10 Best Galaxy Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you looking for the best galaxy tattoo ideas? Check the galaxy tattoo designs listed below for your next tattoo session.

galaxy tattoo ideas
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Galaxy tattoos are very aesthetic, and they look exquisite.

Space tattoos are famous among many tattoo enthusiasts. People get galaxy tattoos to showcase the cosmic beauty that we live in.

Galaxy tattoos symbolize mystery, and for some people, it serves as a reminder to not be afraid of new things. A milky way galaxy is a marvelous place. Even though not many of us have seen it in person, the photographs that we have seen show how astonishingly beautiful the milky way is. Tattoos of outer space look marvelous because of the beautiful colors that can be seen in the tattoo designs. If you love space and are in search of some galaxy tattoo ideas, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of galaxy tattoo design ideas for you to choose from for your upcoming tattoo session.

Very Cute Astronaut And Planets Small Galaxy Tattoo

very cute astronaut and planets small galaxy tattoo
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Astronaut tattoos are always a cool idea. This minimalist astronaut tattoo looks very cute with planets and the moon floating around it. The tattoo shows the astronaut holding onto the Saturn as a balloon. You can get this tattoo on any body part. Make sure you are getting this tattoo art done by a trained professional to achieve the intricate detailing of the tattoo.

The cm tattoo has been done using black ink. However, you can add colors to the tattoo if you want. The little planets and the moon add to the beauty of the artwork. The size of the tattoo is what makes it even more adorable. This simple galaxy tattoo is extraordinarily subtle and will look great with any outfit.

Minimalist Galaxy Tattoo Idea

minimalist galaxy tattoo idea
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Galaxies are the place of imagination. It gives people the chance to explore a world where there are no boundaries. This minimalist space tattoo is a symbol of going for things that lie beyond one’s comfort zone. The tattoo has a number of elements such as stars, planets, and the moon. All the elements have a subtle color added to them, which makes the tattoo pop.

If you want to create an artwork that is simple and aesthetic and showcases your love for space, then this is the one. Even though it is a small tattoo, the size of the tattoo is what makes it unique. The tattoo is shown on the chest, but you can get it anywhere else, such as on your forearm, thigh, or back.

Forearm Universe Tattoo Designs

forearm universe tattoo designs
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This galaxy tattoo, black and white, is ideal for something minimalistic yet shows your love for space. This forearm galaxy tattoo has been done using black ink. It has a number of elements that represent space. There are elements such as a UFO, a Saturn, a rocket, stars, and many more. If you want, you could always add more features that hold significance in your life.

This tattoo has a number of meanings attached to it—the elements of the space focus on the individual’s love for space. You can also use a different colored ink to add a pop to the tattoo if you want. This is a great tattoo to fill a space if you wish, such as your chest, leg, or back.

Elegant Solar System Tattoo

elegant solar system tattoo
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If you wanted to create an elegant space tattoo, this marvelous solar system tattoo is ideal for you. This tattoo showcases the nine planets of the solar system along with the sun. The tattoo has a sun larger than the other planets. It also has some rays emitting from the sun. The tattoo also has the planets aligned at the same time, one after another, which gives the tattoo a very symmetric look.

The whole tattoo has been made using black ink. Every planet has fine detailing on it that makes the tattoo stand out. The detailing has been done using a lot of precision. The detailing of the elements is what adds to the character of the tattoo. The sun in the tattoo has been left without any detailing; this makes the tattoo look perfect. If you want something in trend, this tattoo is just right for you.

Galaxy In Her Head Tattoo Design

galaxy in her head tattoo design
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The galaxy also represents the various opportunities one can have in their life. This tattoo has the back of a girl’s head, with her hair up in a sleek bun. There are planets around her head. This symbolizes the universe that goes on inside her head. The meaning behind this tattoo is the various things that go in her mind, and the mind is the place where you are the master of your own world.

On the bottom of the tattoo, there is also the artwork of a heart with some beautiful flowers around it. This tattoo signifies that whatever are dreams are made of can come true if we have the heart to do it properly. The tattoo has been done using black, but you can always get it done in a different color. So, if you want a tattoo of the outer space that has a deeper meaning attached to this, this tattoo is the one for you.

Puppet Planets Galaxy Tattoo

puppet planets galaxy tattoo
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Fineliner tattoos are perfect if you want something elegant. This planet’s tattoo is perfect for something simple and elegant. This galaxy tattoo sleeve looks great with any outfit you choose to put on. The tattoo has been done using fine detailing. The precision with which the tattoo has been done makes the tattoo look gorgeous.

The tattoo has a hand holding from which the planets are hanging via thread. There is also a man holding a torch. The light from the torch is shining upon the hanging planets. The concept of the tattoo is unique. The miniature man and the hand have fine detailing on them, which makes that tattoo look complete. If you are in search of a galaxy tattoo design that is unique and suits all aesthetics, well, this is the one for you.

Small Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

small galaxy tattoo ideas
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Who does not love an aesthetic tattoo design? Check out this galaxy tattoo design filled with elements from the universe. The tattoo has a number of elements such as a UFO, the sun, stars, and planets. You can always add ingredients that you like to the tattoo artist. Galaxy tattoo designs are very cool, and this one is the perfect one.

The tattoo stands for mystery and symbolizes the things that we can see but cannot touch. If you search for something very simple, which goes with every fashion trend, then this one is just for you. You can get this tattoo on any of your body parts, such as the legs, arms, or chest.

Floating Astronaut Space Tattoo

floating astronaut space tattoo
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When we talk about galaxy tattoos, the first thing that comes to our mind is an astronaut. The life of an astronaut revolves around the planets. This tattoo shows an astronaut floating in space. It has a number of planets revolving around him. This astronaut tattoo has some fine detailing on it that makes the tattoo look cool.

The astronaut’s suit has all the detailing that makes it look absolutely realistic. This tattoo shown in the picture is of a somewhat bigger size. If you want, you can always get it in a smaller size. You can always add colors to the tattoo, which will personify the character of the tattoo. This galaxy tattoo is perfect if you are a space lover and want to showcase your love for it.

Planets Of The Solar System Tattoo

planets of the solar system tattoo
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Here is another solar system tattoo design that you can choose from. This forearm solar system tattoo looks magnificent due to its fine detailing. The tattoo shows the eight tattoos present in the solar system. The precision with which every planet has been made makes the tattoo look very realistic. The whole tattoo has been made using black color, but you can always add colours to the elements. This will make the tattoo stand out.

If you want a simple galaxy tattoo, this one is perfect for you. The universe is a big place, and our solar system is a small part of it. The tattoo also has some tiny elements, such as stars which makes the tattoo look more realistic. There are outlines on every planet which you can always avoid if you don’t like them.

Super-Cute Outline Tattoo

super-cute outline tattoo
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This adorable outline galaxy tattoo looks super cute. It is an outline tattoo that has a little girl with two cats sitting and watching the sky. The tattoo shows the back side of the characters. It shows they are sitting on the ground and admiring the beauty of the space. They are staring at the stars, planets and the sky. All the elements in the tattoo art have been outlined.

If you want, you could always add color or other elements to the tattoo. However, the outlined nature of the tattoo makes it look very subtle and pretty. Even though it has some detailing, the tattoo is still very simple and aesthetic. Get this tattoo done on any part of your body, and it will compliment any outfit that you choose to put on.

The galaxy is magnificent. Galaxy tattoos are for those who love a little mystery in their life or want to show their love for space. The best part about galaxy tattoos is that you can choose to customize them as you like. It can represent or look like anything that has a meaning in your life. Galaxy tattoos are so pretty that we couldn’t help ourselves but add a few more to the list for you to choose from.

  • Floating astronaut with the colorful milky way in the background tattoo.
  • Hyper-realistic planet Saturn tattoo.
  • Miniature planet figures behind the ear tattoo.
  • Galaxy inside a jar tattoo.
  • Colorful planets of the solar system tattoo.

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