10 Best Flower Thigh Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you in search of a flower thigh tattoo? Here we have various unique flower thigh tattoo ideas which y’all might love!

Flower Thigh Tattoos
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Flower tattoos are one of the most trendy tattoos in the tattooing industry.

Flowers are the most gorgeous thing nature provides us. Flowers are loved by everyone because of their color, fragrance, and beauty.

Hence flower tattoos have also received an important position in the tattooing industry by both males as well as females. It was popular 50 years ago also and the popularity is continuing till the present day. And floral thigh tattoo is growing in popularity slowly and steadily as it is one of those body parts which is less painful if a tattoo is done on it.

Flower tattoos are symbols of love between two people. It is also a symbol of God’s contentment. There are many types of flowers and each flower has its significant meaning. And those meaning you will find in the list down below. Also, there are many thigh tattoo designs for y’all that you might like to see!

Rose Thigh Tattoo

Rose Thigh Tattoos
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Rose tattoos are one of the classic tattoo designs in the tattooing industry. Roses come in several colors and each type of rose has its unique meaning. Traditionally rose tattoos are a sign of love and passion. It is also a symbol of grace, elegance, gratitude, femininity, promise as well as new beginnings. Rose thigh tattoo is quite famous among many women and girls. Here we have selected an elegant upper thigh tattoo design that includes beautiful roses.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has inked three roses. The roses have quite big petals and leaves. The flower petals and leaves have been made by using dark and light shades of black along with gray and white. Just in the middle of these three roses, there is an antique key. The key has quite a few designs on it. If you want to get yourself inked on your leg then this is a perfect design.

Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoo

Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoo
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Lotus tattoos are quite highly personal tattoo has it has many meanings hidden in them. The most popular meaning is the path one chooses in the journey of becoming a better person by giving up only temptation. In many cultures and religions, a lotus tattoo is a symbol of purity, spirituality, and beauty.

In this Lotus tattoo, the tattooist has tried to avoid the traditional Lotus pictures and has made an interesting design with soft petals which are made up of black fine lines. There are a few lower petals that have been shaded using black ink. The lower portion of the tattoo has been made using doted black design. And this design is making this body art more gorgeous and stylish. So if you were in search of simple thigh tattoos then tattoo design might attract your attention!

Side Thigh Tattoo

Side Thigh Tattoo
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The thigh or side thigh is one of those parts of the body where getting a tattoo is less painful. Here we have chosen one of the best thigh tattoo designs for you guys.

This tattoo design consists of many colorful butterflies along with multicolor flowers. Butterfly tattoos are generally associated with summer, grace, joy as well as young love. This thigh tattoo placement is right on the upper thigh. There is a bouquet of colorful flowers. Along with the flower,s there are few flower buds. And on top of the bouquet, a pretty butterfly is sucking the nectar out of the flowers. This is one of the best thigh tattoos with a feminine touch that matches every personality.

Flower Thigh Tattoos For Women

Flower Thigh Tattoos For Women
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Larger designs are quite trending and demanding in the tattooing industry. Here is one of the perfect big feminine thigh tattoo designs which covers the entire upper thigh region and comes down to the inner thigh or lower thigh. The flowers in this flower thigh tattoo have been completely done with the help of thin and fine black lines. There are three flowers along with leaves. These leaves have been shaded with black color ink. There is also a butterfly right below the big flower. This butterfly is also done in black color. There are a few falling leaves just at the bottom of this big thigh tattoo and that has been done with the help of thin black lines.

Girls and women who were searching for big flower thigh tattoos can get themselves inked with this ravishing tattoo design.

Colorful Flower Tattoo On Thigh

Colorful Flower Tattoo On Thigh
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A Flower thigh tattoo design is incomplete without cheery blossom flowers. Cheery blossoms are small cute and pink flowers. These flowers are mainly found during spring. Cheery blossom flowers are symbols of life love as well as goodness. This is also a colorful tattoo that will help you to escape from the traditional black and white tattoo. And will make your tattoo design rarer and eye-catching.

In this upper thigh tattoo, we can see a brunch from a cherry blossom tree. And on that brunch, there are many cheery blossom flowers and buds. Just below this tree branch, we can see falling petals of cherry blossoms. The tree branch also has a brown shading. And just above the tree branch, there is a beautiful butterfly which is blue and black. A blue butterfly tattoo is a symbol of good luck in our lives. So if you want to attract good luck in your life then you can choose this tattoo design for yourself

Chrysanthemums Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Chrysanthemums Thigh Tattoo Ideas
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Chrysanthemums are those flowers that are used during various social occasions like birthday parties and weddings The Chrysanthemums tattoo is a great symbol of joy, peace, positivity as well as rebirth. It is also associated with the loved one’s has towards his or her family and children.

This Chrysanthemums thigh tattoo begins from the middle of the Thigh and covers the inner thigh, knee, and skin below the knee. This artwork is one of the best tattoo artwork someone has ever made. The flower has curled petals which is giving the flower a ball-like impression as well as structure. The entire thigh piece, including the leaves of the tattoo, has been completed with the help of black ink.

Skull And Flower Inner Thigh Tattoo Designs

Skull And Flower Inner Thigh Tattoo Designs
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Skull and flowers are two such elements that have opposite meanings and touch other. Flowers are a symbol of life whereas a skull is a sign of death. This tattoo also shows the never-ending battle between good and bad. It can also be a symbol of a new beginning after overcoming also obstacles.

In the upper thigh tattoo, the flower is growing from the holes that the head has. There are many flowers along with their leaves. Apart from flowers, there are mushrooms as well. The teeth of the skull are preserved perfectly. This shows or depicts a new beginning or life after a long bad phase. So if you had struggled a lot in your life. This is the perfect tattoo for you!

Flower Thigh Band Tattoo

Flower Thigh Band Tattoo
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In recent days thigh band tattoos are steadily gaining popularity among the youngsters. Band tattoos are the symbol of a very strong and unbreakable bond.

In this floral thigh band tattoo, the tattoo artist has made use of bright pastel colors. There is a peach color flower along with two very light reddish flowers. The green used for the leaves is too pastel in nature. In the extreme corner of this thigh band tattoo, we can see a few flower buds as well. If you were in search of a trendy as well as a fashionable tattoo design then this is the best-suited thigh tattoo idea for you.

Flower And Snake Thigh Tattoo

Flower And Snake Thigh Tattoo
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The snake and flower tattoo design symbolizes power, strength, rebirth, temptation, grace as well as fertility. In this thigh tattoo design, we can see the tattooist has inked gorgeous flowers with its leaves. Light black color has been used to draw the outlines of the flowers and leaves. There is a thin and small snake around this bunch of flowers. The scales which are on the body of the snake are made up of a dark black shade. In the skin of the upper thigh there we can spot s crescent shape moon as well. The moon has been shaded with a dark grey shade.

Beautiful Lily Thigh Tattoo

Beautiful Lily Thigh Tattoo
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Lilies are very pretty and have gorgeous white flowers. It is a symbol of eternal love, purity, and devotion. These flowers can be associated with rebirth and motherhood as well. In this thigh tattoo, the tattooist has drawn two big lilies with big floral petals. These petals are shaded in black color. The two flowers are surrounded by many leaves and branches. These leaves are also shaded in black color.

Here is one more tattoo design list, which will give you an idea about more popular trends. In the above list we couldn’t add all tattoo combinations, hence here is one more list for you guys!

  • Floral Dream Catcher Tattoo On The Thigh.
  • The Human Heart And Flower At The Top Of The Thigh.
  • Floral Koi Fish Tattoo On The Thigh.
  • The Human Heart And Flower Tattoo On Thigh.
  • Cute Side Thigh Tattoos.

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