10 Best Foot Tattoo Quotes |

Foot tattoo quotes can be exceptional pieces to flaunt as you step out of your home. Do you wish to get one? This is your place to find the best foot tattoos!

best foot tattoo quotes
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People say your shoes are the first thing anyone notices about you; how about you change them with inspirational quotes!

After exploring tonnes of body art on different parts of bodies, tattoo lovers are now choosing one of the most painful spaces to get a tattoo, the feet. Foot tattoos, comparatively, do not last long but still offer a wonderful space to explore body art ideas through various designs and colors.

Foot tattoos are a part of many cultures using henna, though not many people used their feet as a canvas to get permanent ink. However, foot tattoo designs are now being explored for two major reasons. First, choosing a space that hurts the most to get tattooed shows people can take up any challenge. Second, feet tattoos are now considered more attractive than they were back in the day. Initially, only girls used to have foot tattoos, though, with time and the tattoo’s evolution as a symbol of boldness, men also started getting foot tattoos. But what are the most sought-after designs for foot tattoos?

Foot tattoo quotes ideas are now heavily opted for by tattoo lovers to define their most revered and loved quotes. Foot quote tattoos comprise a diverse genre. From funny quotes cracking up people at a single view to inspirational quotes fueling your will to step ahead and take challenges head first, foot tattoo ideas are versatile. Pick a line from your favorite book or a lyric from your favorite song; it can be anything. If you’re still struggling to find foot tattoo ideas quotes, this list will help you find a perfect match!

Traditional Foot Tattoos With Quotes

traditional foot tattoos with quotes
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Traditional tattoo designs are an evergreen style of tattoo loved by all tattoo lovers. Tattoo enthusiasts globally have at least one traditional tattoo design on their bodies. This is the time you get yours with this vibrant beauty, reminding you not to shed tears over what is gone.

Tattoos like these are not just beautiful to the eye but work as a frequent reminder to keep your emotions in check. One can perceive such tattoos as a gift for self when you need consoling. The tattoo’s visual beauty is an added charm, working to distract people from their sadness, to focus on the brighter, more colorful side of life. This tattoo is a must-have on your foot tattoo bucket list!

Black And White Memorial Quote Tattoos

black and white memorial quote tattoos
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A good old black and white tattoo quote is sometimes all one needs to go back to nostalgic days, reminding them of a significant event or person. The tattoo above is one such piece of fond memory, created in honor of the wearer’s long-lost pet. The tattoo features three delicate paw prints, with one of them possessing a pair of wings, implying the tattoo to be a memorial tattoo on foot. Each paw has an initial to describe each pet the wearer had, with a very beautiful quote inking their long spent days together.

Quotes have the power to immortalize fond memories like these, and the tattoo above is the best example to know why you must also get a foot quotes tattoo. Cute foot tattoo quotes like this are sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you steal a glimpse at them.

Creative Foot Tattoo Quotes ideas

creative foot tattoo quotes ideas
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You might have seen foot tattoos over toes or ankles, but have you seen one at the bottom of a foot? B