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10 Best Gothic Tattoo Number Fonts Ideas |

If you want to get a tattoo that has an impactful design, none can be better than the Gothic tattoo number fonts. Check out these top ten Gothic tattoo fonts.

Gothic Tattoo Number Fonts
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The art of tattooing dates back perhaps ten thousand years.

What was initially considered a prejudiced practice has now become a fashion statement that people, irrespective of their age are looking forward to getting one on their bodies. Although people had to cover them in the workplace, soon the mainstream took up the style of tattooing.

Now, having a tattoo on the body is considered a symbol of artistry and self-expression. Indeed, there are several tattoo designs that one can choose from. However, not all tattoo designs are suitable or perfect for all. When it comes to tattooing, the one-size-fits-all policy does not work. Of all tattoo symbols and designs, the one that is sure to grab the eyeballs of many is the Gothic tattoo design. Not only does the Gothic tattoo have a rich history and culture associated with them, but also looks amazing when inked properly.

Through the Gothic tattoos, one can get an idea about a certain type of body art. It has been centuries that the Gothic tattoos persisted and for obvious reasons. The Gothic tattoos are suitable both for men and women. Generally, the tattoo artist gets these Gothic tattoos done in black ink. Normally, you will come across bold lines and some grey shading in Gothic tattoos. Although there are several Gothic designs, the Gothic font tattoos and symbols have been doing the rounds these days.

Generally, people get tattooed to keep in mind any longing thought or memory. Another reason for getting a tattoo on the body is to showcase to the whole world the principles and ideas that one believes in. Similarly, if you are interested in inking a certain number or font as a tattoo to keep the memory attached to it afresh, the Gothic font tattoo lettering is the best option that you have at hand. Not only does it look great, but creates an impression of calligraphy to an aesthetic to the tattoo font.

Are you searching for some ideal Gothic font tattoos? Fret no more as you have come to the right place. Given below is a list of Gothic font tattoos, which, when inked in the right place, will create an amazing tattoo design.

Year Tattoo With Gothic Numbers

Year Tattoo With Gothic Numbers
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Is there any particular year that strikes you? Or, is there any time that has brought a drastic change in your life? If so, then this year tattoo with Gothic numbers is appropriate for you. If you look into the Gothic fonts inked in this tattoo, you will notice that the artist has used the calligraphy technique to create the numbers and give the tattoo a Gothic essence.

Year Tattoo With Gothic Number ideas
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Here is another year tattoo that has the numbers of the year written in Gothic numbers. This design is ideal for both men and women. Generally, such year tattoos consist of the birth year or the marriage year, or the death year of someone close. This tattoo lettering design looks more like a Gothic tattoo fonts number calligraphy.

Arm Gothic Tattoo Lettering

Arm Gothic Tattoo Lettering
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Have you ever come across a circular tattoo? If not, then here is one for you. This tattoo lettering can be a great choice for the elbow, where the tattoo artist or designer will have to keep the elbow in the center and ink the tattoo encircling it. To add some spice to the tattoo, one can attach some numbers or fonts to it as well to make it appear like a Gothic alphabet tattoo number fonts.

Arm Gothic Tattoo Letterings
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Are you looking for some script fonts for tattoos? Worry not as you have come to the right place. Here is a tattoo with Gothic fonts and letters. To play around with the free fonts, the tattoo artist has added some script fonts to them. The gigantic tattoo fonts cover the major portion of the arm, thereby making the tattoo look as attractive as possible.

Gothic Tattoo Number Fonts On Hand

Gothic Tattoo Number Fonts On Hand
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Here is another tattoo lettering design where the numbers are inked in true Gothic style. To make the Gothic fonts interesting, some basic punctuation and text are used. The tattoo artist has used the right shading to offer the aesthetic feel that Gothic fonts tattoos are supposed to have.

Gothic Tattoo Number Fonts On Hands
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If you are in such of some tattoo that is devoid of a text, this commercial and free fonts number tattoo is apt for you. Here, the Gothic numbers are inked to precision. The tattoo fonts are inked in black and grey. To offer the calligraphic effect on the numbers, the tattoo lettering is shaded adequately.

Gothic Numbers on Chest

Gothic Numbers on Chest
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Do the Gothic numbers fascinate you? Do you want to use some Gothic tattoo fonts designed for commercial use? Here is a free fonts tattoo lettering that has numbers inked from one side of the chest to the other. These Gothic-style Gothic tattoo number fonts are customized according to the desire of the wearer.

Gothic Numbers on Chests
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Here is another Gothic tattoo that has letters and fonts inked all across the chest. If you pay attention to this tattoo font, you will notice that the artist has merged other interesting designs and symbols into this letter tattoo to make it look appealing. Also, this tattoo font has used some pink shades to highlight the letters.

Shoulder Tattoo in Gothic Fonts

Shoulder Tattoo in Gothic Fonts
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To find the right Gothic tattoo design, it is recommended to look into several blog posts. Also, when you read these blog posts, you get to know the meanings of these classical tattoos. Here is a shoulder tattoo that has a word inscribed in Gothic style. The word inked here – ‘EFIMERA’ – stands for impermanence and something which is short-lived.

Shoulder Tattoo in Gothic Fonts ideas
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Here is another shoulder tattoo with free fonts inked in Gothic style. Such script tattoo fonts look amazing on any part of the body. Since Gothic tattoos are a bit gorgeous, they should be inked on body parts that have enough space. To express the shoulder tattoo, wear a sleeveless dress or an off-shoulder dress.

Stylish Head Tattoo in Gothic Fonts

Stylish Head Tattoo in Gothic Fonts
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Ever wondered if you can get a tattoo inked on your head? Yes, it is possible as you can notice in this tattoo. For getting a head tattoo, first, you need to shave your head and keep your head shaved to make the tattoo noticeable. Keeping the angle and dimension of the ear, the tattoo artist should draw the tattoo effectively.

Stylish Head Tattoo in Gothic Fonts ideas
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Here is another head tattoo inked at the side of the head. To bring the true essence of the Gothic culture, the tattoo lettering is accommodated with proper shading in grey. To make such Gothic tattoo fonts more inspiring, one can add some elements to them like flowers, butterflies, ferns, etc.

Bold Gothic Tattoos on Body Parts

Bold Gothic Tattoos on Body Parts
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Indeed, Gothic tattoos are gigantic and require enough space to be inked well. However, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to get a Gothic tattoo on the thigh or back. Here is a Gothic tattoo number font inked on the fingers. To add a certain level of cuteness to this number tattoo, the designs of a pack of cards are inked on the fingers of the other hand.

Bold Gothic Tattoos on Body Parts ideas
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Here is another Gothic tattoo that is inked on the calf muscles of the wearer. The tattoo artist has chosen the calf muscles to ink this tattoo for obvious reasons. The pumped-up shape of the calf muscles, makes such tattoo fonts appear realistic. Also, they are highly visible when the wearer wears shorts or skirts.

Minimal Gothic Year Tattoo Fonts

Minimal Gothic Year Tattoo Fonts
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Here is another Gothic tattoo that has a year inscribed on it. The boldness of the tattoo makes it all the more alluring and eye-catching. Often, people are asked to get tattoos for professional or commercial use. If you have a get a tattoo for commercial use, this is a great design for you.

Minimal Gothic Year Tattoo Fonts ideas
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If year tattoo fonts fascinate you, we have another year tattoo design for you. The way the tattoo is inked holds the true essence of Gothic culture. The tattoo is inked on the calf muscles.

Gothic Script Tattoo Fonts

Gothic Script Tattoo Fonts
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If you prefer bold tattoos that have only a single word inked on them, this Gothic font tattoo is ideal for you. Bold black ink is used to emphasize the importance and relevance of the word in the tattoo.

Gothic Script Tattoo Fonts ideas
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Here is another script tattoo inked in Gothic style. This looks more like a twin tattoo as the words ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ is inked in the same location, that is, right above the knee.

Simple Gothic Tattoo in Red Ink

Simple Gothic Tattoo in Red Ink
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The red ink when used in tattooing, makes the tattoo design pop out. Here is a Gothic number tattoo inked in red. However, this tattoo can be made bold by filling in the empty spaces of the numbers.

Simple Gothic Tattoo in Red Ink ideas
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Although this red number tattoo is inked on the side of the neck, one can get it inked on any part of the body. Such number tattoo fonts look brilliant when inked with the right needle.

Therefore, now that you are armed with all these top ten Gothic tattoo number fonts, it is time to look for a reputed tattoo artist who can help you get one of your choices. Make sure to avoid blowouts.

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