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Show your unconditional love for the most important person in your life, grandma, by selecting a grandma tattoo from the list we curated only for you.

Grandma Tattoo
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Grandmothers all around the world are the sweetest people in the family.

More than our mom and dad, our grandparents were the ones that never stepped down from spoiling us with love. The best way to keep our grandparents in our memory is through a tattoo.

If your grandma is not present with you right now, she will always be alive in your memory. Our grandparents would never stop loving us, even from heaven. They always look out for us with a smile and are proud of the person we have grown up into. There is no way one can pay back the amount of care and love that our grandparents showed us. However, getting a tattoo in your grandmother’s memory is worth it because grandmothers deserve a tattoo in their honor. Check out the list of these brilliant tattoos that we created only for you to pay tribute to your grandma.

Grandpa Holding Hand Tattoo

Grandpa Holding Hand Tattoo
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This beautiful tattoo features two hands that are holding each other. One hand is of grandma, and the other hand is of the granddaughter. The background of the tattoo is black inside a squared tattoo. The detailing of the tattoo makes the tattoo look realistic.

The shadings of the tattoo are also noteworthy. The muscles of the hands and the nails are properly visible in this tattoo. With this tattoo, you can cherish all the times you have spent together If you want a tattoo that will pay the perfect tribute to your grandma, then this tattoo is the one for you.

Colorful Memories With Portrait Grandma Tattoo

Colorful Memories With Portrait Grandma Tattoo
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This memorial tattoo can remind you about the time you spent with your grandma when you both were happy. With this tattoo, you can cherish all the good memories you have spent with your grandma all these years. This tattoo features a photo of the grandchild and the grandma. The scene in this tattoo is beautifully portrayed.

The colorful ink used in the photo of this tattoo is just flawless. The tattoo also features a polaroid camera out of which the picture is coming out. There is also a pig with wings at the bottom of the tattoo that can refresh your childhood memories. The wings are colored blue in this tattoo, and the shading of the wings is very detailed. If you miss the time you have spent with your loved ones, then this collection would look marvelous, and the colors used in this tattoo would definitely look fun too.

Grandma Portrait Tattoo

Grandma Portrait Tattoo
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This tattoo features the portrait of a grandma. The tattoo artist used only blank and white ink in this monochrome tattoo. The fine lines, details, and shading of the tattoo are flawless. The expression is also caught perfectly in the tattoo. There is also a slight shading outside the portrait that creates a border-like effect in the tattoo.

The features of the face along are tattooed prominently, which makes the tattoo look beautiful. An elephant at the bottom represents the wise and old grandmother and makes it relevant to the portrait. Memorial tattoos are the best way to honor your loved ones, and this tattoo is the best way through which you can pay your respect.

Grandma’s Date Of Birth Tattoo

Grandma's Date Of Birth Tattoo
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This memorial tattoo features the date on which the grandmother was born. The tattoo placement of this tattoo is on the backside of the ankle. The font used in this tattoo is very neat and simple, which makes the tattoo look elegant.

The spacing between the date and the word “grandma” is also perfect, making the tattoo look minimalistic. If you notice closely, you can also see a tiny heart drawn at the end of the word “grandma”. This is a sign for you to get this lovely ink on your body. If minimalism is your style, then you should consider getting this tattoo to honor your loved one.

Grandma Memorial Tattoo On The Arm

Grandma Memorial Tattoo On The Arm
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This sweet tattoo features an outline from the grandma’s photo and two blooming flowers. The interesting fact about this tattoo art is that the portrait is not drawn whole; rather, the details are the main focus.

The fine line on the flowers and the shading is amazing. It is a sign of faith, hope, love, and care. The idea behind this tattoo should be appreciated because the design makes the tattoo stand out. This is one of the best memorial tattoo ideas that will look great on your skin, and it certainly is the best way to honor your grandma.

Grandma’s Cookies Tattoo

Grandma's Cookies Tattoo
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This gorgeous tattoo is from a very personal collection that features a hand holding out a cookie. Sweet treats always remind us of our grandmas. There is a deep and cute meaning attached to the tattoo.

The flowers added to the tattoo gives it an aesthetic look. The cuff on the hand looks very retro, giving it the grandma vibe. The shadows incorporated in this tattoo are the special features of this tattoo. The design and style of this tattoo give it a fun outlook. The tattoo artist did a splendid job on this tattoo’s detailing, shading, and design. The rings are also tattooed to perfection, and the tattoo’s style makes the hand look like a sketch. This is one of the best ways to cherish the memories of your loved ones. If cookies were your grandma’s specialty, this tattoo would look adorable.

Portrait Of Grandma With Rose Tattoo

Portrait Of Grandma With Rose Tattoo
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This memorial tattoo can inspire you to share more love with the people around you, like your loved one used to do. This cute tattoo features a portrait of the grandmother with a wide smile and a blooming rose with leaves just below it.

With flawless detailing and shading, the muscles of the face are made very prominent. The expression, along with the facial features, is perfectly captured in this tattoo. The blooming rose just beneath represents the grace and beauty of grandma. The use of white ink to feature certain features of this tattoo is also notable. The monochrome tattoo makes the love for granny eternal, and she stays alive in our hearts. This tattoo would look gorgeous on you, and you should definitely consider getting it.

Grandma’s Name Tattoo

Grandma's Name Tattoo
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This Etsy tattoo features the name of the grandma with two tiny hearts at the start and end of the same. The artist did the tattoo in a minimal design which makes the tattoo look cool. The font of this tattoo is elegant and graceful.

Right beneath the name, the date of death is written. The spacing, along with the selection of font and design, makes the tattoo look perfect. With this tattoo, granny will always be etched in our hearts forever. If you are planning on paying your honor to your grandma with memorial tattoos, then you should definitely consider getting this one.

Handpoke Grandma’s Jar Tattoo

Handpoke Grandma's Jar Tattoo
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This cute tattoo features a jar of jam. This tattoo’s specialty is done with the old traditional handpoke method. The artist used red, green, and black colors ink in this tattoo. The lid of the jar and the tomato are red in color, the edges of the tomato are green in color, and the jar is black.

This reminds us of all the sweet treats that granny used to prepare for us. The meaning of this tattoo is sweet and simple, just like the jam and granny. Your search for the perfect tattoo is finally over because this is the best memorial tattoo that you can get to pay tribute to your grandmother and represent your love for her.

Remembrance RIP Grandma Tattoo

Remembrance RIP Grandma Tattoo
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This tattoo features the heartbeat line, the word “grandma,” and the date of death. This tattooist is very personal. You can notice that the heartbeat line is beating in the starting portion of the tattoo, but gradually, it becomes a flat line towards the end, which represents death.

The date of death is written on the top of the flatline, and the word “grandmaa” is written just below it. If you are looking for a tattoo for grandma who passed away, then you can definitely try this tattoo out in her honor and pay tribute.

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