10 Best Feminine Sternum Tattoo Women’s That Will Blow Your Mind! |

Looking for unusual and unique tattoo ideas, especially for women? Then go ahead and check out these amazing feminine sternum tattoo women’s designs!

feminine sternum tattoo
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A sternum tattoo can be an incredibly sexy tattoo that can change your whole look!

Known for the intricate designs, a sternum tattoo is quite popular among women who want a unique and unusual tattoo. A sternum tattoo also looks quite delicate, feminine and pretty.

However, sternum tattoos can be quite painful for some people which is why most amateurs don’t choose a tattoo on their sternum area for their first tattoo. Since sternum tattoos are mostly done over the bones with little to no fat, it might hurt more than a forearm tattoo. If you can manage some pain, you can also choose between a dragon chest tattoo, memorial chest tattoo, script chest tattoo, semicolon chest tattoo, heart chest tattoo, mandala tattoo, or even a scorpion chest tattoo. Regardless of the sternum tattoo design you choose, the ultimate result will definitely impress everyone.

If you have decided to get a sternum tattoo, there can be so many different designs to choose from. That is why we have curated a list of the best chest tattoo ideas for you to look at and be inspired by!

Minimalist Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Women

minimalist sternum tattoo ideas for women
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If you are on the search for awesome chest tattoos for women, then you need to look at minimal sternum tattoo ideas first. Since the sternum is a particularly sensitive area, many women avoid this area for their first tattoos. However, they are incredibly popular for how unconventional they are and how they can elevate your whole look! If you want a simple design tattooed on your sternum, you can choose some safe designs like floral motifs, moon or sun tattoos, geometric patterns, or even animal tattoos.

Amazing Floral Sternum Tattoo Designs

amazing floral sternum tattoo designs
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One of the most popular trends when it comes to the overall design of a sternum tattoo is with flowers. If you want chest tattoos for women which will look very feminine and immensely pretty, you should choose a rose chest tattoo or a sternum tattoo with any flower of your choice. You can get a small sternum tattoo with a daffodil, water lily, chrysanthemum, sunflower, daisy or even a big tattoo with a bunch of flowers together.

If you want a unique flower chest tattoo, you can also ask your tattoo artist to add colors to it. After all, a colorful sternum tattoo will look even more attractive. You can either choose a vivid, bright, and bold color palette for your flowers or go for a more subtle and muted palette.

If you are particularly interested in getting a coorful rose chest tattoo, then you should take a look at the best watercolor rose tattoo ideas.

Awesome Skin Art Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Women

awesome skin art sternum tattoo ideas for women
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If you are looking for sexy tattoos as opposed to frail or delicate tattoo ideas, you can also go for a vine chest tattoo. A vine chest tattoo comprises leaves that are strategically placed all around the sternum in a way that it starts to resemble a piece of jewelry. A lot of people also add other patterns like swirling lines, dots and straight lines. If you want the perfect women’s feminine sternum tattoo idea, you should ask your tattoo artist for a dainty sternum tattoo using a fineline style.

Sternum Tattoo Designs With Moth Motif

sternum tattoo designs with moth motif
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If you are looking for a truly unique chest tattoo that will definitely stand out in a crowd, then you can get a moth tattoo if you want to. In fact, moth tattoos are a pretty popular design among a lot of women who like quirky and unusual tattoo designs. The moth motif fits pretty well on the sternum region, just like a butterfly chest tattoo suits the area. The middle part of the sternum is covered by the body of the moth while the sides are occupied by its wings. Moths also have dark meanings and connotations like misfortune and death. This makes the moth an important symbol for people who