice. This can also be a symbol that the tattooer heals best when they are around nature.

Back Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

back im fine save me tattoo
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Doing a tattoo on the back is mostly not always visible. Upper back portions like the back of the neck, shoulder, or chest are often chosen to do back tattoos. Now doing a save me I’m fine tattoo here firstly tells that the person does not want everyone to know about their problem. It can be only seen by people who are close to them.

Back tattoos mostly do not hurt much due to the presence of thick skin in these portions. Introverts often opt for this space and the tattoo ink is mostly black in color. The person doing the tattoo in the back portions is very selective about opening up about their depression or other mental health issues they are facing.

Ear Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

ear im fine save me tattoo
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One of the most meaningful places to put the save me im fine tattoo is the ear and around it. The organ provides the services of hearing for every human being and putting on such a tattoo here means that the person wants other people to know about it or is like a reminder to self that they are listening and trying to recover from depression.

The ear tattoo acts as a guide and is mostly done with black ink. This fine ambigram can also be fused with a semicolon which acts as an affirmation and solidarity against depression and suicide. The ear tattoo is not suggested for beginners as it can be extremely painful.

Im Fine Save Me Tattoo With Gravestone

im fine save me tattoo with gravestone
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When someone close to a person dies, the gravestone tattoo is mostly etched on the skin. A date is also written which mostly reflects the date of demise. But when a fine ambigram upside tattoo of im fine save me is done it shows that the person’s death was due to mental illness.

The gravestones are sometimes ornated with flowers and the best place to put them is on the forearm, thighs, shoulder, chest, and back. These tattoos often are done to pay respect and show undying love towards the one who has passed away.

Wrist Im Fine Save Me Tattoo

wrist im fine save me tattoo
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The wrist is one of the most popular places of choice for putting any tattoos. Extremely visible and subtly loud it can be a great place for reminders. The save me tattoo on the wrist looks extremely beautiful and shows that the person is not afraid to talk or handle the issues of mental health.

Black ink or any choice of color can be used by the tattooer for the wrist tattoo design. Not only expressing mental health issues but they can also be done by others to show support and solidarity to someone close like a best friend, sibling, or wife.

The post of Bekah Miles became a baton of light for fighting depression and was even shared by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Zooey Deschanel.

Other tattoos that can be done with this concept are:

  • Im fine save me and moon tattoo.
  • Im fine save me and the snake tattoo.
  • Im fine save me and a neck tattoo.
  • Im fine save me and star tattoo.
  • Im fine save me and the deer tattoo.

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