10 Best Friendship Moments Between Nick & Winston

There is no denying that fans love the friendship between Nick and Schmidt in New Girl. Yet, even with this connection being so strong, it is important to remember that Nick is just as close with Winston. The two may not have as many heartwarming moments between them, but Nick states time and time again that he sees Winston as his best friend, too. When paying close attention, it becomes impossible not to argue against this case.

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The two do share a lot of fantastic interactions with each other as the series progresses. They are continuously there to support one another through their hardest of obstacles, while also always hanging out together and creating positive memories. During the beginning of the series especially, these two are far more similar to one another than Schmidt. Thus, it creates a sense of normalcy in the loft at this stage. However, it all changes when Winston becomes far more eccentric, which is okay, as the friendship only grows stronger.

10 They Grow Up Together

Nick and Winston as teenagers in New Girl

The friendship between Nick and Winston forms when they are just young children. They both grow up in Chicago, while also having absent father figures in the process. This creates common ground between them.

The series shows a handful of moments between the two as kids, which does help paint a picture of their dynamic. Seeing as how they are still best friends and even live together, it is clear that their bond is unbreakable.

9 Nick Gives Winston A Water Massage

Nick giving Winston water massage in New Girl

After meeting Tran at the park, Nick ends up forming a friendship with him. When Tran notices that Nick is under a lot of stress, he takes him to a local pool and carries him around the water. It eventually calms Nick down immensely.

When Winston is struggling later in the episode, Nick ends up using this method on him. Although his version of it fails miserably, as it results in Winston going underwater repeatedly, it is the thought that counts.

8 Winston Is The First Person Nick Tells About Kissing Jess

Nick after kissing Jess for the first time in New GIrl

After a wild game of True American, Nick ends up kissing Jess in the hallway of the loft. Although Jess does reciprocate, true conflict develops, as she is in a relationship with Sam at that time.

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The following day, Nick ends up opening up to Winston about it. Winston is very upset by the situation, as he knows that the dynamic in the loft is in jeopardy. Yet, the trust Nick has in Winston to tell him about something major like this first cannot be ignored.

7 They Fight About Money Nick Owes Winston

Winston confronting Nick about money he owes him

A common theme throughout the series is that Nick is not very good when it comes to handling his money. This presents itself when Nick loses a good chunk of it in a poker game with Winston.

Yet, Nick continues to put it off, which leads to Winston confronting him. Although they become quite angry with one another in response to this, they do end up making up later on in the episode. It is a true depiction of the difficult side of friendship.

6 Their Time In The Air Vent

Nick and Jess falling out of air ducts at Cece's wedding

After Jess wrongly assumes that Nick is involved in sabotaging Cece’s wedding, he ends up joining in on Winston and Schmidt’s plan. This leads to Nick going into the air vent with Winston.

He does not know the severity of Winston’s prank, as he has a wild badger, which ends up escaping its cage. They do end up making it out alive, but after, Nick has a heart-to-heart with Winston about his feelings for Jess.

5 They Sing Karaoke Together

Nick and Winston performing karaoke at the bar

A rather underrated moment of New Girl is when Nick and Winston sing karaoke together. They do this during the bar crawl, which is a nice way of displaying a true friendship moment.

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It simply is a wholesome occurrence that everyone tends to share with their closest pals. It is apparent that the two are just having fun with one another, while also encouraging the crowd to sing with them, too.

4 They Perform For Money At The Train Station

Nick and Winston perform at the subway

Whilst in New York, Winston and Nick decide to perform at the subway. They do this in hopes of making back the money that Nick spends earlier on in the episode.

The fact that Nick is willing to help Winston with this, completely out of the blue, shows that he always has his back. Although the scene is meant to be humorous and they do not do too well, it is a wholesome moment between them.

3 They Sing To Ruth

Nick, Winston and Schmidt singing to Ruth in New Girl

Later on in the series, Schmidt and Cece have Ruth. In response to this, Nick and Winston often find themselves taking care of her, as she is the child of two of their closest friends.

With Schmidt, the two try to sing Ruth to sleep. Winston says that they are doing Three Men and a Baby, which the others quickly shut down. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that this scene shows how much chemistry they have with one another.

2 Winston Is One Of Nick’s Best Men

Winston and Schmidt roasting Nick as his best men

Along with Schmidt, Winston is Nick’s best man. This is entirely justifiable, as it is apparent that the two go through so much together. They are childhood best friends and roommates for many years, too.

The wedding itself is scattered, of course, as Nick and Jess decide to get married in the hospital when Aly is in labor. Thus, Winston’s role as best man is short and not in the spotlight for much time at all. However, he does give an epic roast to Nick as his wedding toast.

1 Winston’s Final Prank On Nick

Winston's final prank in the series

Winston takes his final prank in the series WAY too far, as he sends a fake eviction notice to Nick and Jess’ loft. Therefore, Nick and Jess end up saying goodbye to it and find a new place to live.

However, the show reveals after they close the moving van that Winston makes the whole thing up. Although this prank leads to the final chapter of their loft life, it is only something a true best friend can get away with doing.

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