10 Best Free Workout Apps Of 2021

Workout apps can be pricey, but these free options offer everything you need to get healthy, without a huge price tag.

The hunt for the best fitness apps to get ourselves back in shape is one that many people can relate to. Many apps that are out there today have gym and workout-class quality programs without having to pay a hefty price, so these have become an excellent alternative for completing a safe workout at home.

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Although some apps require a fee for any extra programs and tools, and a few do have in-app purchases, there are still a great number of free apps that let users customize their exercises, track their activity, and stay on top of their fitness goals. Whether biking, running, lifting, or wanting to give to charity while working out, these are some of the best apps available today.

10 Stacked (iOS)

Stacked app screenshot

This strength training app can track weight being lifted, how often, and what areas of the body are being worked on. Stacked is goal-oriented and provides users with different ways to keep track of their goals and progress. There is also the option to create and personalize individual workouts, come up with a training schedule, or find any existing strength exercises of interest. Barbell exercises are shown in the app, as well.

9 Nike Training Club (Android, iOS)

Nike Training Club app screenshot

The Nike Training Club app offers many different exercises at multiple intensity levels and lengths. Following a video format, some of these workouts have been created or inspired by celebrities and athletes who are passionate about their exercise.

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This app is targeted to all types of people, no matter what interest level, time limit, or fitness level. Bodyweight strength workouts, heart-pumping cardio, and yoga are available, in addition to personalized workout programs included in the app.

8 Strava (Android, iOS)

Strava screenshots

Cyclists, swimmers, and runners who are looking for more competition are the perfect audience for Strava. There are options to compete against yourself or other people who have run, swam, or cycled the same segments as the user, which is analyzed after each workout to virtually create a segment leaderboard in the app. Strava also uses a built-in GPS from a phone or connected device to track where the user goes and at what speed. There are some in-app purchases to get the full experience.

7 Today (iOS)

Today screenshot

Today uses a “streak calendar” to keep up any fitness goals, water goals, or sleeping goals in a more visual way (and sleeping goals are an interesting addition not found in every app). Little green boxes and badges are implemented in the app to motivate users on their longest streaks and completed goals. Other habit-supporting features in the free app include Apple Health Charts, photo galleries, a journal, and to-do lists.

6 FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans (Android, iOS)

Fiton logo and screenshot

FitOn includes workouts on-demand based on personal preferences, such as how much time the user has, the level of intensity, and the type of workout desired, whether it is yoga or core. The app includes a leaderboard where friends can compete with each other.

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The user can also wear a heart monitor while working out and see their heart rate on the screen while following the video workouts. There are some in-app purchases to get the full experience.

5 MapMyFitness (Android, iOS)

MapMyFitness screenshot

Anyone who is new to fitness or is just starting their running journey would appreciate this app. No matter if participating in an intense run or vacuuming the house, the time spent and the calories burned will be tracked after opening the app and selecting what activity is being completed. Exercises can also be tracked manually if forgotten to track in real-time, and MapMyFitness is compatible with Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Gear, and more. There are some in-app purchases to get the full experience.

4 The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App (Android, iOS)

Screenshots of Johnson & Johnson app

For busier individuals, the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App is a circuit training app that, at minimum, needs a chair as equipment. The intensity is chosen by the user, with a medium-intensity exercise possibly including jumping jacks, wall chair sits, tricep dips on a chair, and a few other quick moves. Beyond the seven-minute routines, there are also First Timer, Core Workout, and Intermediate 16 Minute options to choose from. A cool feature of this app is its audio and visual cues that tell users when to start and stop the workout on top of the video demonstration that is playing.

3 Jefit (Android, iOS)

Jefit screenshot and brand image of man lifting

This app is meant for users who are focused on building their strength and doing weight training, but can be used for other workouts. Jefit is organized into routines that one can do with a bank of exercises that target specific muscle groups.

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The free app also includes a calendar to track days of exercise/what workouts are completed, a training schedule, and tools to log how many reps are done.

2 Fitbit Coach (Android, iOS)

Fitbit Coach screenshots

Previously known as Fitstar, the Fitbit Coach app can be used with or without owning a Fitbit. There are several workouts on-demand that can be completed almost anywhere and is a favorite for people who want a real human encouraging them in their workout. Although some options are limited for non-Premium users, there are still many options in this app for a nice workout session. There are some in-app purchases to get the full experience.

1 Charity Miles (Android, iOS)

Charity Miles screenshot

Ideal for runners, walkers, or bikers, Charity Miles donates money to the organization of their choice whenever the app is used to log in to exercise. The user can also use the app to run pledge drives, as the interface includes a calculator that shows how much money will be raised based on the goal. Organizations such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Save the Children, and Wounded Warrior Project are supported by Charity Miles.

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