10 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas

Gangster tattoo fonts are a popular choice for tattoos that feature text. The most common gangster tattoo font is Old English, which is often used to create an aggressive or intimidating look. Other popular choices include Gothic and Script fonts. Gangster tattoo fonts can be used to create a variety of looks, from playful to dangerous. When choosing a gangster tattoo font, it’s important to consider the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Old English fonts are best for creating a more traditional gangster look, while Gothic and Script fonts can add a touch of elegance or sophistication. Whichever font you choose, make sure it fits the overall theme of your tattoo.

Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas

gangster tattoo fonts
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Gangster tattoos are very cool due to their edgy nature.

Initially, gangster tattoos were done to show a person’s loyalty to a particular gang. However, now many people are seen with gangster tattoos because of how cool they look.

You could get a gangster tattoo font style on any part of your body. The edgy look of the letters gives a very cool look to the tattoo. Earlier, people having gangster tattoos were considered dangerous individuals. They would get inked the logo of their gang or the name of their gang. A gangster was a way of showcasing their rank, membership, and specializations. However, nowadays, anybody can get a gangster tattoo if they want to. Lettering tattoos are also exceptional because they can easily be personalized. If you are searching for gangster tattoo lettering ideas, we have you covered. We have curated a list of gangster tattoo fonts for you to choose from for your upcoming tattoo session.

Hong Kong Gangster Cursive Tattoo Fonts

hong kong gangster cursive tattoo fonts
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There are many available gangster font tattoos. Gangster tattoo fonts are characterized and easily recognized by bold lettering, script fonts, symbols, and styles, as they reflect supremacy, one’s feeling, creativity, or personal aesthetic. They were popular in 90’ and were extremely popular among the bikers and hip hop culture.

If you are looking for tattoo fonts that feature signs and symbols of gangster tattoos, then you can go for this tattoo design. This is a bold, cursive font-lined black-inked tattoo design with detailed lettering and smokey background shadings, highlighting and brightening the font. If you want, you can customize this forearm tattoo as a back or sleeve tattoo.

Elegant Gangster Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

elegant gangster calligraphy tattoo fonts
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People get tattoos for many reasons: to instill something, happy memories, aesthetics, and many other things. Every tattoo has its own meanings and symbols, lettering tattoos are very deep and personal, or they can also be a branding. The word or font adds a layer of importance to the tattoo design. Just like this elegant tattoo design, as it is calligraphed with a very beautiful font.

The word inked in this tattoo is ‘CAOS.’ The realistic-looking bends and curves of this designed tattoo are skillfully done, just like page work. The bends on the letters A and O seem to be in the form of waves. It makes the tattoo look very magnificent. This tattoo style is also suitable for custom logo designs. You can also customize this neck tattoo and get it on your back, arm, or any other body parts.

Detailed Gangster Tattoo Lettering

detailed gangster tattoo lettering
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Are you looking for super cool, edgy gangster tattoo fonts, then this fantastic tattoo design is something you should try out? Gangster tattoo fonts are famous among bikers, hip-hop culture, and ordinary people. And with the detailed, bold black ink-free handwork of this tattoo design will catch the viewer’s many eyes. The tattoo inscribed on the tattoo is ‘AGUIAR,’ a Spanish word implying eagle.

This font’s bold and edgy look provides flexibility to use it widely. This tattoo is the perfect representation of a gangster tattoo. The best part about gangster tattoo fonts is that you can write any word you want. This eye-catching front of this tattoo can be used as a custom logo design, logo studio tattoo, shirt design,